Best Stoner Metal Songs

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1 Dragonaut - Sleep

Not such a good song that it's the Number one - Juergen

1 The Sword - Eyes of the stormwitch - Juergen

Nr 1 for me Freedom Hawk - Beast Remains - Juergen

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2 The Devil's Whip - Orange Goblin

2 Black Sabbath - End of the Beginning - Juergen

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3 Rumors of War - High on Fire

3 Hair of the Dog - You soft spoken thing - Juergen

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4 Amerijuanican - Bongzilla

4 The Watchers - Alien Lust - Juergen

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5 Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath

10 Orchid - Mouth of Madness - Juergen

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6 God Luck and Good Speed - Weedeater

7 Cosmic Flare - Indica Blues - Juergen

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7 Electric Machine - Acid King

Brant Bjork - Controllers destroyed - Juergen

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8 Freya - The Sword

6 The Sword - Empty Temples - Juergen

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9 Flower of Disease - Goatsnake

The Sword - Hawks and Serpents - Juergen

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10 Sadiowitch - Electric Wizard

9 Kadavar - Doosmstay machine - Juergen

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The Contenders

11 Dopesmoker - Sleep

11 Fireball Ministry - The Answer - Juergen

This must be higher. This song will get you high without smoking anything. 63 minutes long and pure genius - ryanrimmel


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12 Gardenia - Kyuss

12 The Watchers - Sabbath highway - Juergen

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13 Funeralopolis - Electric Wizard

14 Freedom Hawk - Danger - Juergen

awesome - svarthamar

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14 Dopethrone - Electric Wizard

Hey I thought I was the only one that knew the cold stares. I love that song!

The Cold Stares - Neighbor Blues - Juergen

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15 The Veil of Isis - The Sword

Black Sabbath - Hole in the Sky - Juergen

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16 Hooch - Melvins

13 Mothership - Ride the sun - Juergen

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17 Cometh Down Hessian

YES! I think this song once punched me in the face. It's like a galloping metal horse that doesn't stop running. High On Fire are awesome!

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18 Acid Funeral - Belzebong UListen to Sample
19 Grim Reefer - Bongzilla

That riff just picks you up and slams you back down for the full ten minutes. This song is epic and I love being bashed listening to this song... you should too

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20 Eyes of the Stormwitch - The Sword

On of the greatest Stoner Rock Songs ever - Juergen

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21 Marijuanaut's Theme UListen to Sample
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1. The Devil's Whip - Orange Goblin
2. Rumors of War - High on Fire
3. Dragonaut - Sleep
1. Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath
2. Dragonaut - Sleep
3. Sadiowitch - Electric Wizard


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