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1 Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist

These two are just perfect. Sadly, the romance and love story isn't really built between these two, but the connection and relationship that they share is extraordinary. We get to see them as friends and then so much more. They bicker and laugh together, and in the end, they care for each other.

"You helped birth that baby in Rush Valley, saving both mother and child. You gave me the arm and leg with which I stand on. These hands aren't hands that kill. They're hand that give life."
- Edward to Winry.

They're a great couple because their love grew. They're magic.

This is one of the best anime in the world and that's not coming from only me. This couple is so awesome and they are PERFECT for each other. Their bickering, crying, and care for one another showed that they care dearly and their love for each other. Should be in top 10 for many reasons.

1. One of the best animes ever!
2. A perfect couple
3. The anime builds their relationship threw the story little by little until the finale where they get married and have children.

These two are so adorable and even though they argue A LOT, you can tell they care deeply for eachother. Edward gets so embarrassed when anyone mentions love between the two, and Winry was always supporting him and didn't even realized she was in love with him until way later. Heck, the ending with the two of them was so adorable and filled with so much emotion. This is my biggest ships of all time and totally deserves to be in the top ten.

P.S. Lemons with this pair aren't bad either...

Edward and Winry are meant to be and you could just see them develop feelings for one another in secret throughout the anime and the manga series.They both also admitted to falling for one another and the proposal to marry Winry at the end of the series was so romantic! I mean I do ship Naruto & Hinata(X3) but I think Edward and Winry deserve to be the top anime couple they've been through so much together and bit by bit they've grown to love one another -Aubergine100

2 Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuga Hinata - Naruto

Naruto in the past didn't notice Hinata that much. but, Naruto got to know her they became friends and so on. Hinata had a crush on Naruto when she was younger. She always was there when Naruto needed someone. And now that they are together, They are the cutest couple in Naruto Shippuden.

I always loved the fact that hinata stayed loway for like...a REALLY long time and I just love them they look and are perfect togother

A beautiful pairing that is an exemplary model of what true love is. Some of the most significant progression for the manga comes from scenes between these two. These scenes also serve as progression for both Naruto and Hinata's character development. Both of them have shown throughout the manga that they're able to lift each other's spirits and they've also seen each other at their worst (see the "proud failure" speech as example for both the former and the latter). Despite their lack of panel time together, all their interactions are worth mentioning. Remember, it's always quality over quantity. It's a couple that will tug at at your heart strings and leave you wanting for them to be together in the end.

I don't think this pair supposed to be explained more. Both the two of them hold opposite personalities and that different part complete each other. They provide the other what they don't have. Naruto gives Hinata the confidence she seeks and Hinata gives Naruto the love he always wants. His words build her courage and her words slap him back to reality. She can move forward bravely because of him and he can stand strong when he is down because of her.

No matter how many shoujo manga or romance movie I read and watch, I couldn't found such true love as these two share. They stand for each other, ready to die to protect each other. Both of them respect and admires each other. Naruto and Hinata are the kind of couple everyone would envy for. Well, at least for me.

3 Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach

I love the silent romance between these two. They risk their lives in order to save each other, encourage and support each other through all the bad times. Their romance is subtle, but it's definitely there! What made the Soul Society arc so amazing was that Ichigo was able to grow as a protagonist, because of his determination to save Rukia. The way he showed off his powers to her was really cute too =) Ichiruki

Ichigo and Rukia go well together, but that's not the only reason I ship Black Sun & White Moon/Death & Strawberry. If you've read the manga or watched the anime, you would know that through each and every setback Ichigo has, Rukia is there to pull him out of his funk. Rukia, nobody else. And not only that, they have this 'speaking is not communication' thing going that I absolutely adore. All they have to do is share a look and they get their point across, there isn't a need for words.

I could go on for hours on the reasons why I ship IchiRuki, but I'll stop here. But, even if you don't take my word for it, just look at how much Kubo-sensei supports them with his comments drawings, etc. This ship practically sails itself.

Whatever these two have, it isn't simple. It's more than just a bond. It's more than just a simple friendship.
Is it love? Or is it something more?
It isn't wishy-washy, cliche, or romantic relationship in any particular sense. There is no obsession, no flirtation, no intimate touches shared between them.
It's just the way the look at each other. They don't even have to use words to know what the other is thinking or feeling.
How deeply they care for each other and understand the other is simply beyond words and to have a relationship like that is simply priceless.
Whatever they have, it was strong enough to change their lives for the better and heal old wounds of the past.
Their bond is incredibly beautiful and my words don't even seem to do it justice.

Ichigo and Rukia have such a strong bond together - you can clearly see it throughout the series even if you don't ship them together and despite how the ending turned out to be, just look how their bond even extends to their children. Mini Ichigo and Rukia all over again. Basically it's all Ichigo and Rukia to the very end. They have both become central entities in each other's lives; without Rukia, Ichigo wouldn't be where he is today and without Ichigo, Rukia wouldn't have been able to come this far. The two of them are what makes Bleach Bleach, they are made for each other and when it is decided that romance is not for them (though I truly doubt the romantic elements in Ichigo's case in the ending lol), then it is only natural that they are made for something much more than that. Despite being hurt by the ending, what my father says instantly reassured me, "Rukia cannot be Ichigo's wife, it would be a disgrace, she is something more than that to him."

