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181 Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

This card is an unbeatable card only if you have one of the 5 legendary dragons you can destroy it otherwise this Earthbound immortal special ability is top and can stop any monster to be special summonded. Also it can stop traps and spells card from being activated.

182 Supreme Arcanite Magician
183 Number C96: Dark Storm

With the right moves you can beat anyone with this.

184 Call of the Haunted

By using call of the haunted u can bring back any card including the gods,trap, and spell cards

185 Sorcerer of Dark Magic

The best spell caster monster that disinter an exodia monster

186 Dododo Swordsman
187 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dark Dragon V 2 Comments
188 Messenger of Peace
189 Divine Serpent Geh

I know you can't use it and even if you are allowed it would be extremely hard to summon but infinite attack points and can only be defeated by cheat reasoning used by Yugi which is against the rules IRL. So infinite attack, can't be destroyed (as it is protected by the Orichalcos 3rd seal).

190 Apoqliphort Towers

This thing was banned for a reason. It's immune to almost every effect, its stats are pretty good, and it lowers the atk of all special-summoned monsters by 500. If you know you're going against this thing, you better bring your anti-summon cards.

V 1 Comment
191 Trent
192 Monster Gate
193 Number C101: Silent Honor Dark

Let me break it down for you: you can bring it out with Rank-Up-Magic: The Seventh One. It can steal one special-summoned monster per turn for NO COST. If it's destroyed while it has material on it and Number 101 is in the grave, it COMES BACK and YOU GAIN 2800 LIFE POINTS. The ONLY REASON this thing isn't on the banlist is because it's somewhat difficult to bring out!

This thing can easily spell Game Over for your opponent

194 Ma'at

Guess three cards from your deck, draw the top three and gain 1000 atk points for each card you guess right

195 T.G. Blade Blaster

Not too hard to summon, has 3300/2200 stats can hide itself from danger when targeted by an effect like N.o 26 Big-eye's effect. Negates spells as well.

196 Yosenju Oyam
197 Panther Warrior
198 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
199 Chicken Game
200 Spellbook of Judgement
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