Top 10 NFL Players Who Least Deserve Be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is arguably the highest honor an NFL player can receive. It means that they were amazingly productive at their position, set league records, and changed the league in some way. While the majority of the players inducted deserve their rightful spots in Canton, there are a few choices that are questionable. Here, we are looking at the top ten NFL players that should not be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
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1 Lynn Swann

It's kind of telling that it took 19 years after he retired to finally make the Hall of Fame.

Swann is a Super Bowl legend, with one of the greatest performances in one ever, but if you look at his career stats, he's a good receiver but not elite. Swann is only a three-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro with 5,462 receiving yards and 51 touchdowns. He wasn't even the best receiver on his own team.

Swann basically made it in because of Super Bowl X.

2 Red Badgro

It's hard to rank players who played way back in the 1920s, but even among them, Badgro was just a good, not great, player. He was a three-time All-Pro, but it took him until 1981 to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. By then, all the greats of his time had already been inducted. Badgro was a questionable Hall of Fame choice.

3 Frank Gatski

Gatski was an important center for the Browns dynasty of the 1950s. However, he was not as good as other centers who played in his era. It took him until 1985 to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and Gatski himself said he didn't think he would get in. He was a good player, but maybe not at the Hall of Fame level.

4 Jackie Smith

Smith has pretty average stats and is a five-time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro. Still, many of his stats can be attributed to his longevity, playing in the league from 1963 to 1978. He was a good tight end, but not among the all-time greats.

5 Fred Dean

Unofficially, Dean's total sack count is 93, which is good but not at a Hall of Fame level. It probably helps his case that he played for Super Bowl-winning 49ers teams. Dean was good but kind of overrated.

6 Jan Stenerud

Stenerud was the first pure placekicker inducted into the Hall of Fame. But, even compared to the kickers of his era, he was an average kicker. He did, however, introduce soccer-style kicking into the NFL, which is still used by almost every kicker today.

7 Russ Grimm

Grimm played for 11 seasons for three Super Bowl-winning Redskins teams. However, he started 114 out of 140 games, which, for a Hall of Famer, isn't great.

He is a four-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro, so I can definitely see why he is in. I feel he just didn't start enough games and would have expected him to have more accolades. If he's in, then Tony Boselli should be too.

8 Troy Aikman Troy Kenneth Aikman is a former American football quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League.

Yep, that's right. I don't think Aikman should be a Hall of Famer. Wonder why? Just look at his career.

He led the Cowboys to three Super Bowls, which is a great achievement. He is also a six-time Pro Bowler, but that's where it all stops. Aikman ended his career with 165 touchdowns to 141 interceptions, which is pretty bad even for his era. He has no All-Pros and wasn't even a member of his All-Decade team.

The most touchdowns he ever threw in a season is 23, and he threw double-digit interceptions in all but three of his seasons. Aikman only got in because of his Super Bowl wins.

9 Paul Hornung

Even as a Packers fan, I gotta say Hornung doesn't really deserve the Hall of Fame. He had a brief career and wasn't even the best runner on his own team. He was great, but not great enough, in my opinion.

10 Marcus Allen

Wouldn't you know it, Allen only rushed for 1,000 yards in a season three times in his career. Most of his stats can be attributed to his longevity. Allen was a great running back for a few seasons, but very average beyond that.

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11 Joe Namath Joseph William Namath, nicknamed "Broadway Joe", is a former American football quarterback and actor.
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