Top 10 Strongest Female Naruto Characters

Even though not all of the naruto female characters are good some of them can kick asses of the likes of Naruto
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1 Sakura Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.

how did Sakura end up in the 1st rank? Did ya'll forgot about Kaguya? Also I don't really like her because she is obsessed with Sasuke and thanked Sasuke for everything even though Sasuke tried to kill her a few times, and Naruto, who saved her multiple times, Sakura PUNCHED him! Sakura punched him so many times in the Naruto series. Also she's not that strong until she's no. 1. And she liked Naruto a bit only because now he's a hero. Also ya'll remember that moment at OG Naruto where Sakura tells Sasuke those pissing words like that Naruto doesn't have any parents and compared him to herself? and remember that pissing moment in Shippuden (if I'm not wrong) that she tells Naruto she loved him? Sorry. I don't hate her or anything though. I'm just telling facts.

you know that one salty long-ass comment saying bad things about Sakura? they're wrong, and I'll never get tired to say it. She's by far the most successful and a strong kunoichi. yeah, she was pretty insignificant in combats as a kid, but it's normal! She's THE ONLY ONE out of rookie 9's who didn't have kekkei genkai or special moves (like tenten), or teachers that would go after her first (like Lee)

and her being able to surpass sannin is her greatest achievement. greater than any other girls her age. she runs a hospital, leads a division, is a part of kage summit, still does missions as a jounin, and is one of 6 pillars of konoha (besides Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Shikamaru). if you refused to see this, then admit yall stuck in naruto chapter 3 this whole time. people grow up. it's 2 decades already.

Welll sakura is really strong! The best and so Beautiful,she saved the lives of the favorite the charecters like hinata sasuke and naruto! And in BORUTO she is the best stronger then any girl even in Naruto Shippuden

Yes, I agree that sakura should not be number one because there's kaguya she would probably be second with tsunade following immediately after, and for those saying sakura would have died without chiyo.!, sorry to say but you are not correct the real issue was simply sakura's lack of experience in battle with such an opponent its not that she couldn't dodge the kunai or destroy sasori alone and remember that chiyo would have also been killed several times if it weren't for sakura, and that fight is kinda old seems you guys aren't updated yet, now sakura would totally wipe the floor with sasori

2 Konan Konan is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Only female Akatsuki member. Has 600 billion papers and nearly killed Obito. He had to Kamui to survive. Sure she planned ahead but like seriously

Konan has the abilities we make fun of at first but then regret doing it. Anyone can escape paper bombs, but escaping chasing paper bombs is very difficult in my opinion. Her dance of shikigami is the most elegant and extremely powerful jutsu which earns her spot this high.

Konan story with Yahiko and nagato is really touching she's strong that she survived just as a child and she's kind that she took in nagato she was the only female akatsuki Because she was the only female strong enough to walk amongst them.

She's beautiful and has courage and she's brave she's very caring person and even she has romantic feelings (ex. Her and Yahiko both love eachother and they didn't date because Konan wanted them to accomplish what they where aiming for first ) there fore she was strong enough to control her feelings.

Konan is MUCH STRONGER than Suckura. Tell me how Sakura can defeat her, TELL ME! Konan is the only woman in the Akatsuki because she was the only female skilled enough to walk among them. She can make 600 BILLION paper bombs, can turn into paper, can make shuriken out of PAPER that work just as well as metal shuriken, have wings to help her fly still made out of PAPER and more. Suckura couldn't even defeat Sasori on HER OWN. She needed granny Chiyo, if not for her help, Suckura would've been defeated in 5 minutes or so while THIS girl fought with Obito ON HER OWN and actually stood a pretty good chance though she wasn't able to defeat him, she was definitely more effective than Suckura on her won. Suckura's only on top because of her main character status NOT because of skill. Pro Sakura fans say that Suckura's so strong because she surpassed Tsunade, NO SHE DIDN'T, SHE DID NOT SURPASS HER! Plus, Tsunade also probably would've been defeated by Konan because all her punches wouldn't ...more

3 Kaguya Kaguya Otsutsuki is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Being the Progenitor of Chakra, not only is she strongest female in the series, but also the strongest the series.

She's the strongest character in Naruto. She doesn't know how to use her tremendous chakra and has Zetsu telling her what to do but you just can't object her being the strongest.

I get that Kaguya is a fairly new character, but shouldn't most people have finished the series...?

