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Robert Bruce Banner, also known as The Hulk or Bruce Banner, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and was portrayed by Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Back to super man now.
I'm not going to say what these guys have already said but enhance on it
Hulk can lift over not just 100 but one hundred billion tons when he's not angry but if he was his strength would be limitless.

AND YOU SUPER MAN FANS SAY THAT HIS HEAT VISION WOULD BE HOTTER THEN THE CORE OF THE SUN? Impossible he could not generate something far more greater then the thing he gets his power from aka then sun.

Hulk vs super man would be a great battle no doubt? Well not if super man is going to keep flying away to the sun to regenerate his strength like the hulk in battle it is impossible for him to go weak because the more he gets hurt the stronger and bigger he gets.

When you look at super hero stats it says that super man would beat thor in a fight but JUST!

Hulk when he's angry he can take out the whole entire avengers by himself including thor.

And also all that I'm hearing from you super man fans are comments about his ...more - kingjulian

First of all, all of these super heroes are over powered. When I look at super heroes I don't care about what they did in the comic books. I mean seriously if you want to play that way then flash wins every single battle against every single person, except for my main man GOKU. I mean no one could touch flash he is way too fast, being able to outrun death is just going too far.

So when I look at superheroes I look at the movies and T.V. series were they have to make their powers reasonable.

The new superman movie was great. It made him reasonable and limited his power (and by that I mean they give him the powers he started with not this junk where he could do anything. I remember watching a superman movie were he tore off his "S" emblem and it turned into a plastic bag. Ridiculous)

Now if we look at it this way I have no doubt hulk wins. He is clearly the strongest out of the Avengers, and there is no way Thor is stronger, and go back to the fight with Graviton he ...more

Hulk strength has no limits. The best, and maybe the only way, of dealing with hulk is to letting him go, so he can calm and return to the form of Dr Banner.
In the exterior, Hulk does not fare well when confronting powerhouses such as Superman and Thor, only because these guys are good in their heart. Hulk cannot get angrier with good entities, because they are trying to protect people, which is something Hulk is also for.
However, when confronted with evil, hulk get so outraged by the cruelty of the actions of the evildoer that he will keep increasing its strength, getting mad and madder, until he gets so strong that he ends up destroying whoever bad guy opposes him. In the case of doomsday, I see it giving Hulk a hard time at the beginning of the fight. But as the fight progresses, I see doomsday succumbing to Hulk's wrath at the end of not just the first fight, but of many others. The battle with doomsday would finish with Hulk going World Breaker and throwing him at the ...more

I am a huge fan of the hulk... However, he is not the strongest and neither is super-chump. Anvo's Android is the strongest period. In the return he defeats all the justice league with out even breaking a sweat. it is stated in the episode that he is the most powerful being in that universe. IT IS STATED! So super wimp is nothing. and the Hulk is not as strong. People harp on the Hulk Verses Superman prospect all the time. Hulk will never defeat Superman due the law suit where DC won a case over Marvel due to the Captain Marvel (Superman infringement) and that's why Cap is in DC and that is why Superman will always win a battle over the Hulk due to that agreement. It sucks and all the Super yuppies love it. Hulk is far stronger that superman. the proof is in Thor verses Superman where Sups could not pick up his hammer. in Hulk verses Thor, not only did Hulk pic up Thor's hammer. He damn near beat him the death with it. Superman barely beat Thor and The Hulk not only beat him, he beat ...more

The Hulk on top of his limitless power is immortal and even if he can suffocate in space he still can't die unlike superman. Not to mention with limitless power comes limitless speed and for some reason extreme power allows you to fly in superman's universe so if we played by those terms the hulk would also be capable of flight but still without flight he can jump extreme distances and has bested thor countless times who in my opinion is way better then superman in strength and power not to mention he is also an immortal god who has lived for thousands of years with way more battle experience then superman

Hulk has limitless power and like he says "the madder the hulk gets the stronger he gets"... Enough said!