4 InuYasha & Kagome Higurashi - InuYasha

InuYasha was a litte toxic around Kagome. But, deep down Yasha liked her. He always protected her no matter what and always by Kagome's side. Kagome was also toxic around Yasha. She always been with Yasha for a long while. The always stayed together, When Kagome was in trouble, Yasha came to the rescue.

This couple should really be #1. Their love wasn't obvious, but when it showed, it was beautiful. They made it through everything you could throw at a couple and still came out together. So many people say if Kikyo would have lived, Inuyasha would have chosen her, but I don't think so. Kagome accepted and loved Inuyasha exactly how he was, and didn't want him to change. Inuyasha could have left Kagome to go with Kikyo at anytime, but he didn't. He always came back to her. Sure, he loves Kikyo, because she was his first love, and she died thinking she was following him. He feels as if he owes her his life since she sacrificed hers. But in the end, it's Kagome, who has always stuck by his side and never asked for anything more, who is his true love, and who he spends his life with.

I enjoyed this couple by far to the others for many reason. Inuyasha and Kagome had a bond that - though this has been said before - surpass the anime's actual storyline. But I always feel like Kikyo messes it up. And unlike many animes where the couple kisses in the 2nd episode Kagome and Inuyasha don't kiss until...


... The very last episode! I mean that's what I call a developing relationship. And though they might have stretched a little to far Inuyasha's romantic progressions were one of the most realistic of the anime couples I have seen so far.

These two deserve to be higher! They're always fighting but you can just tell they care for each other deeply. InuYasha gets jealous so easily, and it's adorable as well as hilarious. Kagome can be a little hard on him, but he is always hard on her, without even knowing it! He's so dense and stupid when it comes to love, ugh. They're both stubborn, and stick up for what they think is right, they have so many cute moments together that made me cry from the feels, then burst out from laughter. These two are the best.

5 Vegeta & Bulma - Dragon Ball Z

"Thanks for your hard work, Vegeta." *Bulma kisses him on the cheek*

Vegeta has come a long way. He's accepted that his love for Bulma and Trunks a while back but is finally getting comfortable in showing it... a little bit. He's still Vegeta and a badass so he can't over-do it but when he does, man. Best character development. It's clear why Bulma stick around when she clearly can have anyone she wants, male or female. She's seen things we haven't and deemed Vegeta worthy of having around and being the father of her children. Bulma is a genius. She knows what she's all about and Vegeta is one of those things. Never doubt this couple.

Their story is so much better because it wasn't expected (much like how relationship in real life come about) and it didn't suddenly just happened once they had a child together (a very real thing that again, happens IRL thus making them relatable). But overtime, they earned each other's respect, support, and love and it becomes very clear how far these two would go for each other.

Only Bulma can handle Vegeta and vice versa. She never once tried to mold him into something he wasn't, instead was understanding of him and his past. Toriyama stated that Vegeta was the one who sought out Bulma, which makes me think sometimes before the Androids happened, Vegeta had come to trust Bulma. But a man who has known nothing but destruction since childhood can't changed even in 3 years time and I love that the show kept it real and had Vegeta disregard Bulma and Trunks (because real life) and showcase how strong and independent Bulma is when she didn't force Vegeta into something he wasn't ...more

Even though there isn't much love from Vegeta's behalf most of the time, I think that he had to have loved her if he was going to marry her, considering how rude he usually is to people, and since he was usually under the belief he was too good for most. Still, I feel kind of bad for Yamcha, having the girl he loved marrying the guy who killed him and ending up single in the end

I love them because they are too cute. At the beginning they didn't show feel love each other but before cell games Vegeta decided to live with her and spend time with his son (at his own way). And in those 7 years they improve their relationship and Bulma and Trunks became in the most important thing for him.

6 Jellal Fernandes & Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

This should be first place!
Jerza (Jellal + Erza) is the cutest couple ever! Seriously, it is so cute and it's like their born for each other.
Erza's personality is great, and then Jellal was the one who helped Erza when they were in the Tower of Heaven.
Erza forgave Jellal, even before she knew he was possessed... Which means she truly loves him no matter what.
I kind of wished there was a picture for this cute couple but it's okay!

Jellal and Erza. There is no denying they were born to be with each other. Faith brought them together ever since they were little, they share a horrid past which strengthens there bond even more. They were split up when they got older but of course faith made a way to bring them back together, even if they ended up being enemies. They have there ups and downs but they always find a way back to each other. There is no doubt Jellal and Erza were meant for each other, it's obvious. There's an unspoken truth between them that everyone (including them) knows about but too precious to say out loud. This couple is truly remarkable and I've never seen two characters that goes so well with one another than these 2.

I'm not usually into Shonen romance, because it's always the same thing: Girls likes boy, boy either doesn't like girl or is entirely oblivious to it. Jellal and Erza are different. They have mutual feelings for each other, and they face realistic struggles and obstacles on their journey to be together that can't be resolved in one chapter or two. They face serious challenges that they have to overcome, and even though they don't get to see each other that much, they inspire each other to keep going and hope for one day where they'll both be free from their past demons. They complete each other, and they truly, truly deserve to be happy.

