Top 10 Best Anime Opening Songs

This is a top 10 list of all the anime-openings out there.
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1 Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel

Unravel is probably one of the most widely covered openings on YouTube! Every fan of Tokyo Ghoul appreciates Unravel because the words reflect the emotions of the anime perfectly. The fans couldn't stand the second season's opening simply because it didn't live up to the name of Unravel. It deserves to be number one. If Tokyo Ghoul isn't the best anime, the opening sure is the best opening at least. Listen to the words, hear the transitions and notice all of the hidden meanings within; it is a perfect representation of the struggles being the main protagonist!

I have seen hundreds of episodes of anime, watched hundreds of openings. Some I remember, some I really like, some I love and some I worship. Unravel is one of those songs. It is literally the absolute best OP I have ever, and probably will ever see in my life. It is so powerful and so full of emotion that you will be blown away. It is an absolute perfect representation of Kaneki's emotions, and the lyrics are simply mind-blowing. I cannot praise it enough.

This is honestly the best anime song ever! I have no idea what it is doing here at the eighth number. The only Japanese song I bothered to memorize. A-Z! When I do my homework, I ALWAYS listen to this song. And when did I get to know this song? 6 months ago. The obsession is still here. Why vote to blue bird while you can vote for such a bliss!

I saw a lot of animes... like more than fifty. So I think (I may be wrong) I know some things about openings. In 50 animes, I think it is by far the best opening of all time. It fits so well to the Tokyo Ghoul story and if you listen all Tokyo Ghoul episodes (season 1 & 2) you'll understand why people love this song even more. Listening the acoustic version is a must, but warning to the feelings!

2 Attack on Titan - Guren No Yumiya

It's just the greatest piece of music ever, period. It's not everyone who can pull of a full choir, epic orchestra, and electric guitars while still making the song feel emotion as deeply as this one does. Revo is simply the best composer and I refuse to take arguments.

This is the best anime opening theme song ever! I can't believe it's not number one :( I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is. Not to mention, the song artist made absolutely awesome lyrics! I actually know all the lyrics by heart, and on the last day of school, sang it with my Anime Club as karaoke. The German or Swedish or whatever language at the beggining is awesome as well! It adds uniqueness to the song. I'm pretty sure it's the only anime theme song out there like that. Everything I hear it, I feel like singing my heart out and dancing! It gives me shivers. Not to mention, the video for it is awesome to (by that, I mean the video for it in the anime) and I love that one part where it shows some pictures from the Manga. There are also all the people slaying titans to the beat and flying around on the 3 Dimensional Maneuvering Gear. Just by listening to it, you can hear that the anime you're about to watch is going to be full of action, drama, cool characters and ...more

"We pierce scarlet holes into the twilight with our crimson bow and arrow"... Whilst we see Eren facing off against the Colossal Titan... Epic as hell, gotta be on of the best quotes I have seen, except its not a quote, its just a line in an opening... An epic one liner like that, and it doesn't even qualify as a quote... Show is the most epic thing I have ever seen, and the opening is without a doubt truly marvellous.

I can't believe that this isn't number 1! This is the best anime opening of all time topping Attack On Titan's other theme Flügel der Freiheit by a landslide. It has a catchy tune and once I listen to it, I can't get it out of my head for days. The lyrics are great in both English, Japanese and of course German. My favourite opening from my favourite anime. I'd love to be in this show, so if anybody creates a teleporter anytime soon, please give me a call. The songs English name Crimson Bow and Arrow just suits the tempo so well, and it's a song that I recommend to, well anybody.

3 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Again

Oh come on people! Both FMAs are some of the best animes ever. Both have the best openings ever, and this one is THE best one EVER! Or you're gonna say Unravel is better then Again (Unravel is good for sure, but the best? )? Same for Guren no Yumiya, which I'm surprised to not be on top of Unravel cause is so much more epic.

Every anime opening in this series is great. That saying, I think it's important to have a strong first theme song, to get the viewer hooked. Again does just that, hooking us into the plot, and making us want to discover more about FMAB. The beat, the tune, and the images come together to make a theme song that you will never want to skip.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has clearly the best anime openings. Every time I was exited seeing the next episode, I was also exited to watch the intro. The best of all is again. It's just so beautiful and I loved it since that moment I first had heard it.

