Top 10 Most Annoying Anime and Manga Characters

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1 Sakura Haruno (Naruto) Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I used to be annoyed when I saw her, but then I saw when Pain attacked the village and people were dying in front of her! But what did she do? She did nothing! She just walked around like a penguin and wondered, "Who could do such a thing?" and "How will we heal all these people?" It's not like I've been trained by the best medic ninja in the world, and there's not an evil organization that wants to get Naruto.

And her personality is all about "SAVE ME, Naruto!" or "I LOVE YOU, SASUKE." And don't even get me started on her treatment of Naruto; she hits him and yells at him for everything! And she cries at everything!

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone. This is all my opinion. You can like or hate Sakura. I would like to hear your opinion too. :)

She is just so annoying. I definitely agree with Sasuke when he says that Sakura annoys him. She is always hitting Naruto for no particular reason, and that is just rude. You can like her or hate her, but this is all my opinion.

She is such a crybaby! How does Naruto like her? She is always slapping or yelling at Naruto for no reason. It's really annoying.

Uggh! To even describe her makes me feel angry! Naruto is an awesome, addicting anime show, and she just ruins it all. Why is she even included as the main character? I mean come on, even Ino is better than her... And she manages to look pretty at the same time! I actually got so happy when she was ranked number 1 in the most annoying manga characters list! My opinion is going to be like 7 paragraphs long. Let me analyze my hatred for her, and I know I must be looking stupid for hating on a fictional anime character, but this girl is an exception.

Her hair is ugly! She used to have pretty hair in the beginning of the series and she just cut it off. What? What do you think you are, some superstar. You look ugly without your hair and cutting it doesn't make you look like anything!

You can't fight. Just quit your dreams about becoming a shinobi. I can't even think why people would even CARE to rescue you! Their lives would still be the same. You mean nothing to the ...more

2 Misa Amane (Death Note) Misa Amane is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

UGH! I kind like her in the opening, but when she first appear in light's room, I feel like she totally RUINED death note for me. A lot a people said that DN got worse when L dies, but for me, things already got started to fell apart in the episode 13, thanks to her, and after that, things only could possibly get worse and worse. So why I hate her? Well, in the first episodes we have this incredible battle of these two genius trying to kill each other in a serious kind of like chess game. Then, suddenly appears this immature and clueless child thinking that everything revolves around her. She's stupid, immature, childish, clueless and deluded. Light can easily manipulate her like a chess piece. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind if she had entered the story as a useful character, but her immaturity and lack of intelligence make her as a nothing more than a naive child in a game of adults.

In my opinion, Misa is extremely annoying. She has an I.Q. that makes a fruit salad seem intelligent, has an annoying squeaky voice, and is a bad stereotype of women! When she was first introduced, I didn't mind her too much. But then she comes in and my brain wants to explode! She was such a clueless idiot! But, despite all the things I do hate about her, I give her credit that at least she had a purpose in the anime/manga. I don't hate her as much as I would've if she had no purpose other than being a love interest. So, at least she had a role to play that had impacts in the show, but other than that, she's annoying as hell!

Misa... how should I describe her?

Okay, in the beginning of Death Note, she seemed like the typical squealing fangirl. That was fine with me, I could deal with that. I mean, a lot of anime I've seen have that one character that seems to be like that. But yeah, as soon as she shows up, I don't get that exciting super-genius fight that happens (or rather, USED to happen) every episode. My favorite character in the series has got to be L, and that time when she called him a pervert? Nah, that didn't help me like her any more than I did then, which wasn't a lot. And when she threatened Light with dating anyone else? Light clearly laid it out for her that if he didn't hang out with other girls, they would be held under suspicion. But NO, Misa was all "If I catch you you with one of those girls, I'll KILL her! " Like, damn girl, we get that you love Light so much, but chill, Misa, chill. I feel like she got so clingy to Light in the anime, she reminded me too much of Haruno Sakura ...more

To me, Misa is the only flaw with Death Note. Death Note is a great series but it seems like when Misa first appeared she made the series worse. DN would be fine if she never appeared. All she is is an idiotic fan girl that flips out when she first sees Light. She goes crazy when she goes to his house and wants to be his girlfriend. Seriously? She barely even knows him! Even Lucy Heartfilia is better than this! Even Light doesn't like her! So, hope you enjoyed my little rant on Misa Amane.

3 Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto) Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

God he is such an annoying character.
I hate the I have a tragic past and that's my excuse for everything bad I do type. He always ranks so high in character polls, HOW? , he's so irritating, arrogant and predictable. He's horrible too, why does Naruto like him and WHY for gods sake does he get so much screen time? It should be reserved for worthy characters.
To be honest I wish I had more votes, cause although sasuke deserves first place it was a tough choice between him, sakura and orihime. All rubbish, irritating characters with way too much screen time.

Sasuke, in my opinion, is an ungrateful baby. He should learn to grow up. As a kid, he shut himself away from everyone who tried to approach him. Arrogant, no? He is constantly saying how he'll get revenge on his nii-san Itachi, but in the end, Itachi dies of TB or whatever the heck it was, and Sasuke completely wimps out. Later, he brags about how he killed him to other opponents. NO! Just NO! And then he joins up with Akatsuki and forms a little group of people to help him conquer the world. After Itachi dies (I refuse to say that Sasuke killed him), he's like, "Okay, guys, since my brother died after dedicating his life to protect my village, the village where Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Neji, Kiba, Hinata, Shino and plenty of others still care about me and want me to go home and give up this lunatic mission I'm on, I'm gonna go ahead and destroy it! " Like, I get that your tiny little brain thinks that the village may have treated your village unfairly, Sasuke, ...more