They are so so adorable this is a wonderful ship! They have been through some of the same pain and were together as kids sooo... plus they have like a jellalrador and erza rador

7 Asuna and Kirito - Sword Art Online

Unlike other couples, Asuna and Kirito never had an ounce of awkwardness between them. Because of the situation they were in, where either one of them could die, they didn't waste any time being awkward and fidgety. From fighting side by side, saving each other's lives countless times and their deepening bond as they both struggle to get back into the real world, they came to love each other and figured that it would be stupid to waste any time NOT being together. They both knew they loved each other and got married because of it (in the game I mean) and established their relationship as a couple. But that's not all they are to each other, they're a couple, best friends, each others protectors, saviors. They have each other's backs and try so hard to win the game and get back into the real world so that they can ACTUALLY be together, for real. And once they meet Yui it really is like they're a family, and it's just so cute that I felt like crying every time I saw them together, or ...more

They are the best couples I had seen so far. I had never ever seen a couple would die for each other if one of them die. I also realize they are a simple couple instead of the other couples who are always hiding their dam feelings. I mean it's getting annoying!

BUT... Asuna and Kirito relationship is much different. So that's why I respect them.

By the way... Other couples such as the GIRLS... I find it quite BAKA for a girl who don't even know that the guy LOVE them. Isn't girls suppose to have more feelings? I mean girl aren't stupid and I know that b-because I'm a girl. Duh. That is why, their love relationship always take ' long! Unlike those couples, Asuna and Kirito are more simple. They love each other without any complaints.

The love which Kirito and Asuna share, the unbreakable bond is the best example of real love what people badly seek in real life.
One of the most inspiring couples, the fun they had together, the sacrifices they made for each other and for their friends...damn, it makes me so badly yearn for such a beautiful life and unreal adventures in this boring normal life.Definitely had the best time watching this whole series..I cherished and learnt a lot of things. I wish sao becomes real and we could escape this reality and make new friends like SAO FAM!

Kirito and Asuna are by far the best couple not only in Anime, but in general. There is no awkwardness between them ever and they don't really ever get in fights. Everything is so easily brushed how because their love is so intense for each other. Most of all, they will die protecting each other which is quite beautiful. Their relationship came at a time when they had no idea if there would be a tomorrow, and their relationship is what got them out of the crisis they were in and ultimately gave them enough power to beat the game, in turn, saving everyone else. Once they return to the real world, of course after Kirito saves his beloved Asuna once again, their trauma from SAO, which was kept at a minimum due to their relationship, doesn't affect them as a couple at all. They are truly inseparable. What's really cool is that each of them is such a badass! Kirito is easily the most powerful player in SAO, and Asuna is a close second. Each of them is idolized which is funny because they ...more

8 Gajeel Redfox and Levy Mcgarden - Fairy Tail

In my option, they are one of the cutest couples in the entire anime series. It's actually kind of funny, because these two are the definition of opposites attract. Levy is tiny, cute, extremely kind-hearted and highly intelligent. And then there's Gajeel; he's gigantic, loud, rude, obnoxious, violent, and glaringly not smart. At one point, he likened Levy to an alien from another planet because he couldn't understand or keep up with her when she was researching. Despite this, they are very close friends and I'm honestly surprised that they don't fight more than they do. Not to mention that their story is pretty original. Gajeel's first appearance was when he kidnapped, tortured, and beat Levy and two of her friends so badly, they almost died. Levy was terrified when he ended up being excepted into Fairy Tail, but he ended up protecting her multiple time and she realized he had a good heart and decided to trust him. They ended up becoming close friends, and she fell in love with him. ...more

This should honestly be way higher up on the list. I don't have anything against people shipping Jellal and Erza, but this ship is 1: canon, and 2: incredibly adorable and compelling. The way that their relationship starts compared to the way that it is now shows just how much that both of these characters have developed, in no small part thanks to each other. Gajeel going from the cold-hearted brute who just wanted to destroy, to the caring, protective, and loyal person that he is now that fights to keep his loved ones safe, and Levy from the damsel in distress that she was earlier on in the beginning of the series, to the quick-thinking and powerful girl who also does all she can to protect those she cares about. Their interactions are always so interesting to watch, whether they're cute and flirty or emotional and affectionate. And, spoilers...Levy is pregnant with Gajeel's child. They're just the best.

Let's be honest. Gajeel is probably one of the ugliest guys in the series. Levy is one of the least attractive girls in the series as well, but probably what makes me LOVE them together so much is the change they made in each other's lives. Gajeel is not a person to change his ways easily. he's brutish, stubborn, obnoxious, angry, and merciless in combat, and also the one who dismantled Levy from head to toe, ripping her dignity from her, and hefting her up as a trophy. Yet she finds it in her, to welcome him into the guild with open arms, allowing him another chance, keep in mind something he is not very used to receiving. Throughout the series, we are shown how gentle she makes Gajeel, and how he used the very hands that broke her down and tore her apart to glue her back together, and that is the most beautiful part of their relationship to me, which is that she is his second chance, and he is her iron pillar.

This ship is one of the cutest pairings, unlike most animes.