Being compared the sao opening crossing field actually hurts me but Again is a masterpiece of an op that should be number one but number three is still ok. Though it deserves Number one heres why The music is amazing by Yui and the animation is very nice as well even the way the characters interact in it like Ed Alphonse and Winry makes it a quality op

4 Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angel Thesis

Evangelion has kept a special place in my heart ever since I heard this opening for the first time. This is most definitely Top 3.

I watched this opening somewhere and instantly wanted to watch the series, I didn't for a while because I was put off by the idea of Mecha but after watching this over and over I decided to watch this show. How is this 30?

Gives goosebumps all the time, affects the emotions deeply, and is much better than the "Attack on Titan" and "Fullmetal Alchemist" themes. Definite Top 3 material.

The fact that this is so low is proof of how many people need to see Evangelion, I can count with my hand the number of songs that compare to A Cruel Angel's Thesis.

5 Death Note - Sekai Wo

This anime is the father of all anime. Just as it's opening stands as greatest ever. It's what every single anime soul heard of. Whole anime world in one song.

Amazing song I have listening to it over 1000 times and easily thrashed my self over it 200+ times. Recommended if you are horney, let me know if you want to meet up and finger each other with this song playing.

IT is just perfect, and the lyrics are amazing. I love it and wish it was my theme to wake up. the 2nd one is better for the show, but this theme is better over all

Yes. This one is so cool and somewhat dark. The angel pose Light takes in last scene is just perfect!

6 Angel Beats! - My Soul, Your Beats!

My Soul, your beats in my opinion sets a good tone for the series. It can show Angel's loneliness but also the connectedness of many characters.

I don't know why, but the first time I heard this song, it just stuck to my brain, and it's been there ever since...

Pretty much my favourite opening of all time. Transcribe it into piano and it is awesome.

My first anime, my favourite anime. Taught me how to appreciate life. Highly recommend

7 Soul Eater - Resonance

I didn't even watch the anime when I first heard this. My sister told me she wanted me to hear it and I have to say, I was really impressed! I don't think I've ever heard a better opening (except maybe Sword Art Online) because it sets you up EXACTLY for what you are about to see- something dark that gets you pumped up. I have stopped watching this anime before because the first few episodes before Death the Kid (squeal) comes to the school are a bit boring to me, however I decided to continue it because something with this good of a theme song can't be all that bad.

This opening is a weird case because I really DO NOT like Soul Eater. The writing is awkward and forced and almost every character is just flat-out annoying or stupid, with the exception of Dr. Stein and maybe a couple others. The one thing they did right, however, was done so greatly that there are just no words other than "epic" to describe it. Whenever you mix tubular bells with electric guitars, you get some of the most epic sounding hard rock ever.

This's impossible to skip. It's just so catchy and epic, and I feel like it speaks to fans of the show. Soul Eater is a great anime, and Resonance really does it justice.

I just adore this song! I think it's amazing honestly, truly catchy, the tune is infectious and it's a song that evrytimeyou hear it... You simply begin to like it more. The man's voice is nice, what's not to like about this song?

8 Cowboy Bebop - Tank!

This is a no brainer. Such a groovy tune, and while Cowboy Bebop isn't one of my personal favorite shows, the music, especially this song, are just masterpieces.

Anyone who makes a list of the best anime opening themes and doe snot include this song in the top 10 does not rightly deserve to call themselves anime fans.
"Tank! " Does everything a good opening theme should do, hook the viewer in with it's visuals, strike their curiosity of what the show's narrative is and give them a theme song to get stuck in their head.
Cowboy Bebop does all this in strides. There's a reason it's widely regarded as one of the greatest anime ever created and a theme song like this is just the cherry on top of this masterpiece of a sundae.

This is the best one of all openings...This jazz bass thing did it for me and it did for all anime fans now and then...This deserves the top! How come Tokyo ghoul is on the top?

Perfection incarnate.
Considering this came out in 1997, Cowboy Bebop created a benchmark for all other shows, who now bow to this immortal classic. Nothing else compares.

