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1 Obiwan Vs Anakin

Just the shear speed of the movements, the intensity, and emotion make it the best.

The top Star Wars movie of all 6, it makes sense that it also has the best duel. A compelling story that began in episode 1 builds up to the ultimate mystery of how Anakin became encased in Darth Vader. An intense, heated, emotional duel between Anakin and his former master/best friend is the best way it could've happened. This duel is the main thing that makes Episode 3 the most emotional Star Wars film, ending in sadness and disparity as the Empire rises and the evil Palpatine's plan succeeds. Vader's life supporting armor made him feared by the galaxy for years to come, thanks to his awesome, but sad duel against Obi-Wan.

How could this not be the best? A lava river and all that jazz is impossible to rank lower

Best duel in the best movie. The only prequel movie that has Jar Jar say only one word is the best star wars movie

2 Obiwan and Quigon Vs Darth Maul

I can still remember EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of coordination with Obi wan facing Darth and maybe the whole duel. This is my favorite duel. - Kevinsidis

COME ON, PEOPLE! With Darth Maul flipping around, twirling his lightsaber at blinding speed, and kicking his opponents in the head, how can you not vote for him? And Quigon being able to withstand him for so long! It's so cool!

this tied with obi wan vs anakin - moose4life19

This is the most intense lightsaber action in the trilogy, mostly because they were constantly fighting while a lot of Anakin vs. Obi Wan was spent swinging on ropes, floating on platforms, etc. But I can't say I like Darth Maul in any way. I mean, he ruined Obi Wan's life! 1st in the phantom menace he killed Qui Gon, forcing Obi Wan to train Anakin while cope with his master's death and not being totally prepared for either, as well as kill his close friend Duchess Satine in clone wars. But I have to admit, the first time I saw Obi Wan behind the red shield, it was VERY intense.

3 Luke Vs Darth Vader (Episode 5)

It's so close between this one and Obi-Wan vs Anakin in RotS for the #1 slot, but I'm giving the edge to Luke vs Vader in ESB. Sidious vs Yoda in RotS, Luke vs Vader rematch in RotJ, and Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan vs Maul were good too.

I love the Darth Maul and Anakin/Obi Wan fights but man this one just surpasses them both. It's not the flashiest but what makes it awesome is that it doesn't have to be. After two amazing movies-worth of buildup we finally see these two duel and that's why it's so awesome! The lighting, atmosphere, sounds, and overall intensity makes this fight heart-pounding and epic. And to top it all off, we get the BEST TWIST OF ALL TIME. What else is there to say

Epic. THE most intense experience I have ever had watching a movie. The dialogue and the music are minimalistic, the fighting isn't as flashy as the prequels, but we're emotionally connected to this duel in a way that really doesn't compare to any of the others.

The best duel by far. It was dark and ominous from the beginning. When I saw it as a kid, I thought Luke would win because the good guys always win. Right? Wrong! When Vader cut off his hand I thought it couldn't get any more shocking. Not! Vader's words cut even deeper than did his lightsaber. In real life Luke would have needed therapy after this encounter. The greatest reveal in the history of cinema, in the greatest film of the Star Wars franchise.

4 Luke Vs Darth Vader (Episode 6)

For me, the best duels are (in order)

Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker (ROTJ)
Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker (TESB)
Darth Vader vs Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS)
Darth Maul vs Ben Kenobi
Darth Maul vs Obi-Wan Kenobi & Qui-Gon Jinn
Darth Vader vs Ben Kenobi
Kylo Ren vs Luke Skywalker

My favourite Lightsaber fight, from my favourite star wars movie.

Very Underrated. V's Duel was Longer but VI's Duel had far more meaning and emotional depth. Luke's goal is to Redeem Vader not kill him. The main goal in actuality besides winning is to Not Fall to the Dark Side rather than win. Awesome really - kristianklepes

Has the depth as the Cloud City fight and the coolness of the Prequel fights. Mixed in together is the best lightsaber duel.

