Top 10 Best Mario Kart 8 Tracks

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1 Mount Wario

Why do people think this course is overrated? If anything, it's UNDERRATED! It really feels like you're about to win the Olympics, with the crowds cheering and you find yourself looking more at the very detailed mountains and skiers in the distance rather than the track itself! The feeling you get when the music gets more intense and you realize you're zooming down the mount- It's so great. It's the best feeling a Mario Kart 8 board, and if not that then in the ENTIRE SERIES! It also has either the 1st or 2nd best music in MK8 too

2 Big Blue

It's my favorite Nintendo Track ever! Honorable mention to Mount Wario, Cloudtop Cruise, Bone Dry Dunes, Bowser's Castle, Rainbow Road, Dragon Driftway, and Ice Ice Outpost. I also really like Neo Bowser City, Piranha Plant Slide, DK Jungle, Grumble Volcano, Wario's Gold Mine, Wario Stadium, Yoshi Valley, Ribbon Road, and Donut Plains 3 are the best retros.

It's my favorite track in the game. The shortcuts, the music, the theme, the visuals, and just the gameplay are all the best in the game out of all 48 tracks, in my opinion.

3 Sunshine Airport

What race takes place in an airport? This one! I love Sunshine Airport. It is my second favorite new race and my favorite in the demo! An airport is such a good idea for a race. No one will think of it!

Sunshine Airport. A track of happiness, happiness and happiness. AND HAPPINESS. I really enjoyed this track because it is fun and happy and fun and happy and FUN AND HAPPY AND FUN. And because this track is based on one of my favourite game, Super Mario Sunshine. (Seriously, where's the sequel for that thing). I have nothing else to say here.

4 Cloudtop Cruise

I really enjoyed this track as it made me feel happy and awesome inside. I really love the part where you are on Bowser's airship for a second and then you are in a thunderstorm, the next second. It is really awesome and I love it. I also love it because it is based on my favourite games, Super Mario Galaxy. I also enjoyed the music because bits of it was from Gusty Garden Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. COOOL!

This was the track I was waiting for for a long, long time, which is why it's my favorite track! This is better than Mt. Wario, better than Shy Guy Falls, better than Sunshine Airport, and better than Big Blue! There is too much to say, like the airships, the giant vine, and the amazing storm!

5 Electrodrome

Why do people always misread the name? It's actually Electrodrome. This course is fun, but I do think it is a bit overrated. There are many courses that are better than this, but don't get me wrong. I enjoy playing this track a lot.

Best course in the game BY FAR. My least favorite track is Mount Wario... I hate why so many people are obsessed with it. Sunshine Airport comes closest, but this track really has the best design and atmosphere combination.

This is very awesome! I love the music! It has spilt paths! There's even some little screens with dancing koopas and shut guys! CAN I JOIN IN?

6 Ribbon Road

I did not like Ribbon Road at all in Super Circuit because it still felt pretty bland, but when I heard about anti-gravity physics in Mario Kart 8, I prayed that Ribbon Road would be in there, just to give it another chance, and it came back WAY BETTER.

My favorite track from super circuit. It took Nintendo forever, but I was so happy to finally see my favorite GBA stage remade, and by god what an update it got! Easily my favorite retro track now and along with mt wario is my favorite track in the game.

A course in a kid's room is Genius. And it's way better than Mario kart home circuit.

7 Shy Guy Falls

Shy Guy Falls is ok, but I suggest that you keep it from the 15-20 position. There's one shortcut that's decent but doesn't give you much of an advantage. And it's almost impossible to reach. Going down a waterfall is cool and unique, but there's not much else to offer. If you ask me, this track should switch places with the Bowser's Castle.

I love shy guys! This track is so fun and unique

Oh, shut up, you haters. This track is top tier.

8 Bowser's Castle

Bowser's Castle is just a little bit worse to Bowser's Castle Wii, at least in Bowser Castle standards, and just a little bit worse than Cloudtop Cruise in MK8 standards, but this is definitely the 2nd best track in Mario Kart 8 for having so much, plus Rock Bowser came back to slam racers instead of shoot fire balls!

Why isn't this at least number 2? This is the absolute best! While I love the Thwomp Ruins and Grumble Volcano, even Twisted Mansion, Bowser's MK 8 Castle is the best MK 8 track! I also like the DLC tracks, Mute City and Hyrule Castle, as well as Neo Bowser City, but again, Bowser's Castle is by far the best! While Thwomps would have been a perfect touch, it still has a Bowser made entirely out of rocks and fire and an awesome wrecking ball, plus fire bars! I think that it would be cool if it had a bridge with some Bill blasters nearby, and if you're too slow, that Bullet Bills will blow up the bridge beneath you! That would be an awesome and challenging effect for Bowser's Castle!

9 Wild Woods

Don't vote on this list unless you own the game's dlc - the dlc offers some of the best tracks in the game. Wild Woods is underrated - only number 14? It should be at least in the top 5. This is just a magical place, with a treetop village of Shy Guys and an awesome water slide! This track also kinda reminds me of some kind of village like the Kokhiri Forrest from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or the Ewok village from Star Wars Return of The Jedi! Best track in the game, and possibly the best Mario Kart track period!

10 Rainbow Road (N64)

I was really really happy that Nintendo bought this back. It bought back a lot of old memories and lot of fun from the memories. I was so excited to play it. I was kinda disappointed that they changed the track to be only 1 lap, but I guess the track would have gone too long (like it used to be), but then again, they could've made it 2 laps.

