Top Statistical Achievements of Wilt Chamberlain


The Top Ten

1 The single-triple

Wilt is truly a freak of nature. He is without question the strongest person to have ever played the game. He was a sprinter, football player, volleyball player. He was a terrible about attending team practice, but in his career in the NBA he never fouled out of a game. The records he has will never be topped in his relatively short NBA career.

Wilt is the best by far. Lebron, Michael, Oscar, Elgin,and Magic all are fighting for second place. Russel 2nd best center. Jabar third best center. Wilt is all alone at the top, no one is even close. All other opinions are very subjective, based on theories. Check the Facts, all nba stats and the quality of the centers he played against. Wilt is alone at the top. It is a travesty that he isn't being recognized as the greatest player of all time.

2 Rebound record
3 Triple double-double
4 Quadruple double-double

Just about any of these are incredible; what an amazing human being.
Definitely the pinnacle of our physical evolution!

5 Assist leader
6 Iron man streak
7 Most points in a single season
8 No foul outs
9 Most Blocked Shots Per Game
10 Field goal streak

The Contenders

11 More Points In One Game
12 Leading Shotblocker In NBA History
13 30/30 games

30 points/30 rebounds.
Only 6 other players have ever done it, and none of them did it more than once.
Wilt did it over 100 times.

14 40/40 games

He even had a 60/40 game!

40 points/40 rebounds.
No other player has ever done it, but Wilt did it 8 times.

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