9 Future Diary - Fantasy Mythology

This opening is always stuck in my head and I have no problem with it. This is probably my favourite anime opening (along with soul eaters first opening). It's just so bad arse and gets you so pumped for the show. I think the singers did an amazing job and I love how they incorporated two different languages into it. All round it's just an awesome opening that I listen to repetitively all the time.

Whatever your opinion is on the anime, you can't deny that this opening is GOOD. Its visuals are completely creepy and messed up but that and its catchiness it what makes it so good.

This song literally gets stuck in my head 24/7 even though I don't know the words. I listen to it everyday because I'm so obsessed and I even had to get my friend to downlaod it for me to listen to at home without using youtube

This is one of my favorite! It has so much emotion and mixing with lots of action too!

10 Code Geass - Colors

I love absolutely everything about this opening! The rhythmic tune is so catchy, it's well animated, and the vocals are so nice c: this opening deserves to be in the top five!

AMAZING! flow have previously sung openings for Naruto and many other anime to great success. Colours for Code Geass is probably the best in their repertoire and the best of the whole show. It is a must have for otakus

This opening alone made me interested in Code Geass. This should at least be in the Top 3.

The when I saw this at the start of the second episode, I was like, "Lelouch is using his mind control powers on me! "

The Contenders
11 Fullmetal Alchemist - Opening 4

It's called period and it's by chemistry. All of the fmab songs are great. But this one is the best. Seriously go check it out. It's better than again.

Is this rewrite or period? They're both cool but still. Specify, please.

This is one is way better the the first OP called "Again".

Wait, is this the 4th opening for 2003 or Brotherhood?

12 Your Lie in April - Hikaru Nara

Your lie in April was such a sweet show and the theme song even shows it.
This song puts me in a very happy go lucky type of mood and I love it.

The only theme song that brings me back to the emotions of the anime within hearing the first few notes.

When I listen to this op, I just can't hep but to sing along. It should be in top 10!

Hikaru Nara decisively tells you the entire story. I love this anime and bawled at the end of it

13 Soul Eater - Paper Moon

I'm one of the few people I know who prefer this opening over Resonance. I just can't get enough of the catchy melody that does an excellent job setting up the later episodes of one of my favorite anime of all time.

One of the best songs ever! I really like the dark desperate sound of it. Just fantastic!

This is also a good song... I keep this one on my playlist... Really catchy..

This is my favourite song of Soul Eater! every time I sing, I cry because the anime is AMAZING! ;;

14 Dragon Ball Z - Rock the Dragon

Shaggy ball z

15 Steins;Gate - Hacking to the Gate

Come on man how is this 29th?!?! Hacking to the Gate is AT LEAST top10 for crying out loud!

Hacking to the gate is the best opening ever, along with fatima and amadeus.

My favorite anime, also has a banger of an opening that is hype every time.

The first op I was able to learn... Just amazing!

16 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Opening 2

Am I the only one who likes Hologram more than opening 1 'Again', I mean the first one is brilliant, well actually all five openings are masterpieces but no 2 just seem pure badass too me the song just fills you with energy and has got quite compelling fight scenes like:- Bradly vs ling and gang, Ed vs Scar, Mutsang vs Lust. Combining both making it one hell of an immaculate piece of awesomeness.

This was the op for me. I enjoyed it more than the other ones. All the openings are masterpieces but for me, I like this one because it fitted all the key parts of the show that it had. Whilst all the openings were focused on one sort of idea, in a sense, one sort of emotion, Hologram personally ticked all the boxes.

I love this a lot and even sing this absent-mindlessly in class.

"Again" was better

17 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Bloody Stream

So well animated with the abstract design, also has wonderful little hints to the further parts with hermit purple and such. It also has such high energy music and the music just gets better and better the more you listen to it.

Colorful, beautifully animated, fabulous, manly and epic! Represents Battle Tendency very well.

It's the best anime opening I have ever heard in my life!

