Martinglez Loves #5: Super Mario Bros Series

Martinglez You know how these are usually short? Well this one won't be. I'm reviewing every Mario platformer that i have played either on emulations or in real life. Also, these are the main series installments.

Super Mario Bros.: This is a great start to this great franchises. It was impressive back then and it's still enjoyable today. Good controls, platforming, game design, power ups. The only negative thing i can say about it is that the boss battles are too easy. Great game i would recomend.

Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels: This one is worse than the original since it's way harder. It takes some of the enjoyment of the original. If you like challenging games then you should play it. Still much easier than Kaizo Mario, though. That's just imposible for me.

Super Mario Bros 2: The one we got. Why do some hate this game? Yes it changed a lot from the original but you can still have fun with it. The multiple character thing is very cool, i wish more Mario games had this (yes, Super Mario 3D World has them too). It also has good platforming and better bosses than the original. It changed a lot of mechanics from the original but you should still give it a try.

Super Mario Bros 3: Now this is a great sequel. It was better than the other 2 (3 if we count the Japanese version). It got the original mechanics and made them much better. It added great power ups, platforming that was better than the original, great and original level design, a world map... It was a great improvement that still holds up perfectly today.

Super Mario Land: The first Mario handheld game. It was similar to Super Mario Bros but in a handheld system. The level design was great, there were a lot of secrets (like Super Mario Bros)... It even has a similar style. It's a neat little game that is fun and entertaining.

Super Mario World: How do you make Super Mario Bros 3 even better? The answer is Super Mario World. It had a lot of levels, secrets, new power ups (YOSHI!)... The final boss battle is just incredible. Better than any battle before it. This is a game you have to try if you are a Mario fan.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins: Everyone can agree that this game is better than the original Super Mario Land. This game is much better adding more variety, a world map, power ups... It's another Mario game anyone can love.

Super Mario 64: The great jump that Mario took to 3D. This game is better than all behind it! Star collecting was a great idea! This game just made a 3D platformer good (all before were bad. Heck, even some alfter were horrible. Anyone want to play Bubsy 3D). This game set the standard for 3D gaming everywhere and the industry wouldn't be the same without it. A very fun and creative game you should play.

(I have not played Super Mario Sunshine so yeah...)

New Super Mario Bros: 2D Mario was back in action! This game also made the original formula better and was a very fun game you could take anywhere. It also had great boss battles (Except the giant Goomba. Why did that exist?). A game you should try.

Super Mario Galaxy: And here is the best Mario game ever made! This game was outstanding! It improved a lot over 64 and Sunshine and had great level designs, boss battles, characters (Rosalina, for example), story and is just a game you have to experience for yourself.

New Super Mario Bros Wii: It's the same type of game as New Super Mario Bros but now you can play with your friends. It also added the penguin suit, a suit that lets you do 2 things instead of one! Penguins are awesome! If you like Mario and want to play it with friends, you should get this game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2: Another Super Mario Galaxy game! It has everything that made Super Mario Galaxy great (except the great story, this one is more basic). It also added new power ups and galaxies! If you liked the first one (which you probably did) you will also like this one.

Super Mario 3D Land: The first 3D Mario game in this style. This is a 3D Mario in the style of a 2D one. It's very fun and entertaining. You should buy it. Also the Tanuki returned! But Peta attacked it for being a suit "made out of racoon fur". Also this was my first Mario game and i got Super addicted until i lost my copy. Then my brother got another copy and lost it. I played it A LOT.

Super Mario Bros 2: This is a sad case. It's a good game but would be much better without so many Coins and extra lives. Anyone can beat this game. It has way too many of them. Appart from that this is a good and fun game. Not as good as the original but great anyway.

New Super Mario Bros U: What should i say about this game that i haven't said before? It's like New Super Mario Bros Wii but with different levels and new power ups.

New Super Luigi U: This game is fun but like Super Mario Bros 2 (Japanese version) it's way too hard sometimes. There is also a multiplayer mode so you can race together! As i said in that game, it's good, specially if you like these types of challenges.

Super Mario 3D World: It's like Super Mario 3D Land but with a multiplayer mode, better levels and new power ups. Also, the different characters with different abilities appear again. That is awesome! You should buy it.

Super Mario Maker: I know this game isn't technically from the main series but it's awesome anyway! There are end less possibilities for this game since you create your own levels and play other people's levels, too! If you are a Mario fan, you will absolutelly love this game. And all before it.

Mario is a great franchise, specially when i couldn't find any bad games in the main series! Yes some are worse than others but they are all fun and great. Mario just rocks.


Yep - bobbythebrony

When I saw the words "Super Luigi" I thought of Danteem.
And Mario Maker plus Zelda U plus Splatoon are why I want a Wii U, but I am waiting for the Nintendo NX.
I saw a YouTube video where a dude said Zelda NX will be a launch title for the NX which will come out this year. Not sure if it's true or not. - Skullkid755

I like the series. But would not say I love it however, my favourite game in the franchise is actually Luigi's Mansion - iliekpiez