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1 Mario Party 2

Never actually played this game, (I really want to get the expansion pass on Nintendo switch) but I've heard all the good things about this game!

The best Mario Party game there has to live. This is the only Mario Party game to be based on a play. I like the way how Mario and friends are dressed in different costumes (that's what I meant by saying that this game is based on a play), and I love the boards and most especially the minigames. This is also the only game to have some of the same minigames from another Mario Party game. I definitely like the music. Nintendo made the right decision by making the game look like this! Mario Party 2 was definitely a game I kept playing, even with my friends! Mario Party 2 rules!

This game did it best in my opinion. It took everything that was fun in original Mario Party, cut the stuff that wasn't, and added in some new treats to make the games even more hilariously fun. I'm not quite sure what it was about this one, but my fondest and funniest Mario Party memories are all from #2.

2 Mario Party 6

This one should be at the top, simply because of how big and original it is compared to the other entries on the list. It's definitely the best Gamecube game, and in my opinion only 9 could rival this game. The boards in this one are far more unique and diverse from each other than in the other entries, as the Day/Night mechanic really freshes up the games. The minigames aren't the strongest point in the series, but it's in no way bad and just like 9 or 7 has some really memorable ones like Lift Leapers, Jump the Gun, etc. By far, one of the absolute greatest Mario Party games!

This is one of the best, Almost al of its mini-games are memorable and leave you feeling great after each one. It is the perfect balance of Friend ship destroying and friend ship enhancing. The only problem with this one is reason to replay, after you unlock everything there is no reason to play it again alone unless you really want to play it for fun which it always seems like a good enough reason to me. Very enjoyable to play!

3 Mario Party 7

This game in my opinion is the best overall. The mini games are fantastic and the boards are creative and fun! Also this game brought cool elements like a 8 player mode and Bowser time. Well, I hated Bowser time. The only problem I had with this game was Bowser time because it was just lame and unfair. But anyways, Mario Party 5 was the first Mario party game I ever played. But when I got this game I was really hooked into the series. I also like how every board is completely different from each other. From having you climbing a entire mountain for a star to paying Chomp Chomp's to squish you opponents to steal their stars, it's the best game overall and has a great variety!

The mini-games, the items, even the boards are all ingenious! You've got to watch your step in this one, other wise you could land on someone-else's space that they set using orbs! Not to mention the fact that you can play with 8 people as well, so no one gets left out this way! There's so many paths to choose, items to use plus coins, stars and items to steal! Race to the top in pagoda peak or test your luck in neon heights, every single board has its own special way to play that's sure to keep you on your toes! This is, without a doubt, the best Mario Party game and one that you'll be playing for years to come!

4 Mario Party 8

This takes me back to when I was 7 playing this at my aunt's house. Me and my brother would invite the neighbors over and we would play this game all day. The feature of the whole thing being a festival was interesting and cool. The minigames are pretty much all fun, save for a few, and though a lot of them did include motion control, it made sense since it was the first series game to include motion, and honestly it wasn't that much of a drawback to me. I remember trying to get all of the characters and feeling so accomplished when I did. The bowser board was really interesting and fun, too. This is definitely the best mario party game for me, and it should be higher than #4.

There were two Mario Party games released for the Wii and Mario Party 8 is better in my opinion. What a fun and happy game this is. Mario Party 8 has loads of characters and fun boards to play on. The minigames are great too and there may not be bosses at the end of every board but never mind. Mario Party 8's board's are all unique too and my favourite one is Koopa Tycoon Town where you have to own hotels to get stars. Isn't that clever? Fun game but a lot of motion controls are used and that is not bad in my opinion.

5 Mario Party 3

This, is one of the best games on the N64. The music is LITERALLY perfect, and the gameplay is so refined, the phrase "there's always room for improvement" is just plain WRONG.

Me and my roommates will occasionally crack open a case of beers and play Mario Party games... it gets very competitive. MP3 is just by far the best. It has, what I like to call the perfect trifecta of balance. # 1: the luck factor: The sensitivity or lack there of in your old fashioned run of the mill N64 controller adds to chaotic fun of the games. Of course, the dice can always land in or out of your favor, and there are a few mini games, that are based on the results of only lady lucky herself... and of course the dreaded chance time.

# 2: Strategic factor: Even if you're playing a game where you're struggling to win most of the mini games, a few well executed items, or precisely won battle games, or coin steals can help you weasel your way back into contention. It expanded the affects of items set in MP2 by allowing you to carry more than one (I can't remember how many times a plunder chest put a complete stranglehold on the item game in Mario party 2). # 3: Skill performance... This goes without saying, losing mini games never hurts. If you continue to perform well time and time again, you will rack up coins, and you will win the mini game bonus star...

The two bonus aspects that MP3 has that the newer installments don't have are

Nostalgia Factor: I love the old graphics, and stiff controller, and goofiness about the game, we love ripping on each other whenever something crazy happens.

