Top 10 Most Stereotypical Types of Video Game Characters

The Top Ten Most Stereotypical Types of Video Game Characters

1 The evil Russians

The Spy Next Door is one of my least favourite Jackie Chan movies because the director decided that the Russians should be evil.

What about the Heavy from Team Fortress 2? I love him!

Russians are just like you and me.

WHY DO RUSSIANS HAVE TO BE EVIL! I WAS ATTOPED FROM RUSSIA WHEN I WAS 2! well, stab stab stab I am a stabber I'm evil I love villans all about the coloor balck and supeheros are all happiness and babyish ha ha! TAZERS! if I'm a villan I will use tazers I'm evil(I STILL love my comic main character potato man better than the stupid villan in my comic evil carrtot man -LPS tomboy

2 The "funny" black sidekick

Sazh from Final Fantasy 13 - yunafreya648

3 The dead family member
4 The villain without a good reason to be bad
5 The protagonist who never talks

*cough* Link *cough* - Pegasister12

Link. - yunafreya648

6 The people who still mock you. Even after you saved their life.
7 The "hot" woman

If you thought that was sexist, then go see the dainty damsel in distress trope! :O - The Ultimate Daredevil

It's sexist.

8 Dark is evil

I really wanted to make the Dark good and Light evil. Reminds me of Yin and Yang.-Vestalis

9 The dude who never stops talking
10 The rookie

The Contenders

11 The girly damsel in distress

Good God, this should be top 1 and can actually be compared to ebola! - The Ultimate Daredevil

Peach - yunafreya648

Not just her, but especially Princess Elise III. I said more than twice her strong points. - The Ultimate Daredevil

12 Dark and gritty protagonist

Remember Shadow the Hedgehog? If I said a question of whether Shadow the Hedgehog is a bad game or not (in my review of Shadow the Hedgehog on The Ultimate Daredevil), it would be "Shadow the Hedgehog used to be one of the greatest Sonic the Hedgehog characters ever. Half a decade later, WHAT THE HECK DID SEGA JUST DO TO SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG?! Let's find out...".

13 The overpowered enemy

Kefka - yunafreya648

14 The brooding, evil version of the hero
15 The effeminate villain
16 Light is good
17 The stuck-up hero
18 The sword wielding protagonist
19 The Army Veteran with big muscles
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