Sasuke Uchiha is THE definition of annoying. If someone asks what annoying means Sasuke Uchiha is the answer. I had heard before reading the manga that Sasuke was annoying from quite a few friends, but I gave him a chance. He had a similar background with Naruto and was hot so why not? Then all of a sudden he starts getting jealous and power-hungry because his best friend starts getting stronger and betrays the village. He seems to find his life unfair because he's alone but at least you're a genius with cool powers other kids don't have! I mean Naruto basically started off a failure but he doesn't go around complaining about his circumstances! After Sasuke basically abandons everyone to soul search or whatever, he fights with his brother and even learns of Itachi's amazing heart. I was expecting him to change for the better now that his brother has clearly stated to him that the village's protection was most important, but then Sasuke just mopes around before finally coming to the ...more

Guy just pissed me off he is always like my life is so horrible no one's life can be as bad as mine, Naruto you just don't understand. I mean it's not like everyone loves me and hated you when we were younger. Your also fortunate to have never met your mother or father than me losing mine. Oh and my relative I feel I need to kill, I just must kill him I will do any stupid thing you can think of to try to kill him. Even then I won't be strong enough and he has to let me kill him, cause I would never on my own be as strong as him, my life is so horrible, cry cry cry...

4 Chi Chi (Dragon Ball) Chi-Chi is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

I find her so annoying because she deserves better than Goku and yet, she's always waiting on him hands and feet like a damn slave and then he leaves not giving a damn about her or his responsibilities as a father. She has needs as a woman, wife, and mother and it's annoying to see her put herself last. She needs to take care of herself FIRST in order to take care of others. She reminds me of the old traditional women who are unhappy yet can't separate from their husbands unless it's what the husbands want because she's just a wife. She's not allow to have opinions of her own. This is what happens when you marry someone you don't even know.

She marries someone she barely knows. Goku never wanted to marry her in the first place, and she keeps yelling about how Gohan's studying is more important than the Earth's future. So she's OK with it if Gohan studies for a few more days and then be blown up along with the whole Earth? That's extremely stupid. And she ignored Goku when he nearly died in the Saiyan Saga, then a few days later, she scolds Gohan for wanting to help bring Piccolo back and said she doesn't care about Piccolo's life. She's SO ungrateful that she scolds Goku for not having got a job and trains all the time, but doesn't even consider the fact that he trains to protect the Earth and has saved hers, Gohan's, Goten's and everyone on Earth's lives countless times.

The only useful thing she's ever done is pop out Gohan and Goten and even then she messed that up constantly trying to change them. Why did Toriyama chose this screeching harpy as Goku's wife?!
Goku should have married Bulma, she accepts him for who he is and would let him train their kids. Then Vegeta could have married 18 the one woman who was actually stronger than him once and managed to break his arm. Then Krillin should have married Chi Chi, he would have got his job as a police officer and let her have the boring housewife life she desperately craves for some reason.

She needs to take anger management because half of the time she's always angry about something. She keeps pressuring Gohan into being a scholar when he needs to save the world too. Also she is ungrateful to the heroes when she finds out that Goku and his team saved the day heck when someone mentioned to her that Gohan was part of Goku's team in saving the world she was all like "so? " no really she did say that she forces people to do things her way and is so ungrateful amd most of the time she's a nag geez just another annoying bland character who doesn't deserve to be recognized

5 Makoto Itou (School Days) Makoto Itou is a character from the visual novel and anime series "School Days." He initially comes across as a shy and average high school student but becomes infamously known for his morally questionable choices as the series progresses. His relationships with multiple characters grow increasingly complex and destructive, leading to a series of dramatic events. Makoto's actions and their consequences make him a highly controversial figure in the world of anime.

He is just disgusting. Just looking at his face makes me want to punch something. A cheating cowardly piece if crap who only know how to run away when things get out of hand. I say this because I believe the only reason he decided to go back to kotonoha was because he didn't want to take responsibility for sekai's pregnancy. Damn, I wish he had been exposed to more torture before dying.

Oh my god. If more people saw this anime (School Days), this would undoubtedly be number 01. Christ - This guy is the most hellishly frustrating character from anything - ANYTHING.

I literally regret ever knowing about this anime's existence - I'M NOT EXAGGERATING. You think I'm exaggerating? Seriously, go watch it up to episode 7 or 8. I DARE YOU. As for me, I'm never going back.

Makoto's logic " hm. I am currently dating this girl and I want to improve our relationship. I GOT IT. I'll go sleep with every other girl in the school that's a completely normal thing to do if you want to improve your relationship with your girlfriend." No, Makoto, just no.

Mans really cheated with like 6 girls. He cheated with the girl that set him up with his girlfriend like fr dude. He cheated with his girlfriends bullies bruh. But what I'm surprised about is that one of the girls he cheated with really killed him because he decided to stop cheating and be faithful. But he got what he DESERVED.

6 Karin Uzumaki (Naruto Shippuden)

Karin was hella annoying at first, a red haired Sakura. But after I saw her past, I could understand why she latched on Sasuke who was the first one to show her kindness after what happened in her past, and no a selfish desperate need of validation like Sakura. In Boruto I respect her way more, because although it is hinted that she still has feelings for Sasuke, she lets him go and respects Sakura and her "relationship" with Sasuke, even offers glasses to Sarada. The only thing I still don't like about Karin is her attitude to Suigetsu. The drooling over Sasuke was annoying but it was justified, and she wasn't as creepy as Sakura because she understood what no meant unlike the pink haired retard and didn't chase him until he gave in. She's somewhat a Sakura done right, and many Sakura fans hate her because the canon Karin is what they wanted their pink trash to be.