Simplicity Factor: Sometimes its best to just not over complicate things.. Too many colors, too many rules, too many random events... just takes away from simple luck and competition.

6 Mario Party 5

This was great because not only were the mini games fun, but it also had bonus features like the battle cars. That was one of my favorite parts of the game. To top it off, the maps are ridiculously awesome. Mario party 7 was the worst. The maps sucked and the microphone mini games were stupid and it never understood you.

It's one of the most memorable games in the series it has some flaws but not that you can remember after you just had an amazing time. It has a really good story mode that no other game has even come close to replicating. The minigames were amazing and most of the boards felt perfect. Only improvement would be to expand some of the boards that felt a bit small.

Mini games and boards are better than 4 with more creative gameplay. The orbs, in my opinion was a good departure from items. Playing as koopa kid was fun and this Mario party has the best mini game modes

7 Mario Party 4

Mario Party 4 belongs at Number 1. It has some very unique Mini Games such as Paths of Peril, Beach Volley Folley, and Dungeon Duos. As if that weren't enough, Mario Party 4 also has a Present Room, where you can view all the presents you've earned in the game, including each of the characters' birthday presents from story mode and presents earned from Mini Games. This is BY FAR the best Mario Party game the series has to offer.

Why is this not #1!? Almost every mini-game is amazing, and DK is actually a playable character. The lottery is one of the best parts of this game, and Dungeon Duos is the best mini-game ever. The items are great, the maps are awesome, and the whole concept is amazing. I love this game and it's one the only Nintendo games I'll still actually play. This game is the reason I love Gamecube. This game is the best Mario Party game by a landslide.

This is my favorite of the ones I've played/seen. The mini-games are well-designed, the graphics hold up, the boards are streamlined but not too simple, and items are still items (I really don't like the capsules/orbs/whatever). You really need to put in effort to add to your coin total, so if too much bad luck makes you want to rage quit, I can see why you might not like it.

8 Mario Party DS

It's ok. Not the best, but up there in terms of the classics. I like how this game has an actually engaging story mode that is relevant to the overall big house theme of the game, and the ending is really hilarious with Bowser joining the team playing on that DS. With all said, I kind of don't like the whole mini-world theme of the game. It gives the game an identity, but it's kind of not so colorful. Plus the boss battles are a complete joke, even more than in Star Rush. But overall, it's a cool game and easily one of the more replay-able ones.

This is probably the most underrated Mario party out there. The boards are great and unique, the mini games are creative, and it's just overall fun. This is definitely the best way to play Mario party on the go. But there are admitting a few downsides. One, there are only five boards, which is a bit small. Two, the character selection is a bit small as well, although to be fair, the eight characters that we have (Mario, Luigi, peach, daisy, toad, yoshi, wario, waluigi) are the most popular characters, especially at the time. It would have been nice to see DK or Toadette, but they have their own boards instead. It also would have Been nice to see Boo and Birdo, maybe even shy guy as well.
-A Mario party fan

9 Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9 is the most underappreciated title of the franchise, and from a critical standpoint I'd say it's the absolute best the series has ever seen as well, even trying to look ahead of my nostalgia. It has the most content overall out of any of these games, with a completely new Party Mode to make the game feel fresh, some REALLY engaging minigame modes (You can't beat High Rollers, Garden Battle and Choice Challenge), and some extra content as well. Even if you don't like the car, it's wrong to say the game is terrible just for it because there's so much more content than just it.

Some people disliked this game because of what they did to the boards, well I don't mind. It's a new idea. Sure they did it in Mario Party 10 but that's beyond the point. The minigames are good and the modes are great too. You've got Step it Up, Choice Challenge, Garden Battle and three other modes outside the boards. The soccer minigame with the Koopa Shell is a great idea too and there's a perspective mode where you play in first person for some of the minigames. You see there's a lot to do outside of playing the boards in Mario Party 9.

10 Mario Party

This Mario Party, the Original, certainly brings back the most memories, it had the most funnest and memorable mini games, it's the most hilarious, the 1P mode was excellent and chanllenging, and the board maps we're just so fun and big, you had to keep playing it.

I especially enjoyed the concept where you get to buy items from the shop, and collect 100 stars to unlock Bowser's level and then beat his to unlock the final level called, the Superstar.

Mario Party the Original has my vote.

People would like this game more if they WORKED TOGETHER instead of raging at each other from all the trolling. OK, please here me out: In this game, Bowser was the biggest troll in this game than any other, so you and your friends can work together to unlock Bowser's Magma Mountain (for 980 coins in the shop) so you can finally give Bowser what he deserves after all he's done throughout the game: A very painful explosion that will cause him to wail in pain! (I think it's a perfect way to "finish" the game.)

