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These are the best Mario themes out of the best I choose for you guys! Hope you enjoy!
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1 Dark Bowser - Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Words do not; CANNOT describe the brilliance of music. At the end of the day, it comes down to what revebrates with you. For me, it's this peice. The perfect blend between desperation, hope, and intensity can only be described as POWERFUL. Not epic.
Epic is a word used too often without true understanding of it. Epic is intense. It is dramatic. It is wild, straight-forward strength.
Power is something else. Power is all of the above, but with... more left to the imagination. It can mean everything, or even nothing, to you, and it will be powerful nonetheless. Power means something more.
It only depends on how far in you look.

The very definition of epicness. That piano just makes it all the more dramatic and mysterious. And the final battle itself is memorable! Especially when it is topped off by this theme.

Love it, Love it, Love it. The entire game has the best soundtrack and this is the peak of it. This is the perfect theme for the climax and it did not fail.

It's just an amazing theme for an amazing game... I love the theme and the fight. To me the fight is easy, with practice, and save resets, you can win.

2 Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy Cover Art

This song is so relaxing and peaceful that it really make my day when I hear it!

! So good! I'm currently learning how to play it on Trumpet!

I never even played the game, and yet I already love it.

Will put a smile on your face every time, guaranteed.

3 Transformed Princess Shroob - Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time

I like the end of the theme

So epic and peaceful.

2nd coolest theme in the game. after boss battle

4 Bowser Phase 2 - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Look at that dark hole!

5 Ultimate Koopa - Super Mario 64

Super Mario Music is Good(But Not All That Great)

6 Giant Bowser - New Super Mario Bros Wii

Yup you guessed it-Bowser turned giant! And is also back with an epic theme.

7 In the Final - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

A list without this song at the top is lying to you

Bruh this is literally the dark bowser theme


8 Bowser, the Great Koopa King - Super Mario Galaxy

Am I the only one who thinks melty molten galaxy is good

9 Cackletta's Soul Theme - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Sega

Mario and luigi are stuck in bowletta's (more like cackletta's) body! Cackletta's soul comes for an uitimate battle! Both mario and luigi have only 1 hp! Mario gives luigi a mushoom. Luigi gives mario a mushroom! Teamwork, buddy.

10 Super Dimentio - Super Paper Mario

The Mario RPG games for the most part have PHENOMENAL music. Everyone will hate me for saying this, but I think a decent amount of the Mario RPG overall soundtracks are on par or better than the Mario Galaxy games. There are literally countless Mario songs that come close to being the best, but I think this one takes the cake. The energy it conveys is amazing, and when played at the emotional moment in the story it takes place at, it is an incredible feeling, I think games like the Galaxy games, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and SO MANY OTHERS have great soundtracks, or at least a few great songs, but I think Super Paper Mario BARELY comes out on top as having the best soundtrack in any Mario game ever. It has both quality and quantity, as there are so many songs and a larger percentage of them are phenomenal. If you think another soundtrack is better that I didn't mention, that's fine, since that's ...more

In the game, the InterNed says this song is called "The Ultimate Show". This is my third favorite Mario song, it would be nice if "Promise" or "Bounding Through Time" were on this list.

My favorite not fully- 3D Mario game of all time (no spinoffs included), and my personal favorite music from video games!

Would vote for bounding through time but since it is not here, I will vote for this.

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11 Overworld - Super Mario Bros. 3 Overworld - Super Mario Bros. 3 Cover Art
12 Menu Theme - Yoshi Touch & Go

I like snails

This is just a remix of the intro theme of yoshi's island. Still epic though. :D

13 World 1-1 - Super Mario Bros.

You can't call yourself a mario pro if you can't beat this game! Many remixes of this theme also appers in newer games like mario and sonic at the winter olympic games, new super mario bros DS and many more! Ok moving onto number 9.

Sonicisbest321, this is about songs, not about being a pro at mario. But this song is pretty good.

It never gets old

14 Overworld - Super Mario World Overworld - Super Mario World Cover Art
15 Intro Theme - Yoshi's Island

It's so fitting for a cute dinosaur. Helps me sleep :D

16 Underwater Theme - Super Mario Bros

The Underwater Theme Is My Favourite Theme Song From The 1st Mario Game

17 Castle Theme - Super Mario World Castle Theme - Super Mario World Cover Art

I have not played much mario world, but I have been to a castle. The music is cathcy and gets you feeling like, "This is gonna get serious soon! "

This is awesome. It makes me think "whoa! That part was tough. Now... Gotta wonder who the boss's going to be?

Oh sorry spelled catchy wrong

it's a great song!

18 Wario Colosseum - Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
19 Bowser's Road - Super Mario 64 Bowser's Road - Super Mario 64 Cover Art
20 Dreamy Bowser - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

This by far! It's everything, catchy, climatic... And lots of other things.

Its actually called "adventures end."

No words to describe its power

The best one, period

21 Credits - Super Mario 64

It Really Sounds Like A Credits Theme

22 Credits Theme 2 - Mario Kart Wii

This song sticks with you. It never leaves your side. Once you beat MKWii You're in for a treat.

23 Forest Maze - Super Mario RPG
24 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 8
25 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart Wii

Oh come on, why this is lower than all the other rainbow roads? this is the best song in any mario game ever.

This is the best song ever

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