The one moment for me that completely destroyed the (what little) respect I had for Karin was when Sasuke had to bite her arm to heal himself, and I swear to God, she literally went up in the clouds and she must have been having some weird, sexual experience because it sure looked like it. Throughout the few times she showed up in the series, she was either punching Suigetsu or mooning over Sasuke. I personally like my characters with a little more individual storyline. However, the filler during the Tsukiyomi arc that outlined Karin's past relieved me of some of the dislike I bear toward her.

Most useless character I've ever seen until she sprouts those chakra chains -- I have to admit that part was epic...But the fact that she goes mega ballistic just because Sasuke is in danger dampens the epicness. Other than that, she's useless. Her powers are only chakra-related and her other stats are terrible. She always has to hide somewhere during the battle, and her teammates do all the job. I don't like her personality AT ALL, either. She has an obsession with Sasuke that rivals with Sakura's. Grosso modo, I don't like the character. The manga could've gone on without her just fine -- Sakura drooling over Sasuke is way enough.

My first time ever watching anime I always loved sasuke and I was really upset when I knew someone else liked him, first a pinky foolish girl and a good for nothing simpy girl. My personal opinion about that is that ... first I already hate the first monkey but adding a baboon on the plate is far enough,I hate her and nobody will ever love any of the uchihas as much as I do.

7 Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail. Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world. She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing Natsu, Erza, Happy, and Gray, and Levy Mcgarden. Lucy is one of the smartest characters in the manga/anime Fairy Tail. It has been shown that Lucy has figured out most of the arcs mysteries like the Starry Sky arc.

She never wins a single fight, at least on her own. Her magic is worthless; I don't know how many times she summons one of the Zodiac spirits (supposedly the most powerful of celestial spirits), only for them to just get one shot by the enemy. She is supposed to have a massive reservoir of magic to allow her to summon multiple spirits at once, but never thinks to do this in an actual fight. She doesn't support the summons in any way either. She also has several "utility" spirits, but this aspect is rarely used and downplayed. Pretty much all she does is whine and get saved by Natsu. She is pretty much only in the anime because of her jiggly bits... But Erza also has Jiggly bits! Erza is also badass! Wait, why is Lucy here again?

First her magic is LITERARY summoning others to fight for her so she can throw the friendship out. She can't even WIN a fight without her keys that's how she gotten beat the out of her in the grand magic games. She SACRIFICED Aquarius's key even though she didn't want to IF YOU DON'T WANT TO THAN DON'T. Heck she got into that situation b/c she couldn't even beat up a villain that Natsu defeated. I don't know if it's a spoiler or not but SPOILERS during the time after fairy tail disbanded she became a bikini model while everybody else trained the flip out to defend Floria. SURE she did get new power, BUT she only does Lucy kick so much for usefulness. Also she gets into situations Natsu has to save her and gets hurt in the process. There was even an arc about a guild trying to kidnap her, the fairy tail guild gets beaten up, Lucy STILL gets kidnap, and THROUGHOUT the whole arc she didn't lift a finger to help fairy tail out all she did was cry and whine.

Still trying to finish the series, but it's too cringeworthy to watch. I remember in the earlier episode she made out a chart of who is the strongest member of the team or something and she was one of the top! I mean seriously! She is really useless with no power, but her stupid collectable key chain and uses them as slaves! At least Erza, Gray and Natsu has some benefits to make the team stronger. The only thing she does is complain, wear tight clothing for it to be exposed and does something stupid to make the team hard enough to get out of trouble. Every time she does something really stupid, or just seeing her appearance of the show makes me so irritated that it makes it really hard to finish. I do plan to finish the series soon though.

Useless. Which is why I find it hard to ship Natsu and her together. Never have I seen her win a fight alone alone with her keys. She doesn't even have a strong will sometimes to go on because someone has to encourage her. Even Wendy, the little girl is more useful HECK even Gajeel's cat is more useful than her. Why is this girl the main character. Not to mention she gets lazy easily. Always dependant on something. only reason why she is not as annoying as Sakura is because she doesn't punch Nastu and fawn over Gray. That is it. Literally.

8 Yuka (Elfen Lied)

I had planned to pick someone else but the second I saw this name I changed my mind. Good god, Elfen Lied would have been 100x's better if Lucy had stapled Yuka's mouth shut or something.

I really did not like this woman at all. It seems as though her only purpose in life is to complain dramatically about the difficulties of forming an incestuous relationship with her cousin.

God she was annoying. She was okey in the first few episodes, but then out of nowhere she got super pissy, and slapped her own cousin who was at the time injured because he didn't remember some stupid carnival where they were like eight, the reason for he didn't remember was that little sister head died sometime after, and she didn't even apologize(I think)

People who like Yuka, I'm really sorry. But she's... A little annoying. She whines too much and she thinks that she can control Kohta, who is her cousin. And she gets jealous easily...

9 Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I'm sorry but I just had to put Naruto there. I am unbelievably annoyed with Naruto! I never liked him much, but he just keeps getting more irritating with time. In the beginning, all he did was go on and on about his 'vow to become Hokage' and scream "Believe it! " every 10 seconds. He behaved like a five year old, and was always complaining and/or messing something up.

Now, in Shippuden, he is still going on and on about his 'vows' and 'bonds.' I know he wants to get Sasuke back, and there is nothing wrong with that, but he doesn't have to mention it every 5 minutes.

Another thing I always hated about Naruto was how he would say he didn't want to use the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, yet in just about every battle he would. Naruto relies on the Kyuubi excessively, he would have died immediately if he never had it.

I am unbelievably annoyed with Naruto! I never liked him much, but he just keeps getting more irritating with time. In the beginning, all he did was go on and on about his 'vow to become Hokage' and scream "Believe it! " every 10 seconds. He behaved like a five year old, and was always complaining and/or messing something up.

Now, in Shippuden, he is still going on and on about his 'vows' and 'bonds.' I know he wants to get Sasuke back, and there is nothing wrong with that, but he doesn't have to mention it every 5 minutes.