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11 Super Mario Party

Great game and I love the fact they went back to the old style of Mario Party, isn't that superb? Super Mario Party is one of my favourite Mario Party games of all time, as well as Mario Party DS. There are loads of characters to play as and the boards are all great and exciting sure there are only four but Mario Party DS had five so it's only one off. The minigames are great and that Don't Wake The Wiggler Game is one jump scaring game! Super Mario Party has a sticker scene as well so if your getting frustrated with the minigames and boards then go down to the sticker scene and create your own Mario scenes with the stickers. Fun game this is. Hope we get this sort of game again.

Ever since Mario Party Superstars was announced everyone now trashes on this game like it is the worst game ever. I actually enjoy this game more than Superstars. People only hate this because there are only four boards. There really should be more than four board but boards is not the only thing that matters in Mario Party. Minigames, characters and side content matter too. I adore the minigames, the character roster, the ally mechanic, character dice blocks, and partner party. It is not a perfect game no game is but I had so much fun playing this with friends.

12 Mario Party Superstars

Easily one of the best Mario Party games of all time. It's almost flawless, bringing back 100 of the best minigames, five retro boards in HD, Birdo, etc. Only real problem are the absurd amount of lucky spaces, which makes it weaker than 3, 6 and 9 for me, but it's still one of the greatest

This is the Mario Party I currently have! Very fun and I can't wait to play the original N64 games!

Best one in my opinion.

13 Mario Party: Island Tour

It's a wholeheartedly underrated video game and Mario Party. Being completely subjective and personal, this is possibly my favourite Mario Party of all time because of how it helped me during hard times during a trip once (dude that soundtrack is LIT!). But even from an objective stand point it really isn't a bad game at all and numerous classic entries have way more problems. The main gimmick of this game is that each board has its own rules and law for winning the game, which makes it interesting to choose between what to play. Some boards are skill-based, some are very luck-based, and some are balanced. The minigames are simple, but not really "bad" like say Star Rush, thanks to the great music that accompanies the game. Overall it's a great game.

This game is way too overhated because everyone calls this the worst Mario Party. yes even worse than Top 100. While it is definitely full of flaws I still enjoyed it especially that Bowser board and I liked most of the minigames. One big issue I have with the game is Why Does That One Board Require 3-4 Real People Players?

14 Mario Party 10

I want to play this game one day, but what I do not like about it is that in the board, there is a poop car, so we can't move independently. I have never played this game before though. Same with Mario Party 9. I think Mario party 10 beats 9 becuase of bowser mode in the board

Mario Party 10 is widely known as the worst Mario Party game outside of Advance, something I find exaggerated. Honestly, this game isn't even that bad. I can definitely see its many flaws despite my liking for the car gimmick, but it's not an abomination of a game because it still has enjoyment. The car was handled better in 9 due to that game's much more dynamic boards, but I think it works just fine here, even though the boards are pretty meh here. Bowser Party and Amiibo Party have more issues that make them rather unplayable to a higher degree, but the former can be pretty fun at times still if you're good. And I haven't gone over the best things about the game, the minigames and boss battles. They were actually really amazing in this game, and not something to gloss over. So yeah.

15 Mario Party: Star Rush

Another underrated Mario Party game and unlike with IT or 10, I really can't wrap my head around why people hate this game other than "it's not like the original" (which is a BS reason by the way). Mario Party: Star Rush is great because it isn't afraid of taking risks that pay off decently. The main mode is revamped again, this time even more free than the classic layout, and it has its own little quirks. On top of that, there are six more mini game modes, which is just awesome as four of them are legitimately great! Overall it's a great game!

This is my favorite Mario party game I own. The others I own are 9, 10, ds, IT, and top 100. It is fast paced has cool dice blocks and interesting modes. I like having a grid as a board better than having a path to follow because in other mario party games if you roll a certain number you can go from 1st to 4th from bowser. Or even the boos from marioparty 9. It is more skill based with minigames playing an important role to win. The only problem is that even though you play a few boss minigames per round you don't play many normal minigames.

16 Mario Party: The Top 100

I got this game because of the box art and I thought it looks fun but I was so wrong. No I look at game reviews before I get games. At least Super, Island Tour, Star Rush, 9, and 10 have boards unlike this one. That one tiny board does not count as an actually board. No boards, no extra side modes, small character roster, no unlockables, absolutely no content. I much rather play Island Tour than this bland and boring game.

I really liked this game it was pretty fun replaying some of my favorite mini games again.

Excellent 4 player collection of the best minigames great for drinks with friends.

17 Mario Party Advance

Um uh... this game is pretty awesome! Do NOT understand the hate going on here... Loved the quests! Ok I like Mario Party 10 too. Why is splatoon 2 on this list? Yoshi's dance in this is very cute. Why is this the last game on the list? I expected it to be before Mario Party 10. I guess I'll just dab on them haters.

I actually like this game for nostalgia and the fun it got me.

I know I sound crazy but I kinda liked the whole mushroom town thing. Other than that,
-The Gaddgets were completely useless
-They had a local multiplayer mode but it didn't even work
-They only had 1-Player minigames
Shall I continue?

18 Mario Party-e
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