Top 10 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Maps

The Top Ten
1 Death Star: Interior

I like this map because of the attention to detail. There is a trash compacter, laser shooter or whatever, and everything else. The gameplay is perfect.

This map is fun because it is so detailed and easy to get lost but that makes it better! This map has a tractor beam, a hangar and a complicated map setup

It's amazing map especially when you play 32vs32. It looks just like in films and it's interesting to defend your bases as rebelians.

2 Coruscant: Jedi Temple

This map is fun because it is just like how it was in the movies! It even has a library with bookcases and everything! I like this map because it is almost as detailed as Hoth

I loved the clone wars T.V. show and this would be a welcome addition to the game

3 Hoth: Echo Base

Echo Base is very accurate to the Hoth Battle in Empire, which was already my favorite single battle in all the films. There's plenty of variety, whether you want to hop in a snow speeder or duel in the icy hallways of the base. This is definitely the map I logged the most time into.

This map has AT-ATs and snowspeeders. What more do you need? Now, despite the fact that the Rebels almost always win, doesn't mean this isn't a fun and detailed map

4 Geonosis: Dust Plains

An extreme variety is available in this map. From the numerous vehicles, to the heroes available, to the ability to play as phase 1 clone troopers in a game where all the other maps have phase 2, this map is extremely fun.

So open! Many different areas combined with the vehicle selection (love LAAT/Is) make for an A+ map.

5 Kashyyyk

Great detail and fun to play as the sepratists. Clones are good snipers in this s map.

6 Kamino: Tipoca City

Kamino is my personal favorite map in the classic Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. The environment of a rainy planet with a military base above the ocean is so unique and fun to play in. This is one of the maps where every class is useful since there are many great places to snipe, many turrets for the heavy class to take out, and many bridges for the standard class and special units to lead assaults on. The engineer is also useful to repair turrets and the medical/ammo droids that frequently get destroyed during the assaults. I've played this game soon after it was first released and I still have never been bored by this map.

7 Mustafar: Refinery

Another great one, this map has great atmosphere and it's neat to see parts of the Mustafar outpost where Anakin and Obi-Wan fought.

I love this map. Second to the Death Star. Everything here is amazing!

This map is the most detailed map of all of them because of the lava, and all of the parts that make the mining aspect of Mustafar

8 Tatooine: Mos Eisley

There's always been a beauty to this map that I never could quite explain. I have been playing the original Battlefront, during which this map made its debut appearence, since I was four years old. Maybe I love it so much because of the place that this map has in my life history, the fact that it's well designed and thought out, or because Battlefront. Either way, this will always be my favorite Battlefront map.

This Maps Assault mode makes it a favorite of mine.

9 Tantive IV

I love this map because it playing a match on it always felt like a reenactment of the opening scene in A New Hope. It's quite fun to choose Rebels and try to defend it with all you've got, but it's equally fun to play as the Empire and mow down the Rebels.

10 Mygeeto

The bridges connecting the bases, stationary turrets along the sides to fire at the tanks crossing the bridges, and the siege of the center building +General Grevious

The Contenders
11 Utapau: Sinkhole

This map has the coolest base and also has lots of tanks. You also get General Greivous who is a force to be reckoned with. This map isn't the best, but at least it gets on the list

12 Naboo: Theed

The city, and the riverways and plazas and central dome are so beautiful!

13 Endor: Bunker

I always make a last stand in the Endor Bunker similar to Halo's Firefight and its guaranteed as Rebel AI always beats Empire AI on this map. It is usually me and a few scattered stormtroopers in speederbikes on the other side of the map vs 100s of rebels and ewoks. I mostly lose though as I run out of ammo.

This map is fun because of the pretty trees and the ewoks running around throwing rocks at people. It also has speeders and AT-STs which puts it at Number 5

A classic- I remember they had it included on the episode III bonus feature DVD.

14 Tatooine: Jabba's Palace

This map has cells, Gamoreans and a secret door in Jabba's Main room. The tunnels and the fact that you can play as Boba Fett just Seals the deal.

This map shows places that you've never seen in the movies. Also, Jabba the Hutt himself was a masterpiece.

I like this map. Especially the trap door part with the rancor. I also like Kamino, Mos Eisley and all the space maps.

15 Polis Massa: Medical Facility

This map is sooo fun. It has tanks in a space with no gravity and has so many tunnels all around the map. This means that in flag battles, it is impossible to find the flag. But even still, it is still fun.

The fact that you could play in space! CIS become OP!

16 Naboo
17 Space

Dogfights are a masterpiece. Not much better than the classic space map!

18 Crait
19 Yavin 4
20 Scarif Beach

Scarif is the best planet out there. The movie Rouge One has the best battle and it is on Scarif. It is a joy to play Scarif on the likes of Instant Action and other modes. You can play as Shoretroopers which look very cool looking. The best map in Star Wars Battlefront II.

This update was in May 2020 to get the map so it was a joy to get Scarif at the time.

21 Felucia: Marshland

This map has the coolest plants and you can play as Aayla Secura. The river and plants alone make this map really cool to me.

Felucia is completely different than any other map.

How is it this far down! Taking down droids and leaping all over the many plants, logs and rocks as Ayla Secura is frkn amazing!

22 Dagobah
23 Yavin 4: Temple

The columned pond and different character of each area makes for a great map!

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