The hulk possess extraordinary super human strength and has never been provoked into demonstrating his maximum output of strength there could be no upper limit that's in marvel universe so when you say superman, juggernaut or anyone else can stop the Hulk check your facts hulk beat all the marvel heroes all at once, Juggernaut lost to the X-Men an spider-man alone check your facts completely before you comment thanks.

Hulk because he won the tile world breaker hulk when he almost broke the whole world he picked out a mountain and he shatter and broke a meteor two times the size of earth and he has even accomplished more achievements and he gotten better over the years he is was more powerful and stronger making him have unlimited strength making him also the strongest character in marvel universe so he should be stronger than superman haven't you even heard the say HULK STRONGEST THERE IS meaning he is the strongest and always will be the strongest and is for sure stronger than superman

it is proven superman can die. the HULK conquers planets with his bear hands then names it after himself. lifts 150,000,000,000 tons of mountain. in a popularity contest spiderman would even beat HULK. the madder he gets the stronger he gets. this whole list is backwards & wolverine should be nowhere near the top ten. he has a super healing factor not super human strength. silver surfer faster & far more powerful than superman

Hulk can't dies because every time your hitting him your healing him. Hulk can jump from earth to space in one leap and he can smash superman with his thunder clap which can blast superman. Hulks skin cannot get injured by grenades, bullets, rockets and even laser. Superman will not stand a chance a chance of being stronger than the hulk.Hulk can survive in any temperature and underwater, he can also lift buses, houses, ships and superman, Hulks strength is infinity.

Superman is strong but in terms of just strength he's not the strongest, Hulk is. and Superman's base is not 200 quintillion tons, he lifted 200 quintillion tons because he went to the sun and it had both positive and native effect on him. his powers tripled but he was dying out. if you take away the yellow sun you take away superman powers, he's not the strongest because he uses other abilities to weaken his enemies unlike The Hulk. Goku probably the only person who can stop the hulk..

Hulk is the strongest one there is.
Hulk vs. Superman- Honestly, hulk would win, because as the battle goes on, superman wears down, and hulk doesn't. Superman can actually be hurt after a while. Tat is how doomsday put him a healing coma.

Hulk vs. Doomsday- This battle would possibly go on forever. Hulk can't die, and doomsday can't be killed in the same way, and regenerates.

Most of the time, hulk may not beat you in fighting skill, and some may be almost as strong as him, but he outlasts them because of his indestructibly.

Wrong Hulk is not even the physically strongest character in the marvel universe its actually Hercules look it up.

FIRST of all this is what I want to say what is one of Superman's weaknesses... Oh yeah Magic. Who can use magic Thor who can beat Thor and has when Loki controlled him HULK! And the guy who said Superman can tear out his spinal cord he would grow another one and crush Superman's head. They would keep fighting and because Hulk is half Bruce Banner he's smarter than Superman and he would eventually destroy the sun and he would want to do that because he just wants to be left alone.

Hulk and superman do not have limited abilities. They both get stronger and better as the fight progresses. Superman won't kill hulk unless he had no choice, he'll try duking it out with him, when it doesn't work he'll try to contain him, that won't work, by that time he'll probably have world breaker hulk on him, any more progression and then it's world war hulk. They'll probably blow up a few planets before one of them drops. I've seen superman drop from fatigue. Hulk I haven't.

Shouldn't even be in top 30. Sure, he is strong. On earth, he is boss. But, the universe is a big place, and multiverse even bigger. Here, I'll give a list of stronger people. Right now, Hulk can lift a 150 million ton mountain. Impressive. Superman can lift the Earth (6 sextillion tons), and destroy planets with 10 octillion tons, Fly at speeds several thousand times faster than light, two thousand miles or kilometers per second on Earth, roast the planet with heat vision, etc. That's just the beginning. Galactus, Celestials, Beyonders, The living tribunal, The Presence, Spectre, The One Above all (Duh? ). Even apocalypse for crying out loud. Why is Hulk number 2?