Another thing I always hated about Naruto was how he would say he didn't want to use the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, yet in just about every battle he would. Naruto relies on the Kyuubi excessively, he would have died immediately if he never had it.

Freaking anime devolved into a wank-fest of this idiot. Everyone, including the villains and random characters had to kiss up to him. The only character who got even more gross wanking was Itachi. What's so great about this looser who got a job that is too difficult for him, a wife he doesn't love, children he doesn't want and who is supporting a system whose economy is based on warmongering while Naruto himself professes to wanting to pursue peace? Oh, and he was unable ot accept being rejected by Sasuke, a guy who just wanted to be left alone and whom he barely knew. Naruto is a pathetic person who can't live without the validation and constant attention of others.

Complete idiot MC who only wins through the power of NAKAM (plot armor), sheer brute force over tactics, and and the only reason he has that brute force in the first place is because the most powerful of the overpowered "tailed" beasts is sealed inside of him yet leaking him his power. Without that massive handicap of Kyuubi's excess chakra, he would never have been able to brute force his way up the food chain. With that handicap, he finds a way to make rock beat paper through sheer WILLPOWER instead of actually thinking up a real strategy.

Like Sakura, he is also compeltely blind to how Sasuke dove head first down his "slippery slope" into evil. They simply cannot take a hint.

10 Yui (Diabolik Lovers)

I believe I have NEVER been more annoyed by a character's behavior. She just sticks around guys who only treat her and suck her blood (in addition to sexually harassing her)! She never really tries to run away and end up caring for the ridicule bastards that do nothing of their time but playing with her? Hello, Stockholm Syndrom? Plus, she has no personality : all she does is whining and being clueless about everything!

She was the worst part of this godforsaken anime! I can't believe the hot anime guys enticed me to even watch it. She's so annoying and she has 0 personality. She barely attempts to defend herself from the FRICKING vampire douches who sexually harass her, bite her, call her the b-word, and are just plain unpleasant TO HER.
One of em even gives her a FRICKING dagger that can kill them, tells her to run away, and what does the "innocent pure-hearted girl" do? Sticks around and does JACK SQUAT! She doesn't even go through with fileting one of those bastards, and instead, he bites her.
She and all 6 of those 2 faced, bastardized, vampdouches can burn in that mansion!

There is a way better supernatural reverse-harem anime out there called Dance with Devils and I recommend watching that instead. At least the main chick isn't a complete dumba**!

I Couldn't agree more to seeYui's name on this list even though she just ranks #20. She's nothing special but a rag doll ( Anime Bella Swan to be exact). always making it look like she's the victim, living a horrible life but the truth is she had several chances to escape. she's a "kind person" to care about the boys' issues. Even when knowing her blood will be sucked after that

I mainly thought she was annoying because she did nothing other than get sexually harassed by the Sakamaki brothers the ENTIRE ANIME. It pissed me off because she was terribly developed and they could have made her a more interesting character.

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11 Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Listen I don't like Ichigo for the simple facts that she's annoying always worrying about her crush, taking up too much screen time doing useless things, and well basically wasting people's time. Half the time she just does nothing I think her existence in the whole show is stupid. She's actually pretty useless for a main character probably the worst main character I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. In any case I find her screen time completely useless and over all BS...

Personally, I loved Tokyo Mew Mew but they put way too much emphasis on Ichigo. Yes, she's the main character, but it's always Ichigo this, Ichigo that. She's a bit Mary-Sue-ish in all honesty. She has two boys fighting over her. Oh, and did I mention one of them is one of the antagonists? WHAT? What kind of plot development is THAT? One boyfriend is enough okay?

Okay, I'll stop. Still though, Ichigo needs some major character development.

Had potential but the whole romance thing getting squished into a good anime is just stupid.

12 Hinata Hyuga (Naruto) Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I just can't stand how obsessed she is with Naruto. Honestly, I used to love her character when I first started watching the show when I was way younger. But the double standards are just insane. Sakura gets so much hate for being such an amazing character who has developed so much in the series (prior to Boruto because she ended up going back to Sasuke and that ruined her development), while Hinata is praised for having no real purpose in the show except to love "Naruto-kun." I don't hate her character, I just find her extremely annoying. It's all about fan-service though because that's why so many fans love her.
Another thing, she literally watched her cousin die, and then immediately after that took it as an opportunity to make a move on Naruto. Who uses their cousin's death as an excuse to hold their crushes hand? Oh, wait...Hinata. It was like she had no remorse for her dead cousin who would have been alive if she hadn't been there. Even then, it didn't get her anywhere ...more

She is the worst character in a manga I have ever seen. All she does is stutter "Naruto-kun". She is useless and only cares about Naruto, everyone else to her is expendable. She doesn't care about her family (Neji/Hanabi) and I am so sick of having her rammed down my throat.

People say she's the true heroine, I say her actions have ulterior motives she abandons everyone else just to get Naruto's approval but she barely even works for the recognition she thinks she deserves. Instead by the end she is content with abandoning her resolve to get stronger and is happy just being next to Naruto, not even as an equal, but just having him. What an inspiration to young women reading manga.

Characters like Team 7, Iruka, Jiraiya, Minato/Kushina, Gaara, Neji, Naruto's truest strongest bonds have been completely side-lined and the story ret-coned for this underserving character who is just so pathetically useless.

I hate her so much! I cannot comprehend why everyone loves her so much! She's literally a big chested, purple and quiet version of Sakura! She only cares about Naruto! I don't care if he inspired her at her lowest, that doesn't justify her extreme selfishness! Because, let's be honest, her clan, team, teacher can go to hell as long as she has N-N-Naruto-kun! People say she's strong, but she's not! She's yet to win a fight by herself, in fact she either gets thrown around like some sort of housefly, or trips over rocks before even getting into the battle! She's also uninteresting, her backstory, while good doesn't affect her character in meaningful ways, she's just content hiding behind trees and stuttering Naruto's name. Neji deserved better than to have his future thrown away for some pathetic, helpless, stupid fangirl!

