Top Ten Paper Mario: The Origami King Characters

Well, since it seems that nobody here on TheTopTens is interested in helping the modern Paper Mario series get the attention it deserves, I guess I'll just have to do it myself. Vote for the Paper Mario: The Origami King characters that YOU think deserve a spot on this list...
The Top Ten
1 Bobby the Bob-omb

Nope, not going to spoil Bobby's story here. It's best if you just play the game and experience his character and emotional impact yourself.

Bobby is such an amazing character but also has a minor role in the game

2 Olivia

Mario's main ally throughout his journey and easily my favorite character in the game. Besides being Olly's sister and mostly a naive sweetheart, she also shows more emotion and personality than almost every character in the game, and gains the abilities that make her possibly the most powerful ally Mario has ever had on his side.

3 King Olly

As the main big bad himself, the Origami King is probably not exactly the character you would expect this time around. He proves to be the most serious villain the Mario series has seen in quite a while by plotting to fold the world and Bowser's minions to his origami will and almost going through with his final wish, the extinction of all the toads in the universe by turning them all into blank paper.

4 Paper Mario

Surprisingly for once in the series, the character of Mario himself actually shows real character development and emotion, besides the literally paper flat personality he usually has. Definitely a big win for the series.

5 Paper Bowser

Mario's ally through the final stretch of the game. Along with Kamek, I like how he shows concern for his minions and even helps Olivia by encouraging her to stand up to her evil brother.

6 Paper Kamek

One of Mario's allies throughout his journey and a powerful fighters at that. I especially like how he actually shows concern for Olivia when he thinks she's been permanently unfolded. I hope this version of the great magikoopa sticks around for a while.

7 Tape, the Shifty Sticker

The guy deserves to be higher on the list. What an awesome character. Excluding Olly, he's got the best fight in the game and one of the best soundtracks in the whole game

The guardian of the purple steamer and the fourth member of The Legion of Stationery. Most notable for his unexpected gangster personality and slang, and also that he is literally a giant roll of tape that wants you dead.

8 Hole Punch, the Disco Devil

The guardian of the yellow steamer and the third member of The Legion of Stationery. Besides all that, who know a hole puncher of all things had such a good taste in music and dance moves?

9 Colored Pencils, the Missile Maestro

The guardian of the red steamer and the first member of The Legion of Stationery. Hates pop cuture and Mario's fame while being a heavy critic of art sums him up pretty well. Also, he's French. Go figure.

10 Origami Princess Peach
The Contenders
11 Paper Luigi

Basically Mario's unintentional locksmith of the game. Yeah, that's basically all he does.

Paper Luigi is great

12 Professor Toad
13 Paper Bowser Jr.
14 Scissors, the Dual-Bladed Duelist
15 The Handaconda
16 Stapler, the Fanged Fastener
17 Captain T. Ode
18 Rubber Band, the Elastic Entertainer
19 Origami Craftsman
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