Their back story is one of the rare ones.

Gajeel had once tortured levy and even killed her once.


He made up for it, he protected her, cared for her, loved her and made levy fall in love with her.

This happened quite a few times, Gajeel, stepped in, and saved levy from danger,

One of the cutest couple ever.

Also, the weird thing is, the personalities they both have are polar opposites which makes their parings higher in ranking.

A bookworm with a delinquent is adorable.

And their short and tall complex is kawaii.

9 Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist

This anime couple is one of the best.

They had never shown much physical contact or outwardly said any form of love declaration. And yet, their subtle ways of showing that they trust and care for one another is just amazing. It is unique and a very mature form of love. Most anime couples I've seen are just tsunderes denying their love - very much like teens in the midst of figuring out their lovelife. Nothing wrong with that, but seeing Roy & Riza, it's the kind of love story that is subtle, one-of-a-kind, yet so powerful and warm-hearted.

Compared to other animes, I honestly feel like their relationship is underrated because, trust me, I'm a huge Naruto fan and I really wanted to choose NaruHina but after thinking about it, I feel like Roy and Riza deserves my vote. Even if they never had said "I love you" to each other, I can truly feel their love for each other just by their actions and I do feel like they deserve to be in the top 10. Not to mention the fact that FMA: Brotherhood made me cry so many times and they're one of the reasons why (which I honestly don't mind because I love them so much lol).

Roy and Riza never once say "I love you" and barely show physical affection, but they don't have to; the respect, trust, understanding, and yes love is obvious between them. They are not an official couple but are pretty much soulmates anyways. Arakawa herself even implied that the only reason they aren't married already is the law against fraternization in the army.

WHY THE HELL ARE THEY WAY DOWN HERE? They are an INCREDIBLE pairing, my favorite by far. Their love is so obvious, but they can't be together due to the military's law. I love them so much. I thought EdWin would be my favorite pairing of Fullmetal Alchemist, but Roy and Riza are better than any other pairing I've ever seem, not just in anime.

10 Misaki Ayuzawa & Usui Takumi - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

Both characters are so loveable and they both compliment each other so well. I love how Misaki isn't overly dependent on Usui and is her own person, unlike other shoujo girls. She's not someone you can just walk over. She has amazing character development in the manga. Usui respects her decisions and protects her along the way. He's such an ideal boyfriend and it honestly sucks that he's not real. Misaki is the only girl in Usui's eyes, and he is the only guy in her eyes. Shoujo couples are usually annoying because most FLs are weak and most MLs are far too dominant, but not this one. These two are so perfect for each other.

Usui and Misaki should be on the top. They are way better than the Naruto and Bleach couples. I'm not saying that those guys are bad (So cool down Naruto and Bleach fans) I'm just saying that these guys are better. Misaki's beauty and her strictness, Usui's style and his coolness, just match up extremely well. The romance between them is awesome. I hope that another season comes along, especially since they got together only at the very end of the first season.

With lines like these, Anyone would fall in love:

Misaki:"Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I feel lonely when you leave me? Why are you the only one causing me so much confusion? "

Misaki:"I confessed to you because I wanted to protect you! "

Misaki:"Since I fell for Usui I've come to understand at least one thing... To turn the true feeling in my heart to words."

Usui:"If you were to drown... I wouldn't let anyone else give you a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."

Usui:"I'll come to ...more

Misaki and Usui have a great relationship. Their characters are well-developed and they have a perfect balance. While Misaki is the hotheaded and competitive Student Council president, Usui is a calm and collected guy who. They are both athletic and smart and blend very well together. Misaki can see through Usui's dark past and comfort him while Usui can add lightness and romance to Misaki's serious and exhausting lifestyle. Their relationship is light but at the same time dramatic. It's a cute, flawless, unpredictable, unimaginable, extraordinary, perfect, and beautiful relationship where you experience everything. They can depend on each other and that is something every couple should have. You are bound to love these two because they never disappoint.

I doesn't get it. It should be in top ten. The story is good, funny, cute, and romantic. Both of them is really match. They are both smart, strong, and almost can do anything. The story is about misaki, the mean president of student council and really hate boys because of her father. Her family is poor so she go to cheap school that used to be boys school, seika high school. Every boys in her school is really afraid of her. She was the firs student council of seika high. Because of family economy problem she worked part time job as a maid(waitress) at maid latte. To keep her reputation as president of student council she keep it as a secret. But a really popular and cool boys in her school, usui is learn about her secret and keep follow her. Usui is like misaki and do everything for her. But because usui is like to prank her, she always say she had him even thought she is like him too, and confuse about usui's mystery life. Soon, misaki and usui is dating

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? Kazuya Aoi & Satellizer L. Bridget - Freezing
? Issei Hyoudou & Rias Gremory - High School DXD
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11 Haruhi Fujioka & Tamaki Suoh - Ouran HS Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka, a boyish-looking girl who is considered as the poorest student in Ouran. But despite being came from a poor family, she is admired by everyone, due to her hardwork and selflessness, and of course, cuteness. She became the mother figure of the family ever since her mother died.

