Top 10 Statements Many People Believe are Morally Wrong

Had to remake this list because my last version of it was only self-moderated.

I only respect opinions unless they're factually wrong or morally wrong. I DO respect opinions that can't be proven wrong such as liking modern mainstream music (even though I hate most of it) or a show/movie that people's don't like. But here's a list of morally wrong opinions that most likely wouldn't get respect.

If there's one you wanna submit then feel free to add it.

The Top Ten Statements Many People Believe are Morally Wrong

1 All children should be raped

Who the heck believes this?!?! - clusium

2 All black people should be enslaved
3 All animals should be beaten and killed
4 You can have sex with your own family members
5 You can rape people anytime you want
6 All homosexuals should burn in hell
7 You can sex with dead bodies
8 You can murder random people
9 War should go on forever
10 All poor people should starve to death
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