Or maybe you think Sakura is stronger than her. Yes, I do believe Sakura has surpassed Tsunade and might be stronger than Konan AND Mei, but placing her above a god is ridiculous. And I'm not talking about god TIER like Naruto and Sasuke is, but a literal GOD.

It took Team 7 in their most powerful form to seal her. Not beat, SEAL. That is ridiculously over powered. Please guys, this shouldn't even be an argument.

People are really stupid to put Sakura (she can talk all she wants, but even Konohamaru can beat her), Hinata (who can barely do 64 palms) and Tayuya (did you see how easily Temari defeated her?! ) above THE MOTHER OF ALL CHAKRA. Hell, even Tsunade, Konan and Mei TOGETHER can't defeat Kaguya. 2 God-tier Shinobi barely managed to defeat her. Just shows how biased people can be.

4 Tsunade Tsunade is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Tsunade is considered weak by many at 1v1 combats with the other sannin and I agree with them. But u have to agree that if all the sannins are given equally capable teams of ninjas, tsunade's team will win without doubt. She wasnt hailed as the most powerful kunoichi for no reason. Her mastery over medics earns her a victory over other sannins in every other sort than 1v1.

Strong on the inside and outside...mature, independent (deals with her own stuff on her own & doesn't cry like a baby for someone else to solve her problems like Sakura), physically extremely strong, intellectual, brave & fearless & bad-ass (went to fight Pain with a threat after using almost all her strength), brilliant medic, protects the ones important to her... I guess all that makes her really she is so cute(no reference intended to her breasts) and overall cool

Tsunade is the epitome of female strength and courage. But more importantly, she is one of the most brilliant and highly skilled fighters throughout the Naruto saga (amongst both the other female and male characters)
Unfortunately the writer isn't one for elaborating on the dynamic outlay of the more prominent female characters, so less screen time to display all of Lady Hokage's abilities

Tsunade is genuine, and she is the strongest, its nealry impossible to kill her, if she doesn't want to be killed. I mean you should see how she fought with Madara, the only female who can do that in narutoverse.
Why the hell is sakura even here, she found herslf useless, so she begged to be Tsuna'a apprentice, and exactly copied her style, nothing new. no justu nothing. she would have been killed within seconds if she was facing madara.

Tsunade on the other side was in per wiht her generation. and stood in equal footing wiht the other Sannins.

5 Hinata Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I really think she is a great ninja. It's very strong. She can end the fight with one stroke, as she is a master of Hyuuga taijutsu, the strongest in Konoha. Even because she is the princess of Byakugan!

She can hold her own in a fight and got the man of her dreams. And I'm pretty sure the whole Otsutsuki clan acknowledges her as "Byakugan Princess"

She has a jutsu that can destroy and drain chakra channels. She was recognized as the master of Konoha's most powerful taijutsu. Recognized by a God. Weak she is certainly not. But unfortunately we have no struggles to compare, but I’m sure she wouldn’t pass a fight against an opponent who only knows how to punch.

Even though Hinata does very simple things, it is always the most biggest importance. I have no grudges against Sakura, but where was she when Neji was dying. I thought she told Katsuya to heal everyone on the battlefield who need major help or something. If Hinata didn't stand up against Pain, Naruto would've been taken and if she wasn't there next to Naruto in the war, he would've gave up on the Shinobi war! Hinata's kindness gave her a new strength to fight back and why did you think Toneri wanted her, because she was the descendant of Hamura, who was really powerful too back at the time. So, I believe Sakura should put her medic and strength in some more helpful use and stop looking down on the person who's trying her best.

6 Temari Temari is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

In the manga temari said herself that she was top rank wind user, probably the best there is. But she can not apply an s rank shape transformation to her wind release, and therefore (as she stated she was the best wind user) it was impossible, but naruto managed to do it in the form of rasenshuriken. Therefore I conclude that temari is the second best wind user (naruto being the first). she is also a strategist, good enough to keep shikamaru on his toes. Temari is also the first person to land a hit on Madara uchiha after his resurrection. She perfectly performed summons as genin and was a jonin before shikamaru was.
Summary : yeah that gal is strong

Temari was the second most inspirational person, just below Hinata, because she talks like a boss and acts like one. I don't think that there is any other women out there who is more caring for their siblings than Temari. She worries about them all the time if something happens and will rush to them. She is also very powerful when she first appeared in the series. Also, she was able to summon an animal way before Naruto.