They put this one on the cover of 8 deluxe for a reason. The course is magical. Most Mario kart courses are so crazy with all the items you have to pay attention to. But for some reason, in this one I feel like I can pay attention to everything: the music, the fireworks, the city below. It perfectly captures the essence of this game.

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11 Toad Harbor

I like this track! You can do a ramp boost onto a boat! It's a track based off of New York City! There's even a a thing that lets you get on the walls! There's even a way at the end with a boost!

It's so much fun to drive on this track. It isn't so impression like big blue or shy guy falls but it's the funniest track from Mario Kat 8

I love this track. It's beautiful and reminds me of Delfino Square/Plaza.

12 Tick-Tock Clock

I am absolutely offended that my favorite track in the game is in last place. It's one of the most visually stunning tracks in the entire game, with mechanics that are extremely fun to use. It also has one of the best songs in all of Mario Kart's history!

13 Mute City

This is the best track! It has awesome music! It has a lot of speed boosts (and gravity boosts) The sides of the track give you coins! There's even a shortcut at the end! It's just plain awesome sauce.

14 Rainbow Road (Wii)

A lot of people hate the Rainbow Road of Mario Kart 8, but I don't understand why. This track is cool. I know it's not better than the Mario Kart 7 version, it doesn't mean you have to hate on this track! Anyway, I loved this track and I adore it. I really love the shortcut where you can switch lanes, that is flippin' awesome. I really enjoy it and I hope Rainbow Road can get better in Mario Kart 9 (and people enjoy it this time).

I like this track for its uniqueness. It's not magical like the other rainbow roads and has a mechanical space station vibe, but that doesn't mean it's boring. Having the same magical theme with no change can get boring and I like its features. You shouldn't diss it for being space station themed. It's music is great, and I think it should be more appreciated.

15 Music Park

I love how in one forum where they had to say which was their least favorite track and most people chose this track, yet people are calling Mount Wario underrated (impossible to be underrated since it's the most loved track in the game, up there with Big Blue) over a single comment of hate about Mount Wario. Honestly, I love Music Park more even if some people find this track boring and overrated. My favorite Mk8 track, and my second favorite of all time (my all-time favorite is Coconut Mall, a more loved and balanced track as far as ratings go). Also, what was there to even fix about it? their criticism is as bad as Coconut Mall's Mii car argument (the mii cars are the only obstacle in the course so it makes no sense to remove them). Sorry for going slightly off topic.

16 Thwomp Ruins

When I saw the trailer of this track, I thought this track would be in the Flower Cup, but I was wrong, it was in the Mushroom Cup, and oh boy, it was awesome! I really enjoyed this track a lot and made me really happy. Because of this track and Mario Kart Stadium, I like Mushroom Cup better than Flower Cup now. This track is cool.

Thwomp Ruins is probably the most beautiful Ruins Mario Kart is ever going to get with it being in the Mushroom Cup and still helping the player know which track to use to avoid obstacles!

17 Twisted Mansion

I love this! Best music, best use for gliding and underwater. It is so creepy... I love it.

The music sounds like a remix of Bowsers castle from MKDD and luigis mansion from MKDS which is why I like it a lot. I love all the new tracks, but I think this is the one that will stand out from all the rest. I hope the next Mario kart will have this one because... Twisted mansion is the BEST

I love this kinda haunted freaky stuff. Twisted Mansion is my dream home, probably because I'm a ghost...

This is the best of the flower cup. Play it once and you will never forget it.

18 Dragon Driftway

200cc on this is a massive challenge, I have to admit it. If you're not playing on a vehicle with good drift (like the Mercedes GLA, for example), this will absolutely test your skills. Something like the Yoshi bike will perform well on this, however, the DLC courses have some of the best original tracks. The four tracks we got that aren't Nintendo-related showcase creativity at its finest.

Dragon Driftway has the best aesthetic out of all of the other Mario Kart 8 tracks, with the Chinese art inside the giant Gobblegut, and you surely need to drift to make it 1st!

19 Grumble Volcano

Like I already told you, Mario Kart Wii is my favourite Mario Kart game. It is so awesome, I really enjoyed this track because this actually was my favourite track in the game after Koopa Cape. This track is just cool. I enjoy how they have made this track more beautiful and more awesome.

Despite that the only gameplay change is the addition of a gliding ramp, the graphical upgrade, as with every retro track in this game, is stunning. The eruptions of the volcanoes is just plain epic.

I already loved Grumble Volcano SO MUCH in Mario Kart Wii, with the track being destroyed, meteors and Fire Snakes showing up, but Mario Kart 8 just redesigned the graphics, which were AMAZING.

20 Hyrule Circuit
21 Toad's Turnpike

This track gives me frights. I get slammed by a car. I hope this is easier because of an anti gravity section.

Moonview Highway was much better. The steroids from today's turnpike helped Moonview Highway to be my face MKWii track. This should be lower.

22 Yoshi Valley

I was surprised that this was on my list. I really hated Yoshi Valley on Mario Kart 64 (probably because I was sour loser then and hated my cousin for beating me every single time on that track). laugh out loud. But in this game, I love it. I love how they changed the fastest route (my cousin took the old fast route and I beat him). This track was wonderful and bought back a lot of memories.

I can't believe this is #20. It should be in the top 5. Nothing really stands out besides the giant yoshi egg, but the maze feel is amazing. It's still fun to try different paths to take!

23 Piranha Plant Slide

I feel bad for the course. It was a favorite in 7 but in 8 in is bottom of the barrel. I was stoked back in e3 2013 when I saw this in the Mario Kart 8 trailer. An amazing course and is my favorite course in Mario Kart history.

24 DS Peach Gardens
25 Animal Crossing
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