Tamaki Suoh, a rich, handsome boy, who looks very cheerful on the outside but his background is very tragic. (Spoiler) He's being hated by his grandmother because he is the mistress' son, and he left his mother just to give her money to prevent her from being homeless. Even if he's hardly hated, he still keeps his positive self, not easily open to talk his issues.

What's interesting is that they're opposites. Haruhi does not care about Tamaki's feelings at first but as soon as the series goes, she came to understood that she does not only love him as a father, but something which is deep inside magical and unique. I also love the way Tamaki is being jealous when he sees her hangs ...more

This was a well done romance in the manga. I was slightly disappointed with this couple in the anime, but what else can you do in thirteen episodes? This was a nice break from other anime love stories; Tamaki is a nice and good hearted person, he's the silly one in the relationship, and it was slow. It wasn't love at first glance and it wasn't at second laugh out loud. While I think we all guessed they'd get together eventually, I thought it happened realistically without forcing it on the characters. One of the things I like most about this couple is that they aren't two halves of a whole. They can get by without each other. They developed in a way that they are their own person and weren't written for the sole purpose of having to be with the other or else they can't achieve their full potential and blah blah blah. It's that they want to be with each other anyways.

This couple should be in the top 10!
Thoughout the manga we see these two characters mature and break away from their shell. It's true whenever they say opposites attract- in this case personality. Haruhi and Tamaki are polar opposites on the outside but deep down they are both very caring and compassionate. She opened up his world and took him away from lala land into reality and he broadened her horizons. This is my absolute favorite anime and anime couple. There was never really drama or spite between these two- not saying everything was smooth in their path to each other, due to his family issue and her obliviousness.

Tamaki would never even realize that Haruhi was a girl if he hadn't seen her ID! Hahaha! I love how Tamaki is so emotional and frivolous (and naive and dense and... ) while Haruhi is so blunt. It balances their romance... although it does seem quite reversed. I also love it when Haruhi says something that makes Tamaki depressed and sit on one corner, pouting! Definitely the best for me! (Next best couple for me is Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima from Special A)

12 Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfillia - Fairy Tail

Natsu is very caring for Lucy. Natsu Always stays on Lucy side at all times. Just like InuYasha and Kagome, Natsu always been there for Lucy when she needs him the most.

Natsu and Lucy are ment to be together. They understand each others dreams and pains. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other and the rest of Fairy Tail. In The Keys to the Starry Sky arc, all Natsu thinks about is Lucy and Lucy fused herself into the Infinity Clock so Natsu didn't disappear in the fight against Brain II. And in The Grand Games arc, Natsu gets revenge on Sabortooth for torturing Lucy and gives up his spot in the games to save Lucy, (and all Fairy Tail fans know how much Natsu likes to fight) and as Happy would say "They lliike each other! "

Oh my, I just SHIP THEM! They are awesome, and as I see it, from some point in the anime, the way their connection is shown is just SO STRONG! I get the feeling they both feel so strongly for one another, and they know they do, even if they don't say it out loud. The hug lucy gives natsu from behind after eclipse, and the way he tells him he always believed in him is perfect. ALSO when before that arc natsu wakes up searching for her and then runs and catches her, the WAY SHE LOOKS AT HIM and the way she is tearing up watching him fall while running to catch her is SOMETHING ELSE!

I Love love love this couple I ship them so hard, that I even made a fan page, pefect shipping couple in shonen animes bcos in long running shonen anime, its usually one sided but here its totally obvious, from lucy it already is seeing how much she cares for him and matches well with him and natsu is so protective of her, and that scene was romantic when he digs up the rainbow blossom tree just for lucy... They are funny well matched, behave like best friends who are in complete without the other like TOTALLY MEANT FOR EACH OTHER, especially the recent emotional scenes in the manga was so moving...Seriously all that is left for them is to confess and live together..they ought to be number 1

13 Takasu Ryuuji & Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!

They had some ups and downs, but they have been together for months. Takasu cooks for Taiga and even helped her get with her crush. Taiga o the other hand likes him but was to scared to tell Takasu.

The plot of this anime is one that anyone could see through. BUT, that does not stop anyone with having the time of their life with it. The plot uses stereotypical characters, but does them so well. Taiga, is you're typical tsundere, loud mouthed and violent but eventually softening up to show her utterly lovable side. Ryuuji is your clean freak and Minori your average Genki girl. The relationships and cohesion of the plot are admirable for an aspiring writer such as myself and the ending is one to kill for. Instead of the average slice of life ending in which they start dating but are too shy to do anything, this couple goes ALL OUT. Like literally. (SPOILERS) Taiga and Ryuujielope ( ELOPE) together in a desperate attempt to stay by each other's sides, but upon resolving the problem with one side's parent, decide to take it slow and resolve their problems first. When they come back, Taiga leaves their town without a word (but a note) to make up with her mother. The graduation day ...more

Ryuuji lives with his mom, and since she works, he takes care of the cooking and housework, and has developed an obsession with cleaning. Taiga is rich, but due to family promblems lives alone in a large apartment right across from Ryuuji's bedroom window.

As part of the deal they made, Ryuuji usese his home skills to help Taiga, cooking and cleaning for her. She starts eating meals at his house on a daily basis and is even considered a family member by Ryuuji's bubbly mother.