Three words - Gutsy as hell!
She had to train alongside Garra ( a guy born with great gifted powers) and Kankuro ( who is a powerful puppet master).
Most people might develop an inferiority complex ie. Sakura... (no offense), but Temari pushes on and is brave and confident, not needing outside validation or support to better herself!
She may not have a compelling character progression precept for her relations with Shikamaru...
But she is definitely one of the better female characters

She should be higher Hinata. I mean come on, the girl destroyed FORESTS with ease. Sure Hinata stood up to Pain and blah blah blah, but I honestly think Temari is much stronger than her in combat. Also she's a strategist, always has a plan, uses a badass weapon and can summon a weasel. How cool is that?

7 Mei Terumi Mei Terumi is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Woman poses 2 kekkei genkai. She's also ranked at a Kage skilled ninja-which is obvious because we saw her at the Kage summit when Sasuke decided to attack it. I'm just going to leave it at that.

Her possessing two of the most powerful kekkei genkai makes her an extremely capable ninja. She could literally melt susanno's skeleton with not more than one jutsu. She is like the kind of ninja who doesn't require more than a few minutes to kill their enemies.

Well I guess, she could defeat tsunade in a fight. Its just a guess work. She has three chakra nature after all. So maybe she has a chance against tsunade and sakura

Mei can obviously fight against Sakura and Hinata pretty much anytime she wants to. Also, she could fight against Temari any time as well.So, she should be at least higher than them.

8 Chiyo

Chiyo of the sand is the eldest and the most experienced ninja in my opinion. Her mastery of poisons and puppets together make a deadly combo. Her age didn't hold her back when she fought sasori. Her abilities and efficiency with her abilities bore fruits while fighting sasori.

I consider Chiyo the best kunoichi, because she defeated Sasori, that defeated the strongest ninja in history (excluding Naruto).

She can defeat Sasori when she is really old. Not mentioning that Sasori is her own grandson.

Truely the worlds greatest puppet master, and if she had been as ruthless as sasori could have been a major world force.

9 Kushina Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

She poses an huge amount of chakra-all Uzumaki clan members do. She fought in a war and held her own. She was strong willed enough to become a jinchuriki. And even though she wasn't there physically more like in spirit she was still a good mother. Plus we all remember that scene when her and Naruto met.

For a girl that got teased because of her hair she's pretty strong I mean I can't blame her for standing up for herself. I would also punch boys for calling me a Tamato.

She was the second Jinchuri of Kyuubi. She was in the Uzumaki clan. She was a jonin. She was the wife of Minato. She can still restrain Kyuubi when it had just been taken out of her. She was born with great amount of chakara that she can restrain Kyuubi when she was young. She was sent to a place away from home when she was around ten to be a container of a monster. She was the mother of Naruto.

I love Kushina! She's one of my favorite characters and she is AMAZING. I mean, she didn't get the nickname the Red Death for nothing! She definitely should be top ten, I'm sure she could've topped Ino or Hinata easily.

10 Tenten

How the hell did Sakura get in this list, not mentioning #1?! Tenten is duh, the best. In the Chunin exams prelims, Temari was the worst possible matchup for her, and Tenten could've beat anybody BUT Temari. It sucks that almost all the boys in Naruto get the spotlight for being the best. It's frustrating and stupid. Kunoichi like Temari, Tenten, and Lady Tsunade bring honor and greatness to the female ninja of the world of Naruto.

Tenten is really underrated. Of all the Konoha 12 kunoichi, she is the strongest and has the best personality.
Sakura- A weak, totally overrated brat who has all her big accomplishments practically spoon fed to her. ( Yes, I mean Shippuden! )
Ino- Just another Sakura, only she treats her team mates better.
Hinata- She's decent I guess, but she's a bit too sweet and pretty weak for a Hyuga...
Tenten- A smart, tomboyish kunoichi who actually cares about being a ninja, and by the way Temari was the worst possible matchup for her.
Now decide who's better.

Tenten used a legendary weapon without even practicing she got the hang of it immediately now that's amazing. Her ability to summon toles is pretty awesome. She has so many times and is able to use them all perfectly she shows skill and grace at the same time.
She isn't sex racist and doesn't care if your a boy or girl that's why she should be like 5 or 6.