Hinata Hyuga is the perfect definition of a retcon. She sucked in Part I already, cheering against Kiba who's always here for her just for N-N-Naruto-kun. Basically a purple, quiet version of Sakura. I already disliked her, but I could try to ignore her as she was a useless side character. But then, the writers started pitying her pathetic existence and decided to reward her for her hopeless, one-sided and selfish obsession. They changed Naruto's personality, his past, erased his most important bonds and changed EVERYTHING just for this pathetically one-dimensional, useless side character to get what she wants. I can't believe fans bought it! Hinatards love to ignore everything and act like Hinata is the most important person and is entitled to everything and everyone else is useless and dispensable, well sorry to break it to you sweeties but Ten Ten talked more to Naruto and did more to help the story than Hinata, even if the only thing Ten Ten did was beating a clone of herself. ...more

13 Kagome (Inuyasha)

The biggest problem with Kagome as a character is that the narrative bends over backward to try to convince the audience that she's the greatest, most perfect person to ever live when, in fact, she's not. Kagome is a whiny, selfish brat who is rude to her brother and grandfather, slams Inuyasha's face into the ground every time he does something she doesn't like, is almost completely useless in battle, acts like she's entitled to Inuyasha's affections, and hypocritically leads on guys she's not interested in even though she hates it when Inuyasha so much as mentions Kikyo. Seriously, Kagome wouldn't be so bad if the series would just acknowledge that she's as flawed as everyone else and didn't insist she's right about everything.

3. Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha: "Oh, hi! My name is Kagome, and I'm just the average middle-school student! I'm a ditsy klutz that trips over my own feet all the time, and I'm pretty much useless except for the fact that I have some totally convenient power that helps me detect the locations of super powerful Jewel shards. I get mad all the time at the smallest, stupidest of things (which usually happen to be my fault most of the time, now that I think about it), and enjoy physically torturing a half-dog demon boy that happens to be my interest. Just, you know, because. (Inuyasha's cute when he's in pain. HEHEHEHEHE! )" Kagome in a nutshell. And, just wondering, am I the only one that thinks that pretty much every other chick in the show looks more like Kikyo than Kagome (who happens to be her reincarnation)? Because that's been seriously bothering me...

She totally ties with Orihime, InuYasha could have happened without the love triangles. Rin should have been the heroine who mended the relationship between Sesshomaru and InuYasha so that they could fulfil their destiny of destroying Naraku... InuYasha could ave been done without the stupid 'Feudal Fairy Tail'. Who lost the Jewel - Kagome, Who lost it a second time - Kagome, who shattered the damned thing - Kagome, who kept on losing those forsaken shards - Kagome... She just fails on so many levels and she sits InuYasha for no reason sometimes. The whole 'sit and Kikyo' situation are to fool her gullible fans into thinking this idiot girl is not a Mary Sue - she is people, she is. She will never be an Erza or a Saeka she is a fail

These two are on here for many of the same reasons. There are a TON of lead female characters that frankly, I don't care for. I sat back for a moment and thought "Is it because I am a girl as well? " No, that's not it... There are a lot of female characters... And not all of them are strong and self-assured... That I do like. One example is Orihime Inoue from Bleach (many others do not like her). So why do characters like Kaoru and Kagome annoy me? Dependency? The fact that they are willing to throw everything away or look beyond an certain situation or issue just to make the man happy? Indecisiveness? Air headedness? Tempers? I know it is a combination of some of these, and is probably situation dependent as well.

14 Shou Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist) Shou Tucker is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.

Just seeing a picture of this guy's face makes me want to punch my screen. How dare you smile you smug butt-sniffing, fart eater! You know what you did! Ah! Hate is the only emotion I can feel to describe this monster.

He wasn't really annoying more evil, but yeah he still deserves to be way up there. I think he made very annoying decisions that could have been a lot better and resulted with Nina and Alexander to still live.

He deserves to be on this list. He killed his own daughter and dog for the use of science. He even killed his own wife! He is the most horrible anime character know.

He said he loved and cared for his daughter but in the end, he ended up killing her! Like which father in the world would do that.

15 Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

Stupid brat that does nothing but cries, and then waits for Tuxedo Mask to rescue her. She was acting like a child. She never tries to help her friends, just, you know, 'I got an idea! Let's cry!' I guess the protagonist also needs to have a power that when they cry they can resurrect someone. She sees Rei as stubborn but I would have acted like that too if an obnoxious person is in my way. I think she should be higher on the list. Don't say she is clumsy and likes, to sleep because she is late every single day. When Darien 'makes fun' of her grade he is stating a fact, how did you get a score that low?!- It was a very low score! However, she takes it as an insult. Instead of improving herself not to cry, she cries, like in every single episode.

To the last three opinions below: All I could see was people who haven't read the manga... Ok, yes, she may cry and whine and all that BS, but she actually does start to mature through out the whole series! Now in the original 1990s Anime? No. Because the producers didn't want her to change, they wanted her to be a cry baby drama queen forever. So blame them! Not the character. She doesn't deserve it! And others who made comments about who should have been the main character below, you'd be glad to hear that Usagi originally wasn't going to be the main character, but Sailor Venus. Why did the mangaka end up using Usagi? The next part may piss you a little off: but because there was an issue with the publishing company.

