Top 10 Ways to Mispronounce Kirby Puckett

The Top Ten
1 Englepuck Kirbydink.

Whoever pronounced it that way screwed up bigtime

just creepy how do you say it like that?

2 There once was a man from Nantucket who Kirbied his very own Puckett.
3 Kent Hrbek.
4 The Puckett Formerly Known as Kirby.
5 Punky Brewster.
6 Turkey Bucket.
7 Buddy Hackett.
8 Bernie Crumpet.
9 Creepy Pockets.
10 Kribly Kickpit
The Contenders
11 Kooby Pickett.
12 Kibbi Packet
13 Sticky Bluckit
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