Top Ten Strange Things British People Say and Do

My comments towards our American friends has been brought into question,'s only fair that I balance things out by naming some very odd things the Brits do and say. Many of which would laugh at this list. But then we know how to laugh at ourselves ;P

The Top Ten

1 Saying "b*****ks means something is bad but saying "the dog's b*****ks" means something is outrageously good

Oh, Toto... I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

Oh poop. V, I'm never trying subtly again! You saw right through my sledgehammer approach to find out what you look like. You are a gentleman of great mystery - at least I know that much :). - Britgirl

I am speechless, V :D
Hey, I meant to tell you. If you've ever seen the film Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze, I imagine you to look and speak like the character, Wade Garrett... - Britgirl

Alright Beege. Ya broke me down. Ya know Groucho? (Just kidding. But I do fire up a stogie every now and again, and can duck walk with the best of 'em:))

V 2 Comments
2 Apologise to someone who has crushed our feet under their shopping trolley

I guess nobody actually means it. - Martinglez

3 Drink piping hot tea on the hottest days of the year

S'awright, Beege. We do the same thing with coffee.

4 Putting chips (fries) between two buttered pieces of bread and calling it a "chip sarnie"
5 Putting an expensive car on the driveway and storing junk in the garage

Oh, seriously. You haven't seen the U.S. suburbs. A car is the last thing you'd find in a garage, single or double.

I'm coming to meet you, V. (I need to see what you store in your garage) Knowing you it would be something quite unexpected :). - Britgirl

6 Wear a school uniform

I wasn't referring to adults (well, maybe some...) - Britgirl


7 Watering garden plants in the rain
8 Our sunny weather makes front page news

Oh, sunny weather in the UK exists? I thought it was just a myth. - Martinglez

Martinglez - the Brits think that as well! - Britgirl

I�'m not alone then lol. - Martinglez

9 Pretending that we love the sound of bagpipes

I dunno, Beege. I usually like it. But not up close. More like a haunting dirge in a distant fog.

10 Have a CBBC programme where the children plan their parents' wedding day

Honestly. It's called Marrying Mum and Dad. Google it.

Excuse me. Please just Google Marrying Mum and Dad.

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11 Women are referred to as birds, chicks, hens,
12 They always go to Spain
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