Top 10 Stadiums that Hosted MLB and NFL Teams

The Top Ten Stadiums that Hosted MLB and NFL Teams

1 Oakland Coliseum - A's, Raiders
2 Astrodome - Astros, Oilers
3 Metrodome - Twins, Vikings

Guys let me tell you this stadium was a joke sure the air dome was kinda cool but that’s about it we also used fake crowd noises and the stadium gets overheated at times - RawIsgore

4 Three Rivers Stadium - Pirates, Steelers
5 Cleveland Municipal Stadium - Browns, Indians
6 Candlestick Park - 49ers, S.F Giants
7 Baltimore Memorial Stadium - Colts, Orioles
8 Riverfront Stadium - Bengals, Reds
9 Kingdome - Mariners, Seahawks
10 Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium - Braves, Falcons
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