Taiga initially treats Ryuuji very poorly, taking advantage of his kind nature while being physically and verbally abusive. However, the time they spend together allows them both to see sides of each other no one sees and they quickly begin to confide in each other on personal matters.

The series is extremely well written. All the main characters have multi-layered personalites and the voice acting is top-notch. It's a comedy with plenty of humor in it, but it's overall driving force is ...more

YES. JUST YES. this is 1 of the two only straight ships that are my OTP. ( my other one being kaminari x jiro ), but when I started watching toradora I got so hooked on, and I ship them so hard! I need to go finish it tho

14 Gohan & Videl - Dragon Ball Z

I wanted to vote for this. This couple starts off incredibly strong and is the most genuine couple in the whole dbz universe. Their affection feels real and you can laugh at all their interactions. Videl herself is a great character and I don't care what anyone says, Adult Gohan is a better character than Teen Gohan. Teen Gohan had an awesome moment, but his personality wasn't nearly as defined as Adult Gohan's.
The two of these are perfect to a point... That point being the middle of the buu saga and more notably the end of the buu saga. Why? Just why? Videl's character turns from complex and interesting with so much to work with and does a complete 180 into "I'm a wife and that's my only personality". I miss the old Videl. Bulma got to keep her personality through marriage, why couldn't Videl? This shift in character is what prevents me from putting this as my number 1.
...just... Why?

I think this couple deserves to be in the top 10 list..Really enjoyed every moment of their interaction scenes...They really make a nice pair

Gohan and Videl is my favourite dbz couple. They are so cute together.

Gohan / videl are my favorite couple
Gohan and videl are soulmate

15 Haruka & Michiru - Sailor Moon
16 Renji Abarai & Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

It's my favorite couple in any manga. In the story of their relationship there is drama, there is separation, yearning, and reconciliation, and those are some of the reasons that make it so interesting. Another charismatic aspect of their relationship is the closeness and intimacy in general that they often show with each other. They are funny together too, they often tease each other and sometimes is hilarious. They have a lot of aspects that got me so attracted to their relationship. And individually they are very interesting characters too.

" Leave her. Don't get in her way. That's what I kep saying because..." Renji chapter 98
It's because of RukiA that Renji decided to live a better life and he chose to live a better life with her. She was always there for him, even when they were little. And why does Renji train so hard? So he can get RukiA back! If fighting to get the one you love to be someone in your family isn't love, I don't know what is!

Ichihime aka Ichigo am Orihime is actually to happen in about 89% and since this Ichigo is taken, Renji is probably the only option left since he cares for her so much and vice versa.

Didn't Renji abandon Rukia though, and didn't talk to her for 40 years then helped Byakuya capture her for her execution. And he would have stood by and let it happen if Ichigo hand't knock some sense into him, not to mention Renji was jealous of the influence Ichigo had on Rukia as well as how Rukia kept defending Ichigo. He even used Ichigo's own words to comfort her.

These 2 were literally meant to be. When renji was fighting ichigo and started telling his backstory with her then started screaming to ichigo “Please Save Her!” I knew they were meant to be.

17 Tomoya & Nagisa - Clannad

It's a shame we have a lot of biased shounen fans here. Clannad had the best love story.
A couple being "cute" isn't everything. There's components, such as how they meet, what causes them to spend time with one another, confessions, what they do afterwards, trials and tribulations before and after they decide to be together, what they would do for the other. Just because they look cute on screen doesn't give them that many points. Clannad was all about trials and tribulations, and breaking through with the help of others who believed in them. There's an emotional message and connection the audience shares with the characters. Cuteness means nothing. Get over your sexual excitement.

Tomoya and Nagisa, really portrayed the feeling of love, care and affection throughout only about 44 episodes. The 1st season was just of how they started getting to know each other but the after story was where the tears really start falling. When you see those two always being there for each other through all the hardships just make you wanna cry. But then to a certain death, all of us were in shock and grief. But fortunately, the series came to a happy ending with relief. I would choose tomoya and Nagisa as my top favorite couple not only to the chemistry they shared together but the sacrifices as well. But what really disappointment the viewers throughout the series was how their relationship had never had a kissing scene which was quite sad. May they always be the curtest couple ever :')

This is obviously biased. Nagisa and Tomomya's relationship gives of so many lessons to other people teaching the true meaning of love and how love can be expressed in all shapes and sizes. Tomoya helps nagisa overcome her confidence and her low self esteem influencing her to achieve all her dreams. Tomoya, a dilinquint meets nagisa and realizes there is more to life that what he can only see. Both couples then later on o through many hardships ad conflicts together surpassing them together and growing even stronger always together which makes Clannad the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. If you haven't watched it yet, I definitely recommend it to you ( especially the 2nd season)

I'm sorry for all those Clannad fans out there (brace yourself for what I'm about to say) I don't like Clannad. In fact I don't like this how at all, and have no clue why it's widely known as the best romance anime when I couldn't even tell that it was until, what, the second last episode. Concerning the couple, I never really got their vibe as a couple and personally felt (even though I was rooting for Nagisa the whole time I swear), that Tomoyo gave of more of a close and couply feel. Honestly, like there are no arcs based solely on Nagisa and that really brings it down for me. Clannad After Story was definitely an improvement, though I can't say how much of one. It focuses on Nagisa and Tomoya's relationship more, yeah, but the ending is just whack and I don't understand why they killed Nagisa of in the first place if they were just going to bring her back. I also don't find Ushio a very likeable character (*ducks to avoid being shot by many Clannad fans*) and even more dislike ...more

18 Gray & Juvia - Fairy Tail

The best couple in the whole show...

