Top 10 Best Sports Writers

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1 Miramon Nuevo

A best writer can write a whole universe of beautiful and delicious things about a "dried fruit" and makes you craving for it, like it was something you've never seen or tasted before. He does such again, and again, and again but you'll never grow tired or get saturated of it and still crave for more. That's him!

He write his stories very simply then he analyze them in such a way where all you can say in the end is simply "WOW! "

There's not that many writers around here anymore who can write as best as him.

Great insights for a young writer of his age. His style and wit proves that excellent sports writing isn't extinct yet. He will be among the great ones someday. That's for sure.

2 Rick Reilly

As a life long sports fan, hands down, the best I have ever read. At one time or another, his writing has brought out every possible human emotion. His columns will be missed

SI has published some very fine writers---Reilly is certainly one of them.

Entertaining and accurate. Simply the easiest to read.

3 Woody Paige

Love to disagree with him. Yet, difficult to when he really nails a topic. I wonder what the chalk board has to say.

4 Bob Ryan

He was almost elected Commissioner of Basketball for crying out loud.

5 John Feinstein
6 Gary Smith

Uniquely talented... Not just the greatest sportswriter of our time, but perhaps one of the best magazine writers...

Gary Smith is a great writer, who happens to write about sports.

7 Jason Whitlock
8 Frank DeFord

Deford was very good---found humor and pathos in sports. A bit hammy for some.

Even a non sports fan can find his articles thought provoking.

9 Bill Plaschke
10 Joaquin Henson

He writes simply, but accurately and supported by facts. You don't have to look at history to know that he is telling the truth. He writes well and comprehensively.

The best sports writer in the Philippines indeed.

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11 Bill Simmons

The quality of his prose is outstanding.

12 Michael Wilbon
13 William Rhoden
14 Mitch Albom

Easily the best writer of this bunch. A profound understanding of both society and sport and the way their interaction impacts us all.

15 Ken Rosenthal

An insider that really puts you inside the action.

16 Peter King
17 Terry Pluto

Best there is, has seen it all and reports it in a valid unbiased way.

18 Mike Lupica

Really good book! It's a football story. Try to read it if you have time.

19 Mike Downey
20 Dan Wetzel
21 Jason Gay
22 Peter Finney
23 Dan Jenkins
24 Joe Posnanski

How anyone could leave Joe off this list just blows me away.

25 John Gonzo Gonzalez
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