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21 I Am

The first time I heard this song, Hyung Jun was singing it live in a radio program. I instantly loved the funky rhythm. I especially love Baby's adlibs in this song, he looked and sounded so cool singing this.

22 Find

Find is an awesome song. everyone was looking super hot there. and Heo Young Saeng oppa sang the song beautifully.

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23 Gaze

They sung this song as OST for That Man's Book Page 198. I just love the melody of this song. It's like a lullaby that puts me to sleep. So soothing and mellow.

24 Lonely Girl

A duet from Hyung Jun & Kyu Jong. I love the combination of their voices! And this song has a catchy melody, love the boys' falsetto in it as well. They sung it beautifully.

25 You Are My Heaven

I loved it and I love them...hoping for a reunion of ALL SS501 members

Cute song! And cute MV too! Nice beat and I love the rap and fast tempo.

26 Stand by Me

I didn't particularly love this song at first, but I don't know, it just grew on me I guess. I love the chorus especially.

27 Nameless Memory

Easily the best ballad that Young Saeng ever sang, in my opinion. And he wrote it himself! That makes it even more special. I love Young Saeng's voice and emotions while singing this song. Heart-wrenching.

It made me fall in love with Heo Young Saeng oppa and his mesmerizing voice. Love it.

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28 All My Love

I love this acapella! I love how their voices harmonize in this song. Jung Min's voice is so effective as bass. Incredible blending and harmony.

29 I Won't Be a Coward
30 Only One Day

Very beautiful song and I love this song

This song makes me cry very beautiful song

It's so good I love it so much


31 Crazy 4 U

All I can say is I'm crazy for this song. This is the best Jung Min and hyun joong's voiced song I feel

32 Lucky Days

Love SS501 's performance in this song. Very cute!

33 Wasteland
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