While Gray is a serious and cold guy, Juvia is a sweet, funny and generous girl that loves Gray so much that she does always tries to help him out.

I hate when people compare Juvia to Misa Amane!

Juvia can get a little annoying and creepy, but she is good, bubbly, clumsy and one of the sweetest and cutest girls in anime, she also makes nice things to Gray and protects him, even if he doesn't always reciprocate these feelings... She actually gives Gray a reason to love her.

While Misa's argument for anyone to like her:
(Not that I care about Light's stupid life)

And while many people think that Juvia's a little stupid for loving someone that doesn't loves her back, they're wrong. Gray actually loves Juvia, but he's too embarrassed to admit so. If he didn't loved her, he wouldn't have protected her so many times (often risking his own life for her), or he wouldn't get so angry and ...more

Juvia loves gray with all her heart. Plus they are a great team! Juvia will kill herself if that means gray is happy like awwwww

They should way more credit than grayza or graylu,gray obviously shares more feelings than he does with Lucy or erza, erza is like a big sis and lucy is just some friend he even protects juvia with his own life lived with her and even says she belongs to him in front of Lyon so gruvia! I respect the other ships but this one deserves way more credit than the other gray x whoever ships

Gray and juvia have opposite opinions for thing which make that couple really interesting. and with their powers it's kind of the same, they could use it for a power combination and it would give off more damage to the enemy. like ice and water, both elements are connected if you melt ice then it would turn into water and if you freeze water then it would turn into ice

19 Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma - Fruits Basket

Omg! They are sooo cute together! When Tohru wanted to be cat like Kyo-chan, it was so adorable that my heart melted. Although I also ship Tohru x Yuki but Yuki just played her feelings saying romantic stuff when he already knew Tohru liked him. So if I were Yuki, I would confess to Tohru and not joke about it. Kyo-chan is so nice when he's around Tohru! They are so cute together! But I don't want Kagura to stay in the way, I mean like Kyo doesn't like Kagura and she should know that. And she should know that forcing and hitting people isn't good cause they are just gonna hate you if you hit them

They are just perfect together. I haven't read the manga yet, but I've seen the anime. As the anime goes on, you can see that Kyo starts becoming a better and better person thanks to Tohru. He goes from pretending he doesn't care about her to loving her with all of his heart. She loves him so much that she accepts him even in his monster form. They understand each other so well, and always seem to say the right thing to the other person when the other person feels down. Yuki and Tohru are cute too, but they don't compliment each other as well as Tohru and Kyo. I could tell from the beginning that they would be together, even when Kyo was trying to convince himself that he didn't like her. They are just the most perfect couple ever

Not yet an official couple in the latest anime but strongly foreshadowed. In any case *any* couple that includes Tohru is going to be cute.

Manga wise they are the best. Not anime wise because the stopped the anime to short. But the fact that after all the happens they get together is beautiful. Also how they help each other out by using their own personal strengths when the other one is weak is so sweet. I can't even with them. And the fact that kyo wanted to protect her so he never told her how he felt gets me. Also he helps Tohru through her mom problems and she makes him feel like he should stay in the world and just *insert crying*

20 Tsunayoshi Sawada & Kyoko Sasagawa - Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Cutest couple ever! And they show signs of future relationship! Like adult Kyoko calls him by a cute and deary nickname 'Tsu-kun' and Tsuna immadiately notices that! A nickname that only his mother uses to him! Kyoko has been showing many signs of affection too! On the beginning not so much, but later there are many cute situations with both of them! And the chapter 408 shows Kyoko saying that Tsuna is not an ordinary person and compliments him! Which makes Tsuna blush AGAIN! Chapter 390 shows how much she cares about him! Chapter 301 shows that Kyoko feels his warmth!
This couple brings energy and strenght each other! Supporting!
I guess that this isn't a one sided love! Because Kyoko likes him too! Tsuna's crush is finally showing some affection for him! Whohoo

I love their love team, tsuna who cannot express his feelings and kyoko who didn't know tsuna's feelings but she have a feeling to tsuna too as I see in previous episodes, I love the way tsuna risk her life for kyoko and the amulet who's he always taking care and kept inside his clothe as a lucky charm because it is made by kyoko! @!

This couple should on top 10. This is the one of the most reason why I love KHR. They're moment even can't called 'romance' but it's still. I'm really hope someday this manga Will come back with really good performance and really great tsunaxkyoko romance

on the manga, kyoko felt warm when tsuna bid his goodbye to her, and I thought that means she felt something romantic on it.
and for me it was so romantic when tsuna told kyoko that "i will protect you even if it cause me my life to do so" that sounds sweet right and for me tsuna will do everything for because he don't want to lose her..
thats all... thank you!

