Biggest Disappointments in the Paper Mario Series

As someone with a full Paper Mario collection and as someone who has played the series ever since I was three, I had quite an experience with it, and there were some things I wished were better. That being said, I do still really enjoy these games for what they are and what they have to offer.
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1 Bonechill is way too easy

This guy has an awesome song, and you'll never hear it in-game unless you stall, because Luigi will destroy him in five seconds! Extremely wasted potential! I'm considering pitching a ROM hack to make the bosses more challenging, and this guy deserves to be buffed the most.

Now, I understand that people are still sore over the series. From this game on, it's terrible. You might be wondering why this is at the top instead. At least with the other games, you can make your own fun. With this, there's no fun to be had. It's just 15 seconds of time, tops, to complete an entire boss.

2 Sticker Star and Color Splash have an atrocious battle system

It's really tedious and feels more like a hunter-gatherer fighter rather than an equipment fighter, so to speak. It's really weak for what it is.

I didn't mind it as much in Color Splash, as the attack tools were consolidated into one card each, so you wouldn't have to cram for space. But it's even more sluggish in that game.

3 As the series continues, there are more Toads and fewer fresh characters

I miss the days when Paper Mario had a bunch of fresh, exciting, and unique characters.

4 All but three bosses in the entire series are easy and underwhelming

It should be obvious that Master 3, Bonetail, and the Shadow Queen are not easy, but with proper strategies, even I find them to be very easy.

5 Bonetail was not as difficult to me as people said he was

I was going to prepare a badge setup I had designed specifically to beat Bonetail, but I lost count of the rooms and went in too early. I had 15 HP, 40 FP, and who knows how many BP, but I beat him with an incomplete setup. Chill Out, Ice Power, Zap Tap, and Spike Shield are useless in this fight! As it turns out, with my strategy, he went down easily. This was my first-ever try fighting Bonetail because I didn't have the nerve to go all the way before, for fear of losing my progress. (To be fair, I used six Power Rush badges and Power Lift, so if I hadn't, he probably would have been harder?)

6 Partners do too little to help in battle in the Origami King

On the other hand, I'm glad Paper Mario is slowly returning to its roots!

7 The boss fights in Color Splash are designed to be impossible if you don't have the necessary Thing(s)

It feels forced when you have to have a certain weapon to even be able to progress in the fight. It's not clever.

8 Color Splash bosses return to being underwhelming after using the intended Thing

The battles become absolute pushovers.

9 Super Paper Mario lacks a consistent battle system, if it even has one

Super Paper Mario may be a good game, but it's more focused on platforming than fighting, which takes away from the game for me. I do still enjoy this game a lot, though!

10 Brobot L-Type has unbalanced difficulty

I was underleveled in one run and struggled to finish this boss without dying, but I beat it. In my next run, I completed the Pit of 100 before going into Chapter 6, and it died in five seconds. What?

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11 Paper Mario has no ending
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