OK people what you don't know is this:
Tenten has the ability to Use Space time Jutsu AND Body flicker Jutsu (Shisui) But instead Kishimoto decided to waste such a great amazing Character. If Kishimoto used effort in her She could be as badass as Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) But with weapons. Hell, She could probably summon armor Just like Erza from a Scroll.

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11 Kurenai Kurenai Yūhi is one of the supporting characters of the Naruto and Boruto universe. She is a jōnin-level kunoichi from Konohagakure. She is also the leader of Team Kurenai, which consists of: Hinata Hyūga, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru.

Kurenai is a perfect Sensei she teached 4 kids. She taught: Hinata, Shino, Kiba and I guess you could say she taught her daughter too!

I think number 10 is a fitting place for Kurenai, maybe 9-7. Itachi, a master of Genjutsu, complimented Kurenai's gen skills, saying that it was about the same level as him. Let's not forget that she BARELY had any screentime during the show, so we couldn't really rank her any higher.

In my opinion kurenai was my dream. She's pretty, kind and a great kinoichi genjutsu user.

How the hell is Kurenai number 10?! She sucks!

12 Ino Ino Yamanaka is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Ino is kinda weak from time to time but in boruto she gets stronger and in shippuden too because she father died she wants to please she dear father.

Ino has made a huge impression and helped billboard brow "Sakura" become who she is now. She is not weak but she can get in battles she cannot win she has her good looks and strength on her side when it comes to most things. She also will love Sai till the end though he may not have a lot of emotions he shows them to her

Ino has skills which are not meant for combat. She us good at transferring messages from one shinobi to another. She is good at what she does. But from combat stand point she is pretty much weak. She is nothing without her team mates

I wish she got more screen time. She has the ability to possess ANYTHING. I mean, imagine, she could posses Konan or something and attack Pain, with Pain being unable to hurt Konan she would bring an end to the akatski. But...thanks to Kishimoto she and many other kunoichi suck

13 Anko Anko Mitarashi is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Anko is obviosly one of the strognest kunoichis or characters if kishi made her more relevent.
She got trained by a sanin, learned multiple techniques and is a survivors of the cursed mark.
Unfortunatly kishi forgot about her and was way to busy making Naruto and sasuke OP
( The power level in shippuuden is jsut unbalanced bs) If we had a more balanced plot Anko
would be one of the strongest for sure. But kishis plot says no.
In conclusion. In my opinion Anko Mitarashi is the strongest kunoichi duo to her relationship with Orochimaru and as a surviver of the cused seal. ( by the way Sasuke only survived, because he was a uchiha...)

She should at least be higher than Sakura. She was another survivor of the curse mark. Even Orichimaru said Sasuke was as strong as her, So basically she should be somewhere around Sasuke level at least in part 1.

Orochimaru was her teacher

Why is Anko so low? She's a legendary kunoichi!

14 Sarada Uchiha Sarada Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga by Masashi Kishimoto. She is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

Ok come on Sarada is the daughter of Sasuke a Uchiha and the daughter of Sakura to the pupil of Lady Tsunade and Sakura is most very strong and Sarada is too!

I feel although she is young she has a powerful mindset to become hokage (not like Naruto) and that's what helped Naruto to become Hokage. SHhe hasn't even shown what else she is capable of but as the Boruto Anime progresses I believe she can become quite powerful just as her father did. She has Sharingan and possibly Mangekyou in future episodes. So much potential!

She aspires to become the hokage. I pray that she does because I have high hopes from her. It's about time we have a good female kage and not a lousy one. Plus she is a female sharingan user. What more could you ask for?

She's amazing. And she's Uchiha. And she has sharingan. And she's Sasuke's daughter. And she's just 12 years old. And she will probably become a Hokage. And who knows, maybe she will become the strongest charcter in whole anime. I just love her

15 Himawari Uzumaki

Activated the byakugan at age 3-she looks much older than three- on episode 18. She was also able to save her squad that got stuck in a well using chakra control and the byakugan. She was also able to knock Naruto and Kurama out with blow(which caused him to miss his own event, him being announced-declared- as the official Hokage) She is also able to terrify her big brother when she is upset-though that's not an important fact-

Himawari is very optimistic and caring quite similar to her mother, although she is willing to fight tooth and nail. Unlike Hinata when she was young, I believe Himawari is going to be cheerful, but shows no mercy to her enemies if they hurt her or her loved ones, and I think she will surpass Hinata in the future for this reason. (she showed no mercy with Boruto)

She scared her older brother and Kurama while knocking out the most powerful guy in the shinobi world at the time...she is going to be really powerful when she becomes an adult.