Its kinda sad a JoJo opening is so far down the list. it should be SEKAI ICHI

18 Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

This opening manages to be ominous, creepy, beautiful and somewhat fast-paced all at the same time. I get chills whenever I watch this opening, even 5 years after having watched it. The feelings I had when I watched this series return and I immediately want to re-watch it. I have no idea why it's not higher on the list. This is the best anime opening I have ever watched.

At first, I liked the 2nd one better, But now, I like this one better. But I still like the Kai Opening

19 Bleach - Ranbu no Melody

Perfect opening which is summing up whole story.

In terms of a song and the animation. Ranbu no melody is a masterpiece

Just listen to it, and you'll understand.

ONe of the best songs

20 Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Connect

This anime has possibly the best OP I've ever heard. The vocals and music are really amazing, and the lyrics are so meaningful (if you've seen the whole season then you know what I mean). Honestly, Madoka Magica's soundtrack is just great in general. Would definitely recomment this series, it's not just any generic magical girl anime!

I love this series for so many reasons, but the top two have to be the intense, thought provoking plot and, of course, the music. For such a dark series, the music is utterly sweet and beautiful. The opening initially sounds like your standard, girly mahjo sohjo opening, but once the show reveals its true nature, it becomes more sad and urgent feeling. The coolest thing about connect,though, is how it basically., subtly, spoils the plot. Once you find out about Madoka and Homoura's mysterious connection ( ( pun intended! ) especially after episode 11) it makes sense; it is the friends promise to each other. This series has the met epic music of any magical girl series.

Okay. So when I first watched this opening I was like "that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard," so of course I had to download it and still listen to it all the time. Then of course I followed the pattern of every Mahouka fan (I watched episode 3 and was like well crap. That opening is trickery. ) still one of my favorite anime openings to this day.

The opening is seems to look like that of a typical magical girl anime. But after episode 3, it seems like a lie. But it actually isn't when you watch episode 10 and beyond that. It's a very meaningful and emotional opening.

21 Demon Slayer - Gurenge

It's one of my many favorites, and goes well when you try it with other opening animations.

It's just so good

Best song ever

22 Naruto Opening 2 - Haruka Kanata

My favorite opening of the first series. It's just so catchy and epic.

23 Attack on Titan - Shinzou wo Sasageyo

I literally memorized the lyrics to annoy my parents, friends, and teachers (after class since my teacher stays at the room and me and my classmates go home late). Almost once a month, I'd go up to my friends' ear and just softy sing the lyrics or something. I'd play it loudly when my teacher was there. And just shout the lyrics at 3 am from time to time

How the this not higher. I mean it should be right up there with green no yumiya

I see my anthem, I vote

Should be in Top 5

24 Attack on Titan - Jiyuu no Tsubasa

Although it's nowhere near as good as Gruen No Yumiya (that song deserves number 1 so badly) Jiyuu no Tsubasa is another amazing song from the best anime franchise. (I'm talking about Attack on Titan). The tune starts of cooler and calmer and transfers into an awesome beat that really goes well with the graphics. As I mentioned the graphics for this song are cool as well, even though some of them might not make sense to me. Definitely a memorable song that deserves at least 2nd. (Gruen No Yumiya should be at 1)

The best and most epic opening ever! I always got chewed at the part:"Welding the blades of Gloria, we've made for victory..."

After hearing the full song of Jiyuu no Tsubasa, I just want to jump off the window with 3DMG and go slice some titans, or just look at sky and wish I can go to their world. This song is also meaning "Wings of Freedom".

Why do I like it? Because it's an Attack on Titan opening. Why did I say that? Because if it's an Attack on Titan opening, that means it sounds really good. Why just because it's an Attack on Titan opening? Go listen to them all and hear them for yourself!

The best anime opening ever! Jiyuu no tsubasa has a great lyrics, too. That's why I love so much this song!

25 Noragami Aragoto - Kyouran Hey Kids

Needs to be way higher, at least in the top 20. I love this opening so much, I have the full song saved on my iTunes. Very catchy and badass! I thought that no opening could beat the 1st and then this came along. Definitely the best

One does not simply skip Noragami's opening. This opening is badass and the vocals are on point. Kudos to the composer.

The music and animation make this one of the best openings I've ever seen! This should be top 10 for sure, 54th is FAR too low

Better than most openings above this.

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