For a superhero Usagi doesn't really do any superhero-ing stuff. Most often of the time it's Tuxedo Mask and the other Senshi that have to rescue HER! All Usagi seems to do is the final attack when fighting a foe (so takes all the credit when the other Senshi were the ones fighting) and 'defeats' the major villains by shooting laser beams from the crystal. Oh and cry. A lot. Really a lot. All the damn time!
I know Usagi is a crybaby in general but she cries during the serious moments as well. She cries when the Senshi die, she cries when Mamoru dies/forgets her, she cries when she remembers her past, she's cries because the Earth is in peril it makes her oh so sad, she cries because she's such a good person with a pure heart and the biggest star seed blah blah blah.
Yeah I get that these are horrible things but Usagi is a flipping powerful princess/queen that controls the crystal, (an object that could reawaken the entire planet! ). She could have done something to stop it all ...more

she is way too weak to even fight crime and all she does is cry. I don't even know why she's in the series. most of all, why do people even like her? she is just annoying and childish and her personality is incredibly cliche. her design is so crappy I just want to punch her in the face. this entire series is so annoying and stupid and I absolutely hate it. everyone is absolutely clueless to the fact that Usagi IS sailor moon and that they have the SAME voice and the SAME looks. I just hate this series so much.

16 Son Goku (Dragon Ball) Son Goku is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. He is based on Sun Wukong, a main character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Goku is introduced in Dragon Ball chapter #1 Bulma and Son Goku, originally published in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on December 3, 1984, as an eccentric, monkey-tailed boy who practices martial arts and possesses superhuman strength. He meets Bulma and joins her on a journey to find the wish-granting Dragon Balls.

He's a super annoying character. Goku should be way higher on this list. He set the stage for the other annoying male leads that share these characteristics: dumb, eats a lot, over powered, selfish, childish. So thanks a lot Goku for helping pave the idiot way. He's just a deadbeat dad that doesn't raise his kids or contribute. All he's good for is fighting and yet you can't even depend on him to fight an enemy without him allowing them to get stronger and almost blowing up the planet. He's so boring too. There's no development in his character because he still acts like a child that wants to have his way no matter what it might cost others. In fact he was probably more mature when he was a kid than he is now...and that's really sad.

Garbage character. Boring and dumb with an annoyingly childish personality, he contributes nothing new to the story. The best part of the dragonball franchise are the side characters. If you killed off Goku (which they have) and had him stay dead the dragonball world would be a better more interesting place. I just wish that the story from the Cell saga would've ended with Gohan taking over for Goku and being the strongest. Instead, Goku is brought back and the story stays on its same stale path..

He is the greatest Anime character and he would continue to be. Goku has never left his family as the list of his problems, because what ever he does, is to protect they people he love. On like they other Alien he is the most loving father, grandfather, great grandfather that does get old.

Super annoying.. He's so annoying that I actually feel sorry for Chi Chi! And that's saying something because Chi Chi's shrill voice makes me cringe. It's strange that 2 unlikable characters can have such a likable kid like Gohan.. I guess 2 negatives do equal a positive in this case.

17 Kirito (Sword Art Online) Kazuto Kirigaya is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

I don't get how people like this dude? His character is plain to hell and back. He's just a classic male protag that gets hot chicks on him. His excuses for being almost as emo as mr emo man himself, Sasuke, is just that oh this girl died cause I was there. Like seriously get a grip creator. The story may seem fun, but if you look past everything "cool", all you see is a trash anime with horrible characters with plain and dull personalities. There's hundreds of videos on the internet that defend the guy, but their just as dumb as everyone who watches this. We all know you're watching it to swoon over this Gary sue, and or find your next "waifu". Get a hold of yourself.

Kirito is a boring protagonist with no personality whatsoever. He's annoying and I feel like he causes a lot of anime cliches. I don't get how the girls in the anime like him too. He just boring and very mundane.

Shut up, Kirito haters! I know how your kind works on Reddit! Just because he is overpowered and has a harem doesn't mean he is a bad person! Kirito is a good guy just like Klein said!

Your typical gary sue. I would be comfortable with calling him the most annoying anime character.

18 Nina Einstein (Code Geass) Nina Einstein is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

She basically that woman he gets scared and clutches her purse when a black person enters the elevator with her, but towards the "elevens" of Japan. She is a very weak personality that doesn't even seem to like her "friends" that she "hangs out" with mostly because it would take more effort to remove them than stay with them. She latches onto the much stronger personality of Euphie when her rampant racism gets her into trouble... While also outing Euhpie to the terrorists. She then begins worshiping Euphie to the point that when Euphie dies, she builds an atomic bomb (which didn't exist yet in her world). She then plans to set it off in the middle of her city just to kill one person. Not only does the bomb fail to activate, but Zero had long fled the battle and was completely outside the blast radius, meaning if it had gone off she would have killed everyone else at the school (all fellow Brittanians) along with thousands of other citizens. She is weak-winded and worthless. In the ...more

Worst anime character ever made and the only thing bad about code geass! I wanted to break her neck every time I saw her! Her obsession with euphie, racism and cowardice are pathetic and obnoxious! Why can't she just die a horrible, slow, painful, death?! I wish lelouch geassed her into eating her non-existent brain out! She makes every other character on this list look awesome! Nothing good about her exists, NOTHING! No redeemable qualities whatsoever! She is the garbage pail kids of anime characters!

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing us Code Geass, the amazing strategies and the fantastic end. Thank you for lelouch and his amazing deeds and C. C for being there to boss him a round like she owns the place.

Please tell me God what I have done wrong in life to deserve Nina...

Amen, enough said

Most worthless character ever. Seriously she has nothing at all going for her. She is not pretty, not kind, not strong, not interesting I'm sure all Code Geadd fans would agree. Even her intelligence is a bad thing because it led to develop nuclear bombs! I f--ing hater her!