5 Yoda Vs The Emperor

This is the one time I will defend the Darth Maul lightsaber scene to whoever below claimed it was a "choreographed dance off." Yes, in a way, it was. But seriously the amount of training the actors had to go through, and re shooting is just crazy. And also, in a way, much more emotional than some scenes in the original trilogy. It depicts a scene in which Obi Wan and Qui Gon are battaling the first with in over 1000 years. Once Qui Gon is struck down, it shows Obi Wan being able to hold his ground, and fight back his dark thoughts. After Darth Maul is defeated, it shows a bitter sweet exchange between master and apprentice, and as they say their last goodbyes the thought looms over them both that Obi Wan will have to train Anakin, whether he is ready to or not. In my opinion, this entire scene is the perfect balance between emotion and action, while in Darth Vadar vs Luke episode 6, It mostly just talks about vadar overcoming the dark side (which Obi Wan did) and Luke redeeming him. ...more

Stupid duel. If Yoda can flip around like a stupid acrobat while fighting the Emperor on the same day Luke was born, then how come he barely moves in ESB when Luke's like twenty-something. Even if Yoda's species has this weird aging process, the fight is still boring. Other than the Darth Maul battle (which still only gets a 6/10 in my opinion), all lightsaber duels in the prequel trilogy are stupid, choreographed, dance offs. It's hard to feel emotional affected by each swing of the sword, when there's about 10 of them every second. Watch how many times one jedi gets an open opportunity to finish off the sith, but instead AIMS his lightsaber at the other's lightsaber, rather than slice the guy in half. In the ORIGINAL trilogy, each stab had meaning to it, was executed with purpose and strength. Luke and Vader took their time, aiming for weak spots and parrying each returning strike. It was much more fun to watch because you could actually FOLLOW the fight, rather than watch idiots ...more

This duel was between the leaders of the two greatest opposing and warring groups in history. Yoda, the greatest of all jedi, vs lord sidious, the greatest sith in the history of the dark side. You say lightsaber duel, waht should automatically pop into your head is this duel right here. Not only was it so greatly executed, but it was fought right in the heart of palpatine's newly created Empire. I mean, true Yoda got beat, but he went out with a literal BANG! Waht was even more stupendous was all the senatorial hover platforms palpatine hurled at Yoda. Just... The greatest lightsaber duel in Star Wars history... EVER!

This was a battle that showed true knowledge and power in both the light and dark side.

6 Yoda Vs Count Dooku

This duel highlights the power of both Dooku and Yoda, and displays perfectly Yoda’s power in the force

Shows how awesome Yoda is.

I think I split a lung from laughing so hard. Yoda bounced around like a flea on a hound dog! Still took Anakin to cut Dickhu's head off

Very awesome/hilarious fight scene.

7 Mace Windu vs The Emperor

My Two favourite characters is Star Wars fighting.

While not quite the most intense fight on the list, the reason it is so high is that it is the first time we see Palpatine use a lightsaber, and at the theater, many people probably just blinked and by the time they opened their eyes, two Jedi Council members were dead. It is a great fight and displays how powerful Palpatine truly is. (Windu may have won, but I personally think that Palpatine let Mace beat him once he sensed Anakin coming) Perhaps the greatest part about this fight is that it is like poetry, mirroring the events of Return of the Jedi, but with a different outcome. - DarthZilla

Windu schooled Sidious... Woulda ended it all if not for Anakin.

Mace Windu is a boss.

8 Obiwan Vs General Grievous

The most badass fight. Kiss my ass if you don't think so

Definitely not the most badass, but it was pretty intense. People tend to forget about this one.

General Grievous was at a disadvantage considering his weak condition and not having the Force but put up a great fight nevertheless.

Best for me because it was short enough and brutal

9 Obiwan and Anakin Vs Count Dooku (Episode 3)

A step closer to the dark side

Good fight should be higher

This dual was good it was a shame that count dooko died because it world of been cool if he was in star wars rebels or episode 4 - jangofettisthebest

Yayy count Dooku is killed

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10 Obiwan Vs Darth Vader

For all those who don't remember, this is the very first light saber duel. It is definitely old school, but had every kid playing light saber with a stick and making the noise in the 70's.

That part where Obi just disappears broke my childhood heart to pieces

I love this fight because of what Obi-Wan did to himself. Instead of trying to kill Vader, he let himself lose, but instead of being chopped in half, he disappeared as a Force Spirit.

