Top 10 Most Overrated Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tracks

This list will include the 48 Mario Kart 8 tracks and the Booster Course Pass tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. What tracks do you think are too overhyped and picked way too often online?
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1 Excitebike Arena

I don't understand why everyone loves this track. It is mostly just a straight line with an overabundance of ramps. Nothing interesting is happening and it is very bland. One time I played online with a group of 11 people and I picked Electrodrome while everyone else picked Excitebike Arena. I feel like I play this track every time I play online because everyone picks it. I'm sorry but I find this track boring. More like Borebike Arena. It is fine if you like this track but I just do not.

Not only is this one subject to the "crossover=win" mentality, but it's from a "classic" game that's barely been paid any attention.

2 Baby Park

Everyone obsesses over this because it is chaotic. Lots of chaos is what battle mode is for. I never have fun when I race on this track despite taking place in an amusement park. It is just a tiny generic loop with nothing happening besides anti-gravity.

3 Paris Promenade

I am honestly getting sick of playing this track over and over again online. I find this track so bland and boring. There are no obstacles except for that easily avoidable piranha plant, barely any trick ramps, boost panels, unique shortcuts, and the whole track is just a generic road. I also do not like Tokyo Blur but that track is not picked much online anymore. There is so much potential for a Paris theme track but all that potential was put into the garbage with this mobile game track.

4 Sydney Sprint
5 Big Blue

Unfortunately, these days crossover equals win. Why tf else did "Ralph Breaks the Internet" get so popular?

6 Coconut Mall

I love Coconut Mall and it is one of my favorite tracks in Mario Kart Wii but I have to admit that it is overhyped. It is still fun to race on this track in 8 Deluxe but I really do not like the escalators in this version of the track. Not knowing exactly which escalator is going up or down was what made the escalators special in the Wii version. Also, the fact that for the first five months the cars did not move and they were completely stationary taking away any challenge. I am glad they are now moving but that feature really should have been there on day 1.

7 Animal Crossing

It is nice how on this track the season can change from spring to summer to autumn to winter and there are some changes between seasons like Resetti, ramps, snowmen, leaf piles and more. However I never have that much fun racing on this track because I do not like the track layout because I find it kind of bland.

The fact that the newest AC game was released at the "perfect" time may be a factor in addition to the "crossover equals win" factor.

8 Waluigi Pinball

I love Waluigi Pinball but I have to say that it is probably the most overrated Mario Kart track of all time. If you say you do not like this track you will get an army of people with pitchforks coming after you. Okay, I was overexaggerating but still. Remember overrated does not mean bad! This is an amazing track in my opinion but I do think it is way too overrated.

9 Mute City

For some reason, I am just not a fan of the f-zero tracks. Maybe they are just not visually appealing to me. While I do think this track is very fun to race on, I find it way too overrated and it is picked way too much online.

Again, crossover = win in the minds of too many people.

10 Hyrule Castle

People only choose it cause it's Zelda. At the end of the day, it's nothing more than a glorified circuit.

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11 Royal Raceway

I am not a fan of tracks where you just race on a generic road. It is fine for a couple of tracks but I really do not think generic race track tracks should be popular. People really seem to love this track because... I really do not know. The visuals and setting are absolutely beautiful but I do not think it is that fun to race on.

12 Toad Circuit

You may be wondering why I have put Toad Circuit from the booster course pass on this list but I have reasons. When this level shows up when I play online matches the majority of people pick it and I do not understand why. Do people pick these easy levels like Toad Circuit, Mario Circuit 3, Paris Promenade, and Excitebike Arena because there are no stage hazards and there is nowhere to fall off the track? I am starting to think that.

13 Rainbow Road N64
14 Mario Circuit 3
15 New York Minute
16 Yoshi Circuit
17 Sky High Sundae
18 Electrodrome
19 Yoshi Valley
20 Tokyo Blur
21 Mushroom Gorge
22 Sunshine Airport
23 Thwomp Ruins
24 Mount Wario
25 Berlin Byways

The music is a bop and there's moving cars and stuff but aside from that there's nothing much to this track. I still like this one though.

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