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141 Hecarim

A speeding death pony. Jungle around, then storm out of the bush, wildly swinging and draining away.

If used properly, he can dealt high damage and is a great champion in team fights.

He is very good why he stand on the 99place?!

Why is he here

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142 Twisted Fate

You Never Know Where He Is!
High Potential! Great Cards Shooting!
You Will Lose Him On 1 On 1!
Long Range!
The Chance Is Yours!

High push potential, high dammages, and really useful for split-push. A really good champion when well played.

The range he has comes in really handy when other team starts running. Can get some easy kills

He is best

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143 Caitlyn

Because she has bigger boobs than jinx

I think caitlyn is very competitive and too skillful that she deserves to be the strongest female champion.

I think caitlyn is pretty much stronger than any marksman that I know. no offense...

She is badass and strong - Roguella

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144 Ahri

Ahri has one of the best poke abilities out there with her Q. Not only does it hit multi target, but it also deals true damage on the way back. I've seen plenty of ahri's Q 2 or 3 times and drop half of the enemies team to less than half health while the fight has yet to initiate. Especially since 40% CD = 4.8second CD on Q. Ult is great for finishing/closing distance, or just running away. And E can initiate the fight and catch their squishy if done right, overall ahri is quite a powerhouse.

She is a very strong champion that can easily burst down squishy targets.

Can chase down targets after a huge team fight, can burst someone down in less than five seconds and can be built flexibly. She's a great role for any part on the map, really. The burst is OP.

I play her every time

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145 Heimerdinger

Very under rated, I thought he was easy to use. His fast regenerating health makes it so you don't have to recall for a very long time. I have almost always gone positive and destroyed all the turrets in my lane while playing as him. Its very easy to get some sort of multi kill with his ulti and his rockets are amazing finishers for when enemies hug their turret. And he is a troll.

He can kill when he is at turret in crystal scar he can even kill tanks

As said before he can stand on his own descent for tower, very good for damage minion farming, very nice champion slayer!

Just got him and I dominated the match...but still lost because I didn't have a good team

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146 Lux

Lux is amazing and she fits my play style well, so in quite perturbed to find her this low. Her stun is great, and her other abilities- mainly her ultimate- have low cool downs, so fighting is easier I find with her.

In mid/late game, each of Lux's combos can work to damage an opponent immensely. Stun, shield, and slow, along with a long-ranged ultimate. I'd say Lux has got to be my favorite.

She is very op when you know how to use her. Her ultimate long ranged is very useful when the enemy that has low health that need to escape..

Best APs

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147 Lulu

Unless you think that turning a champion into a cupcake/cat/squirrel isn't OP enough, she's one of the greatest supports ever!

Palm always Smith say always stringer league strong slang the sea mermaid

Good for support!

Lulu is a very character as she is a very good support but also can become the jungler of the whole game

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148 Skarner

Skarner rules. Only pros use him properly. just ULTI EM TO THe turret, e to slow, then auto attack plus q to fiinish em. Best champ ever.

Skarner is amazing if played well. His ulti got nerfed real badly that's why people don't play him too often. But he is a great duelist thanks to his Q and his passive. His W is a good way to chase enemies or to run away from them, also granting a shield. His E isn't too great but good to slow enemies. And his R pulls any enemy to your team to kill him. He is a great tank and fighter. SKAR SKAR SKARNER!

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149 Azir

He is pretty strong but you can't master him from 2 or 3 games so don't be afraid and try him out

I love him because he can spawn some of his army.

Start very hard but then you'll love him

"Azir is strong, but it is hard to control it. Although, it is hard to control it, he is my number 1 hero because he can summon his army. (^-^)

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150 Teleport

Good escape, not much attack strong late game.

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151 Kindred

He is new with very good skins! he does very damage

Very good damage and is very mobile

I Love kindred the champ does so much damage and is my Main.

I love kindred,he have a insane dexterity,very good damage (late game),also he is my main

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152 Bard

Super fun champ. When played right is unstoppable.

Speaks for himself

Nice Troll


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153 Illaoi

Very cool tank and support. I like it. I doesn't got it but its awesome and can be very useful

She has great combos and she can beat all the other champions

Best champion in the league with his passive then ultimate and the second skill she can dominate other champions. Also with her first skill she can gain hp to survive a little longer while clashing.

Just wait for 6th level, use E R W and it's actually going to be done... +1 kill

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154 Jhin

I agree, I have this champion and my first thought was "maybe this champ is cool" yet he's not cool, he's awesome!

Epic long range

Jhin is super OP. Even with his low attack speed and low mobility, his high AD scaling balances things out... You only have to get Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon and BOOM!

Hey jhin is great and very strong champion why u down too he need to be in top 10 or top 5 u are noobs try him play his passive is strong and u buy attack dmg he is strong

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155 Camille

So much fun to play but obviously over powered

Obviously the most broken ever.

The only reasons I don't abuse her are 1) don't have IP

2) she is over 70% banrate so no worth playing, better ban her instead

3) Once she starts getting nerfs she will be nerfed constantly for 10 patches. Remember reworked GP? It took a while to start getting nerfs then he got nerfs every patch and he is still strong. Camille is way worse.

Riot balances according to pro play. In actual state camille would have 100% pick or ban rate in pro play. So yes a series of nerfs is incoming.

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156 Xayah

Got 46 kills with her

too op


Her E is OP

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