This battle wasn't very good it was good at first but then it ended in a mater of seconds. - jangofettisthebest


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11 Kylo Ren vs Rey

This scene actually showed some realism to the fights unlike the prequels. The duels wouldn't be super flashy and super choreographed, they would be more gritty and slow. The fight also showed how Kylo was hurt and battling with his internal feelings. He was battling with the dark and the light. It also showed how Kylo isn't fully trained and that because of all of that combined that someone such as Rey could take him. Rey also had used her staff before so she'd at least be decent with a saber. Overall the fight was good.

To the people saying that the prequels are "choreographed and fake", all I can say is that the Jedi order at that point still existed, so the Jedi were being trained there entire lives to fight in such a way. Neither Kylo Ren, or Rey have that kind of training. - GrimmShady

This was an intense fight, but in reality Rey/Finn would have both died. They were fighting someone who was moderately trained, when they never even actually trained with one. They would have both died to Kylo Ren (Which would be a crappy death.)

After this incredible, creepy, and intense fight to where is teases Finn fighting Kylo but instead it is Rey fighting Kylo there was no turning back for any of them.

12 Darth Maul and Savage vs Darth Sidious

Clone wars lightsaber duels shouldn't be on this list, otherwise they would be far higher. I assumed this list was just Star Wars films, we should have a separate list for cw and rebels

The duel didn't share the same intensity and action as the other duels

Oh come on! You can't tell me you like these crappy live-action fights compared to a CGI duel where they can do whatever they want without the restraints of physics!

God I loved this one. CGI was amazing. I mean, the most dynamic duo in the Star Wars against the evillest man in the galaxy? Love it

13 Obiwan and Anakin Vs Count Dooku (Episode 2)

Great duel. Anakin with 2 sabers vs. Dooku is the best part. One of the few duels that the bad guys prevail. Anakin gets his arm chopped off. Leads to another great duel. Awesome overall

Count Dooku takes down 2 of the most powerful jedi/sith then yoda comes in and schools that fool!

Worst duel in the entire movie franchise. Unless you count the one with just qui gin and maul. - Therandom

What about Yoda? He was in that fight! At least he gave him credit. - IHaveSynthEyeZ9000

14 Rey and Kylo Ren vs Praetorian Guards

It was awesome. This fight was a combination of the great fight choreography of the prequels, and the raw emotion of the originals. It is probably my favourite Star Wars Fight. What else is there to say?

I love how well this seen is choreographed and that lightsaber catch kill is AWESOME

For your money, you're not gonna find a more surprising, emotional, and well-choreographed fight.

15 Asajj Ventress and Obi-Wan vs. Savage and Darth Maul
16 Ventress and Savage vs Dooku

This episode has a lot of bearing on it, which I love.

17 Mace Windu vs. Sidious

Mace Windu was weak in this fight. I like him, but he's tougher than what he was portrayed in this movie.

Starts out with tons of Jedi, but then, just Windu.


18 Qui Gonn vs Darth Maul

Qui Gonn-Jinn should have won, but it was still amazing

Epic battle should be top ten. Lots of action and wicked cool.

Epic battle at least Darth maul did not die he was sick - jangofettisthebest

19 Kit Fist vs General Grievous

Kit Fisto is my favorite jedi and general grievous iis awesome so it was just an awesome fight.

20 Luke vs Kylo Ren (Episode 8)

Awesome fight because Luke tricks (“distracts”) Kylo into thinking he is actually there (but Luke isn’t) so that the Resistance could escape. Great way to end Luke because technically Kylo doesn’t kill him, but rather Luke allows Rey to become the Last Jedi as he becomes one with the force along with his father and all the other jedi. “Strike me down in anger and I’ll always be with you. Just like your father”-Luke

21 Anakin and Ventress

An intense action filled Saber duel but it lacked style (like from Ep. I)

22 Darth Malgus vs Satele Shan

Not to many know about this one but it's very significant

Hey, I know it! It is in the prolouge of Revival!