I am a huge comic fan and I love super and hulk but if these 2 fought I believe hulk wins. and here's why, super has 1 weakness right kryptonite? Wrong he draws his powers from our YELLOW sun and if he would go to far away his powers would begin weakening over time (going back to a normal kryptonian) also red suns suck the power outta him completely so if hulk and superman fought, hulks objective is smash and super is save every1 with these 2 titans battling earth would be messed so maybe being smart super takes him as far from earth why there fighting and accidentally goes too far from the sun and hulk just stays as bad ass as he is or gets more bad ass w rage so no weakness and that's why I believe hulk wins

Finally, someone knows what's going on! The hulk is the strongest one their is, enough said... Sure superman would get a lot of hits in their but that would make the hulk even madder surpassing superman in strength, durability, and pretty much every thing else I mean really, have you seen superman blow a whole planet up... No. CHUCK NORRIS' BLOOD TYPE IS AK-47!

HULK vs Superman might be a tie... But the question is who will be knocked out first... No doubt it would be Superman, he is the strongest in DC but Hulk is the strongest in MARVEL. Moreover, HULK is unique, The angrier he becomes, the stronger he gets, Superman will not be able to take that much of a HULK!

Point blank period, there is no limit to how angry someone can get which means the hulk has unlimited strength. Plus he already has anger bottled up inside of him. Not only that but hulk holds back just like Superman, just let someone like Loki take his brain and he is just a beast. Someone like World War Hulk or a raged out hulk with no brain or Bruce Banner inside of him vs. Superman will end up with Superman dead.

He beat the hell out of Onslaught, something all of the other heroes put together after all of their careful planning couldn't pull off, and he took over a the planet he was banished to in almost no time, using both his unmatchable strength and begrudged leadership skills. No matter how much Superman or Thor beat him down, he would keep coming back even stronger than before. Hulk is the strongest one there is.

It is three determining factors for this superman does not kill he only knocked doomsday unconscious briefly hulk does what he says smash until there's nothing left then there's kryptonite but that's a coward way out then surrounding superman cares for civilians not saying hulk doesn't but when your pissed you do anything for the hulk that's destroy anything superman will waste precious time trying to get the hulk out in the open this is where it gets tricky during this time hulk will b pretty pissed somebody hitting me with the force of 200quintillion tons by the time this happens superman will be drained not only does the hulk have unlimited strength but stamina as well meaning he can fight for days not eating sleeping nothing superman on the other hand will b tired thinking about Lois or how will the great Bruce Wayne help me really superman could b stronger than the hulk but could he beat the hulk no I don think so he has to much to account and hold back for the hulk don't care ...more

"And I mean, physical strength and hand to hand combat. No flying. Just pure wrestling. "
Most of you are not getting the point here.. -_- Hulk can withstand heats of the suns core, and can sun bathe in Antarctica with the penguins. Anyways this is hand to hand. Punching hulk will make him madder. Physical damage = More strength to hulk, there for making him infinitely more powerful as superman throws his punches.. anyways Gai sensei is the winner here, He can bend space time with night moth

All people here getting too biased when they see their favorites below hulk. Just admit it see the description physical and hand to hand combat. I'm not a fans of hulk but I have to admit hulk's strength potential is higher than superman because hulk has no limit. As everyone says the madder he gets the stronger he become.

Hulk is the strongest in marvel and dc even gods. Even zoogolplexionth (number) of hulks fighting him would lose. Because of his wrath, everyone's dead and smashed like cells. He is the strongest of all. Wish I could see him battle with our God in an awesome movie. Hulk is really the strongest forever in the Universe known or unknown.

Hulks skin enables him to withstand most of the force from any punch even superman so he might stagger at first but then he will get angry and just become stronger. So superman only has flying and how is that going to hurt the hulk if he's just flying around. Also Hulk don't care about destroying things where as superman is worried that his power will get out of hand.