Top Ten Stupidest Reasons People Have for Hating the United States

Lots of people hate America for extremely stupid reasons. America is probably the most hated country. Sure, everyone has their opinion, but some people have this opinion for the stupidest reasons.

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1 Donald Trump Lives in America

He's not even the worst presidential candidate ever. Yes, he's not a great person, but worse than Stalin, Hitler, Pot, Zedong or Thatcher? No. - Swellow

This makes me face palm so badly. - Dawscr

This is literally just one guy out of 325 million. Why on earth do you hate us for ONE GUY?

Oh no, a successful business man!

Oh no a racist sexist, homophobic rapist bully who is now the president! - AnonymousChick

2 Permissive Gun Regulations

This isn't a reason to hate Americans but it certainly is stupid considering how many shooting massacres have occurred and how many people have been killed by people using guns. And yes a lot of people hate Americans because of this. - ParasN2000

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. We have a right to self defense. We have a right to bear arms. - eventer51314

Is this really a bad reason for hating America? - TheStargazer

You can just buy a gun in Wal*Mart, but Kinder Surprise eggs are banned.
Yanks love guns. They don't use them for sport like a bow and arrow they use them to shoot people.

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3 Every American is Stupid

Every American is this, every American is that. Every American is some derogatory term to undermine them just because you as a foreigner aren't this. Now tell me, how many non-Americans are something way worse? Why are non-Americans the most vocal against American traditions? There are great Americans and there are great non-Americans, but the way the most vocal non-Americans treat other Americans does not make them better. - Nonpointed

Yeah, like that Steve Jobs guy, and that Bill Gates guy, and especially that Mark Zuckerberg character, what a maroon.

This isn't a stupid reason; more said out of ignorance. People who use this as a reason to "hate" can only be used to watching US sitcoms. I wonder just how many people who think Americans are stupid, actually know at least one American. They're not stupid, but are really flippin' intelligent. Read that sentence as many times as you need to because I'm not going to repeat it ;). - Britgirl

4 Everyone American is Fat V 1 Comment
5 It's Full of Rednecks

That's just racisf

6 Everyone American is Rude

Yeah, that's why America donates more than any other country.

7 Every American Dates Their Cousin
8 Americans Have a Stupid Accent V 1 Comment
9 They Only Eat Burgers

Americans do eat a rather unhealthy diet, but they do not only eat burgers. As a American myself, I see others eat many foods other than burgers. Sometimes they eat them because of convienence, and sometimes they like the flavor, but not all Americans eat them. And why would you hate someone because what they eat? - BlackMetalDagger666

Not everyone eats burgers.

10 Justin Bieber Lives in America

Proves people can't get over that ONE SONG from the past. - Swellow

He's canadian - AnonymousChick

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11 Our Politicians Can Be Scheming or Stupid

So are yours, I will bet.

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