19 Danzō Shimura (Naruto)

This guy was pure evil. He's a well-written villain though. Too bad that he had to be offed by someone else than Naruto. Imagine if Sasuke had not gotten to him before he took over Konoha for real and tried to murder Naruto. Instead of Naruto confronting the system we get some nonsense with an alien. Sigh. He's annoying because his existence is meaningless, despite his potential. Talk about unrealised potential. His death wasn't satisfying at all.

I hate that character he was so selfish and I don't care if his goal was ultimately to 'protect' the hidden leaf village. He behaved selfishly and his corruption had killed many innocent people destroying both Itachi and sasukes life. Honestly he shouldn't be on a list of anime characters that are merely annoying he should be on on of those most hated lists.

Ye I have been spoiled on how this guy dies. It really does sound like a waste. But he is also just very corrupt. And I have seen people saying he would have been a good hokage. No he would not have. This guy seems very self-absorbed to me.

All Hokage- I will sacrifice myself for the village
Danzo- I will sacrifice many people for the village. In order for this village to survive I need to become a Hokage and drastic measures have to be taken.

20 Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight) Yuki Cross (Japanese: 黒主 優姫, Kurosu Yūki) is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series, Vampire Knight. She is a former student and Guardian of Cross Academy. She is later revealed to be the Pureblood daughter of the Kuran family and is later awakened as a Vampire by Kaname Kuran, subsequently becoming Yuki Kuran (玖蘭 優姫, Kuran Yūki). Following this, she leaves Cross Academy but later returns to the Night Class to help the students coexist as originally planned.

Yuuki is completely useless on her own and always needs saving, despite being a Pureblood with an awesome anti-vampire weapon. At the beginning she knew absolutely nothing about vampires or hunters and even Zero was shocked at how clueless she is. There is no excuse for it either, because the only knowledge that was ever hidden from her was about what happened those ten years ago by Kaname and Kaien Cross merely keeping mum on being an ex-hunter. Kaien didn't even hide it from her outside of lying by omission. The first time that Yuuki shows interest in finding out what happened, Zero and Kaien immediately accompany her to the Hunter's Association library. Whenever she has a question about what is considered general knowledge everyone always answers her questions readily and explain things to her. It is willing ignorance and disinterest which keep Yuuki out of the loop and oblivious to the truths of her society. When fighting she always drops her weapon, lets down her guard or freezes ...more

She struggle to decide which of the boys she really likes, and ends up just stringing them along. She is unable to accept Kaname's affections completely, despite his sacrifices. She does not consider Zero's feelings, and takes away his memories. Commitment-phobia, thy name is Yuuki.

She's forever unhappy with her life and never does anything useful throughout the anime. She's terrible at being a vampire head. Her grand plan to "fix Kaname's mistakes" involved going back to her father's school and playing at being a student, instead of the de-facto head of the most powerful Pureblood vampire family. She was unable to fight alone - not against Sara, or Rido, or Shizuka, or anyone... the only useful thing she did was giving her blood to help the brainwashed vampires.

OHMYGOODNESS. She is one of the most annoying, useless, anime/manga characters I have ever seen. She has an awesome weapon, the Artemis Rod, and it takes her EPISODES to actually use it and get it to do something cool. She brandishes her rod almost every time there's a vampire nearby, then as soon as he (I would say she, but she doesn't really get "attacked" by female vampires.) touches her, she drops it and has those tiny weird gasps, like if she has an orgasm. There always has to be SOMEBODY saving her. Almost all the male vampires gravitate around her and they moon over her just because she has "interesting blood" and stuff, and they'd KILL for her. Jeez! She's almost TOO caring. And suddenly, whoa, she discovers she's a pure-blood vampire princess and sprouts random epic powers. In my opinion, she's a Mary Sue -- I prefer her best friend, Yori, by far.

I found her meh at the beginning. Dumb, whiny, weak, etc. The only time I actually had no problem with her was when she was a blank piece of paper right after she lost her memories. As a child I found her vaguely annoying, but not hate-able. Then I started hating her. A lot. Unlike most fans I actually disliked her long before she turned into a vampire. I think by chapter twenty or so I already loathed her completely. This does not mean that my dislike of her didn't rise further later on when she became a vampire.

Most people liked her as a human, because they saw her as a kind person back then. Well I never held such delusions so I was never disappointed by her. The only thing Yuuki can induce in me is disgust and apoplectic rage. The most positive feeling I ever got for her was disinterest at the very beginning.

In my eyes Yuuki's goodness and gentleness never truly was the real thing. All her actions are tainted by her inherent selfishness and can often be considered ...more

21 Kikyo (Inuyasha)

Kikyo makes me sick sometimes. One minute she loves InuYasha and next she hates him and is trying to kill him. Even though she found out that it was Naraku that really killed her she still wants to drag InuYasha to hell or play mind games with him. She's constantly asking InuYasha if Kagome is more important to him that her. Lady you have tried to kill Kagome in the beginning episodes and making unnecessary trouble for InuYasha and the gang. Not only did you try to kill Kagome, but you took her half of the shikon Jewel and gave it to Naraku, NARAKU! This is the same man responsible for your death and causing the split between her and InuYasha. She got really cocky thinking that Naraku wouldn't kill her because he still has the heart of the human man, Onigumo, who was in love with Kikyo. That didn't last long because he got rid of his human heart and knocked Kikyo into the poison miasma.

I don't think Kikyo should be up here. Maybe it's because of the anime, but the manga is the one that truly counts.

So here we go. She's a priestess. That means she must not get married or have kids or she'll lose her powers. She dedicated her life to protecting her village, somewhere, she met Inuyasha and they fell in love. Kikyo didn't ask him to turn human, she says if he wants to turn human, then he has to use the Jewl to do it. She say "TURN HUMAN INUYASHA! Please? " No, she simply tells him what he must do if he wants to turn human.