She knocked out her father and scared Boruto to death. Naruto, the man who was the savior of the world was knocked out by a girl for a whole day, and still defeated Kaguya, the first person to have chakra. Weird huh

16 Fu

Fu is the Jinchuriki of Chomei but she is still optimistic and over friendly. She wants to make 100 friends in the chunin exam even when it was a competition/test. She is so loyal and I see Naruto in her so much.

Why is she all the way down here she could easily destroy Sakura and hentia! With Chomei

She is the jinchuri of Shichibi, she was the strongest

Fuu wins my vote

17 Yugito Nii

She is probably one of the only jinchurikis who are at good terms with their bijuu. She definitely has most control over her bijuu after naruto, B and gaara.

I love Yugito's character - shes pretty, strong and confident. She was able to lure Sasori and Hidan into a trap in the cave. She is the jinchuuriki of the 2 Tails (Matatabi) and she has the power to transform into the bijuu as well! She was also feared by her fellow Jinchuuriki Bee (Eight tails).

She's stronger than sakura

Shes a Jinchuuriki, that automatically makes her better than Sakura,Ino,Hinata,Tenten,Tayuya, and Temari

18 Tayuya Tayuya is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Tayuya is so amazing. Like, she basically almost killed Shikamaru and if it wasn't for Temari, he would have been dead.

Her only weapon is a flute after all


19 Karin

Of course as an Uzumaki she poses an immense amount of chakra. She was also able to keep up with Sasuke and his ambitions. Karin also has an amazing skill of sensing other's chakra and their location due to where the chakra is. And if someone consumes her chakra they heal

"The delicacy to see trough everything calmly. The courage to live with passion. The kunoichi Sasuke has acknowledged is the strongest."

Danzou took her away with a single kick, but then she escapes from Konoha's jail alone, haha.

She never fight, but she do it well as a medic ninja. Not only her healing technique, but knowing when Sasuke is in his limit, always understanding the situation, knowing her strenght and the right place for her to keep herself in safe during the fight, so she can keep support her teammates.

For me she looks intelligent, experienced and everything in the quote above, but that's another kind of being strong.

"That girl... It was good to bring her here... She's useful. And Sasuke specifically chose her as his favorite."-Tobi

Something people don't understand is that Karin is actually stronger than Sakura,because she does in fact have the same strength of kushina,without the help of Sasuke she defeated Suigetsu when SASUKE COULD NOT also without her Sasuke could have died she has Uzumaki blood and the Uzumaki chain thing(just like kush I na) she was the only one in the war to take down swirlys wooden puppet thing when the five kagey could not.I know Sasuke almost killed her and Danzo kicked her like hell but don't forget many times Sakuras life had to be saved and Sasuke chose her for a reason she has kush in as strength,her minds eye jitsu,healing ability and medical ninjutsu she is strong both physically and in heart even if you are a Karin hater your feelings can't get I the way of the truth haha cought you karin should be the second strongets (Kaguya first she is a goddess people)please vote karin.

I think that she is really strong. I mean, she has uzumaki kekkei genkai, can heal with her blood and use kagura shingan. She is smart and loyal. I think that she IS strong.

20 Guren

Guren of the crystal style is a very powerful shinobi because of her unknown release. Her crystal style can literally be used as ninjutsu as well taijutsu.

She is the only person who can use crystal and even Tsunade praised her.

She's a filler. Fillers don't count.

Crystal release y’all

21 Mito Uzumaki

She was the first jinchuriki of nine tails and besides she also possesses byakugou. She is the character who has the powers we all dream for- of naruto and sakura together.

I'm not sure but Tsunade said that she created the 100 healing mark, but Mito is seen with the Byakugou Seal when she was alive. Mito is a very lucky woman to be able to get married with Hashirama.

She was a Jinchuriki and the wife of Hashirama. She was probably stronger than Tsunade. She should be higher.

She is as strong as Tsunade if not stronger. She is her grandma!

22 Shizune
23 Female Pain

Even a corpse is stronger than Sakura

She's way stronger than Sakura

24 Naori Uchiha

The Uchiha Queen!

25 Ajisai
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