21 Android 18 & Krillin - Dragon Ball Z

I get how Krillin feels for her. Android 18 (real name Lazuli as confirmed by Toriama) was kidnapped and was turned into a cyborg for destruction and murder. While Krillin was supposed to destroy her, he saw past her android self and wanted her to be free. After the entire Red Ribbon Army was destroyed. 18 was finally free (still half human of course but still).

This tandem is a unique one too. They're not the type of couple you expected them to be. Krillin really cares for android 18 cause even though he was commanded to destroy her, he didn't do it because of his love for her.

Of course! They are perfection! The feelings they have for each other is iron steel! No one can break this unstoppable ship!

Lets be honest now; Krillin didn't kill her because he thought she was hot, not because he loved her. He barely knew her.

22 Gin Ichimaru & Rangiku Matsumoto - Bleach

Honestly this couple was so cute and rangiku and gins backstory was sad. WHY DID GIN HAVE TO DIE!?!? If gin could come back from the dead he and rangiku would get to reunite and it would be sad but great at the same time

How is this couple not up here yet? Not only are they the greatest pairing of all time, they're ACTUALLY CANON. They have such a deep, complex relationship, and nothing can possibly surpass that. I hope Gin resurrects himself so that he and Rangiku can at least have a reunion. Plus, the anime is trying to make Hisagi, another character I really like, go out with her, which is pissing me off. Hisagi, you're awesome, but GinRan is MTB. Get over and go snog Nanao or something.

Even now, I'm still bitter that Gin died. Gin did and became who he was just so he can kill Aizen for hurting Rangiku when she was young. They would've been so great together.

62?! Is it supposed to be a joke? It's the best couple of whole anime universe! Seriously, you don't have to vote the main characters only for being the main characters. Wasn't their backstory so sad?

23 Shinichi & Ran (Rachel & Jimmy) - Case Closed Aka Detective Conan

Shinran is the cutest couples ever . I can't believe that they actually officially couples , the way they say love to each other is different than other . Shinichi and Ran both are totally into each other but they don't wanna confess about love . it really cute !

For me, they are the greatest couple of all time! Hands down! Their love storyy simply represents all the essence of true love; patience, kindness, and the undeniably deep feelings for each other. No one can match Ran's love for Shinichi for she stays loyal and continues to love him despite the many times (in fact, all the time! ) he bails on her, leave without any remarks, and never seems to be there when she needs him (Cause she doesn't know his Conan ) I especially love Ran's words when Conan asked her if she was scared to jump in the building in one of the movies.
Conan: Ran-neechan are you scared?
And Shinichi? Well, despite the fact that he can't stand seeing her cry and always rescuing and worrying about her, it's pretty darn obvious how he's madly, crazy in love with Ran Mouri.

OMG YESS! Shinichi and Ran are the best couple there is! I love all their moments together and now finally they hve started dating which is really cute and also TO ALL OF THOSE RAN HATERS OUT THERE YOU CAN'T DENY THE LOVE SHE HAS FOR SHINICHI. NO ONE CAN MATCH OR CRITICIZE HER AFFECTION TOWARDS SHINICHU. Ran is a really strong women in my opinion, and so what if she's clingy to Shinichi or annoying. Everybody wants the person they love to like them, so they try to act spoiled in front of them.
They should be waaaay higher in the list! Best couple ever

I didn't think anyone else would actually vote for this! This was actually my first anime, one of my peers introduced me after discovering that I loved murder mysteries. Maybe an 800+ episode anime wasn't a great starting anime, but it worked for me and now I'm totally hooked. I usually despise romance between characters, but since this anime has such a long run-time, it was unexpectedly naturally paced and not a rushed romance. I love the whole "childhood friend" idea and soon became enveloped in not only the mystery aspects, but the romantic ones too. These two truly care for each other, and I love that Ran isn't the typical girl who always needs rescue. Shinichi, also, isn't very typical. He's a memorable protagonist with amazing motivation because of the girl he loves, Ran. There's this amazing bond between the two, and I love the tension that occurs when there's a chance of Ran figuring out Conan's true identity! Ran's incredible patience and trust in Shinichi is heartbreaking, ...more

24 Urahara Kisuke & Shihouin Yoruichi - Bleach

21?! Are you serious they should be higher for God’s sake the are yoruichi and kisuke! It’s obvious they like each other and deeply care about each other.

"Best Characters & Couple ever" all I can say...

This show sucs

This couple is SEXY.

25 Sanji & Pudding - One Piece

I love this ship! They have many things in common : they both grew up being bullied and are were always treated like a tool by their family; they are both romantic and emotional; they love to cook; they hate when people don't finish their food; more importantly, they are definitely attracted to each other, getting heart eyes and nosebleeds when the other does or says something nice. They would go perfectly together! Let's just hope they are reunited in the future...

Sanji...the only person who finds Puddings third eye beautiful. Oh man I ship them so much..Too sad she removed his nemories of "that" moment. (Mangareader understand what I mean)

Last episode blew my mind. Is she actually going to fall for him? After all that? I can't believe this turn of events.

I've never shipped anyone in One Piece before. But man! how can you deny these two are made for each other? Oda sure wasn't subtle about it.

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