Inuyasha was so committed to the relationship, he tells her that he will turn human. I know that because she says that she trusted his word and that he was going to use the Jewl to turn human.

Also, Kikyo says that the Jewl would turn her into a regular human. So she was willing to be relinquished of her powers to be with him.

So Naraku came along and as disguised as Inuyasha, mocks her and fatally injures her, as she was ...more

She would have been a much better character if she just stayed dead, and she seems annoying to people because she never gives up on dragging inuyasha to hell. The main couple is supposed to be kagome + inuyasha. The only thing I like about her is her name

I would've stopped Inuyasha if she hadn't died. Granted, if she wasn't in the story none of the it would've happened, but couldn't she have stayed dead? I feel like she's just there for plot purposes. Like, to give Naraku that shard.

22 Pan (Dragon Ball) Pan (パン, Pan) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. She is the granddaughter of Earth's savior, Goku and the world champion, Mr. Satan. Pan's heritage is primarily Earthling, being the offspring of the Saiyan-Earthling hybrid Gohan and the Earthling Videl, thus making her 1/4 Saiyan.

Honestly I don't even know why Pan is on this list... I like Pan. So what if she relies on her Grandpa. That just shows she loves and respects him a lot. He's not the best role model for young Pan, but she looks up to him and loves him.

All she does throughout the series is wait for "Grandpa Goku" to solve everything. Come on, Pan! You have saiyan genes too! Start using them! Do some actual decent training and then you can start acting tough.

Secretly wants to get in Trunks' pants. Don't believe me? Watch GT. She put the ship keys in her bra and flat out told Trunks he'd have to reach in to get them. They even call each other "cousin" in the dub.

She serves no purpose in the anime except complaining and being a spoiled little brat. I hate her.

23 Hercule Satan (Dragon Ball)

Well, he's done... things. When he became friends with Majin Buu, I liked him a little more. Like, that tiniest bit. He has a town named after him, when that town should be named 'Goku Town' or 'Gohan Town' (I'm NOT CREATIVE) Everyone thinks he beat Cell, when he stood no chance.

I think people are missing the point about Hercule. Yes he is annoying, that's not a mistake, that's the point. Hercule is supposed to be unlikable.

However, his antics grow on you, especially when he displays a kind side. He redeems Majin Buu and even made friends with him. Without Hercule, Kid Buu wouldn't have been defeated.

Hercule is actually a great fighter, he won the Tenkaichi Budokai. He's only cowardly because, uhhh, he's fighting people WHO CAN BLOW UP PLANETS!

Hercule IS annoying, but he was SUPPOSED to be that way.

What can I say... OH YEAH! idiot. This guy is such a damn wussy when it comes to fighting and he blames it on some stuff cus bla bla I had some technichal issues. WHO GIVES A DAMN. Hercules is so ANNOYING and selfish. He takes the credit all for himself and makes all the other people look like idiots. And When he fails HORRIBLY when fighting... Goku has to save his damn ass... Not to mention... He is UGLY.

This dude is arrogant and so full of himself! Not to mention that he is also very loud and is the only negative in DBZ for me.

24 Sekai Saionji (School Days) Sekai Saionji (Saionji Sekai) is one of the two main heroines of School Days along with Kotonoha and appear as a secondary character in Summer/Shiny Days and Cross Days

One of the things that annoys me about Sekai is that she got Kotonoha and Makoto together, even though she has strong feelings for him herself. Once she succeeded in getting them together, she started messing around with him under the guise of "training." She should have minded her own business and watched Makoto make a fool of himself with Kotonoha, and maybe even pursued him herself. Instead, she forcefully inserted herself into their lives and then decided to start dating Makoto, despite the fact that he was still with Kotonoha and lacked the courage to end things with her.

Another thing that bothers me is how shocked Sekai became when she discovered that Makoto was sleeping with Otome and later crawling back to Kotonoha. I say "crawling" because this foolish guy cheated on a sweet and devoted girl like Kotonoha, and only returned to her because the other girls he slept with were not responding to his calls. He didn't want to take responsibility for ...more

Well.. I reason why I hate her it's because she make her friends in love with each other and then WOW she kiss I to! What a great friend is she like what!... At least she died

Sekai is below Nagisa, Ryou and Kagome? Sekai is so cunning and deceitful. She deserves to be the third right next to Makoto!

She is the only one I hate the most in School Days. She ruined Makoto and Kotonoha's lives!

25 Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Nagisa has got to be one of the most incredibly annoying characters in history. She's pretends she's cute and she needs to be protected when all she does is cry and do nothing. It always makes me cringe when she cries because she's like this 75% of the time "Oh no I can't do this!" "I'm bad at that!" She cries for no reason whatsoever. How is she not 3rd. Oh gosh I can't even stand her voice.

Get four characters like Misuzu, Hinata, Shiori and Ayu and put them together.


She is a type of Mary Sue, everybody worrying so much about her even if she doesn't help herself to survive her sickness and she keeps doing things that threatens her like standing under the rain for almost an hour. Always depending on someone, either her parents or Tomoya. If she were a good developed character, she would've gotten more independent and mature in After Story. But no, in After Story she is still always seen with Tomoya and her parents

I don't even know her, but looking at her face makes me want to choke her to bits. From what I read in the other comments, she sounds kind of annoying, not to judge (but still judging anyway). She sounds kind of selfish and forcing others to take care of her while she acts so irresponsibly. That's one of the types of people I hate the most. And she looks kind of useless.

She is so ugly and boring. She is always sick and she had to wait outside in the snow for her parents. Her
Parents had to quit their jobs because of her. Her hair is stupid and makes her look like an insect and horrible squeaky voice. She is solo dependable on tomoya.

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