Top Ten Star Wars Lego Sets

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1 Millennium Falcon

Honestly, the most realistic Lego set ever made.

Awesome, I have it and I can't stop playing with it.

I love the Millennium Falcon.

2 Slave One

A classic trilogy ship in Lego has to be number one.

Slave One is awesome. Should totally be number two.

Boba Fett's ship in Lego is cool.

3 Republic Class Cruiser

It is a great set, but it should not be higher than the Millennium Falcon.

It's huge with unique characters.

4 Death Star

The Death Star is not that cool.

It's the best ever!

5 Palpatine's Arrest

Its minifigures are amazing.

Comes with the best minifigures. It comes with Palpatine, Saesee Tiin, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, Kit Fisto, and Agen Kolar.

6 Republic Gunship

The new one is cool. They have not made a new Slave One yet.

It has storage compartments, many weapons, and is huge.

The gunship is awesome.

7 Ewok Village

A newer set. Comes with 15 minifigures.

I have every single set in the top 25.

8 Clone Turbo Tank

Comes with lots of characters and is huge.


I've never been so happy in my life when I first bought this.

It is huge. It also comes with rare minifigures.

10 Republic Frigate

Are these all Star Wars? Anyway, this is a good set - great for imagination and a challenge.

The Contenders
11 Imperial Star Destroyer

It's big but opens up so you can see the inside and comes with the new Vader.

12 Imperial Shuttle

It can fit 6 people in the cockpit.

13 Jabba's Palace

I have both Jabba's Palace and the Rancor Pit. I love how you can combine the two. Jabba's Palace has so many exclusive characters and iconic locations from Episode VI. I love the amount of playability in this set.

14 501st Clone Troopers

Finally, we got the 501st Battle Pack!

15 Battle of Endor

It is awesome. I have it at my house. There is a cool glider for the Ewok, and the AT-ST is bigger than it looks.

This set is so cool. It should be in front of The Republic Frigate.

I love this set. It has great originality.

16 Trade Federation MTT

It can carry 16 droids and comes with even more. That is outstanding.

17 AT-AP

It has a good design and good minifigures. It has an affordable price.

It is good, man.

It is awesome.

18 Super Star Destroyer

It's over 3K pieces, four feet long, and thirteen inches wide. That's all I have to say.

19 Malevolence
20 Ultimate Millennium Falcon

This should be at #1 because it is an awesome set to have and it is fun to build this one.

21 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker

It is awesome. A dropship carrying a walker, that is cool.

22 Cloud City
23 Darth Vader's Castle

It is amazing.

24 Kylo Ren's Shuttle
25 Poe Dameron's X -Wing Fighter
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