Strangest Types of People


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1 Those who laugh at their own jokes
2 Those who make everything sound wrong
3 Those who create awkward situations

I know someone who flirts with any girl he sees. Literally. There isn't one female who he has met who he hasn't hit on. Me and my friends were once mocking him for this, then we saw this girl that none of us had never met, and we dared him to talk to her. He did, and he brought her over to us, and said that he had told her that we ALL like her style, want to get to know her, and a lot of ungainly over-the-top things like that. Which was then met with the most awkward of all silences. - PositronWildhawk

I have a friend who creates a gloomy kind of atmosphere around me whenever he chats with me. I really feel awkward at that time.
Surely strange! - Kiteretsunu

4 Those who blow everything out of proportion

What like this list you mean?! What were you thinking?! Hmm... ? I mean, making a list of strange people? So you're calling most people strange! I can't believe this! I mean, who would blow things out of proportion? What are you even going on about? It's alright to say "people who blow things out of proportion" as long as they don't say it to you, is that right. And don't EVER TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! I WILL NEVER CALM DOWN! Blowing things out of proportion indeed! Who do you think you are? Are you perfect? Is ANYONE perfect? Now you've made me cry... Just go away! It's this item that's made me cry and YOU PUT IT THERE! WHY? Why oh why oh WHY?!

Hey great list! =) - Britgirl

This sounds more like the Media then just people! - Curti2594

5 Those who use multiple slang words to form a sentence
6 Those who treat everything like a game
7 Those who treat everything seriously

Yeah this gets annoying sometimes you need to have a little Fun & go with the Flow! - Curti2594

8 Those who are Bronies
9 Those who are sports fanatics

Why do people like it when you thhrow a ball around - Jake09

I like how you made number one about yourself.
Love ya dureckl - MoldySock

10 Those who say nothing but yo mama jokes

The Contenders

11 Those who believe in God
12 Those who overcompensate
13 Those who talk too much
14 Those who dress up in Star Trek uniforms

These aren't strange at all.

15 Those who are always stoned
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