23 Darth Maul Vs Pre Vizsla
24 Kylo Ren vs Finn and Rey

Number two easily

25 Asajj Ventress vs Grievous (Nightsister Massacre)

Short, but funny, in a way. The general and Ventress had a silent (but not subtle) rivalry going, to be Dooku's favorite. Now that they are on opposite sides of the battlefield, they have an excuse to take it out on each other. Ventress beats him, and then Greivous forgets about bragging rights and orders his troops to open fire on the Nightsisters.

26 Adi Gallia and Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul and Savage
27 Darth Vader vs. Ahsoka Tano

Definitely top 10 for me. One of the most emotional duals in all my of Star Wars

Come on, are you guys crazy? Even though Rebels falls short to the Clone Wars, there's no duel, in any Star Wars media, that matches this one. The emotion between the two, the part where (SPOILERS) Vader's masked is slashed and we hear Anakin's's all just stunning.

How the hell is this not in the Top 10!

We all knew it would come to this...

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28 Kylo Ren vs FN-2187 (Finn)

Kylo Ren does a better traitor scream than FN-2199

You remember finn's codename

Great scene


29 Obiwan vs Jango Fett

This should be higher, jango fett a bounty hunter verses a Jedi master obi-wan, I don't know about you's but jango is a complete bad ass if he is taking on a guy with a light saber and he has a ll the cool gadgets, it was cool seeing jango fett actually put up a fight and kinda won. I recon this deserves at least top 15, it was an epic, light saber, gun, hand to hand combat fight, I just absolutely loved it

This battle had the most epic brutal battle in star wars all the flips jumps and blasts from jango fett was awesome - jangofettisthebest

This fight sucks. Worst battle ever

30 Jedi vs Droids (Episode 2)

I think is great to see 212 jedis Vs Battle droids on geonois

31 Shaak Ti vs MagnaGuards
32 General Grievous vs Jedi (Clone wars 2003 series)
33 Anakin vs Barriss Offee
34 Darth Sidious vs Mace Windu, Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto
35 Obi-Wan Kenobi & Adi Gallia vs Darth Maul & Savage Opress
36 Anakin and Obi Wan vs (Dark) Ahsoka

When Anakin's padawan Ahsoka is poisoned by the dark side (don't worry, it's only temporary), her insecurities start to come out about Anakin's trust, the fact she hates her nickname "Snips", and Dark Ahsoka has a strange Joker element to her personality. While it's not very long, She attacks Anakin in a frenzy. It's interesting to see the student attack the master, and how Anakin (while holding his own) seems to struggle fighting her, mainly only using defense so he doesn't hurt her and she doesn't hurt him. Obi Wan comes along and duels Ahsoka too, giving Anakin only a slight advantage as Ahsoka activated her smaller second lightsaber and evened everything out. Eventually the duel was a tie as it was interrupted, Ahsoka briefly died and came back to life and the light side, with no memory of the duel.

37 StarKiller vs Gorog
38 Mace Windu vs Jango Fett

This battle was cool it was a shame that jango fett died - jangofettisthebest

39 Jyn Erso vs The Sith
40 Luke vs Tusken Raider
41 Obiwan and Yoda vs Storm Troopers
42 Kanan and Ezra vs The Inquisitor

The season finale battle between Kanan, Ezra, and The Inquisitor is AWESOMESAUCE!

43 Anakin and Obi-Wan and Yoda vs Dooku
44 Padme vs The Sith
45 Luke vs Boba Fett and Jabba's Henchmen

It's really a tie since neither of them died

Wait this is not lightsaber duel.

Actully Boba fett fell into that plat thin so he died Friend 2Hunna on Wii u

Luke used his light saber so maybe that qualifies this fight.
Plus according to the no longer canon comics (thanks to Disney) Boba survived the sarlac pit.

46 R2-D2 vs Salacious B. Crumb

R2 doesn't even have a lightsaber

47 Sith Inquisitor vs Darth Thanaton
48 Starkiller vs Darth Vader & Darth Sidious
49 Han Solo vs Tauntaun

I was on the edge of my seat during this five-second battle. Best fight in the saga. 10/10 IGN.

Darth Tauntaun was almost as evil as Darth Jar Jar.

A "lightsaber duel" with a dead tauntaun? unimpressive most unimpressing

50 Luke vs Dark Spirit
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