Top 10 Most Surprising/Shocking Things That Certain Superhero Movies Have Done

The Top Ten

1 Managed to Be Worse Than the Original Made-For-TV Fantastic Four Movie from 1994, 21 Years Later - Fant-4-stic (Fantastic Four 2015)
2 Had Arguably an Even Better Joker Incarnation Than the Animated Series One, and Also Made Him Technically Win the Film's Main Conflict While He Was at It, An Entire Decade Before Infinity War - The Dark Knight
3 Was a Sony-Produced Spider-Man Movie that Completely Nailed the Original Comic Series' Personality and Aesthetic Hard Enough to Make Even the First Two Sam Raimi Films Look Like a Complete and Utter Joke in that Regard - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
4 Thought that It Was a Good Idea to Mix the Backstory of the Animated Series Mr. Freeze with the Personality of the Adam West Mr. Freeze and the Voice of Arnold Schwarzengger - Batman & Robin
5 Was a Super-Heroine Movie (A DC Comics One, No Less) That, While Generically Pro-Feminist and Far from Great, Didn't Completely Suck - Wonder Woman 2017

I’m by no means a feminist, but I actually kind of liked this. Minus the first twenty minutes, anyways.

6 Expected People to Unironically Take Its Infamous Character-Disintegration Twist Ending Seriously and Wasn't Wrong - Avengers: Infinity War
7 Featured a Black Main Character in a Way that Was Somewhat Politically Correct and Not Just a Blatant Stereotype Like What Was Previously Seen in Blade and Steel - Black Panther 2018
8 Managed to Be Even More Insufferable of a Film Than Batman & Robin Due to Only Having One Type of Pun in It (Go On, Guess Which Type) - Catwoman
9 Didn't Completely Butcher Thanos as a Character After What the Previous Film Did to Ultron - Avengers: Infinity War

In fact, he was actually improved by being given stronger motivations - xandermartin98

10 Got Nominated for Best Picture - Black Panther

The Contenders

11 Dramatically Introduced Slipknot as "The Man Who Could Climb Anything", Only to Then Hilariously-Anticlimactically Kill Him Off Somewhere Between Five and Fifteen Minutes Later - Suicide Squad
12 Made Thanos Win at the End - Avengers: Infinity War
13 Took Literally All of the Intelligence Out of Bane - Batman & Robin
14 Managed to Screw Up a Movie Series as Ridiculously Simplistic as the Blade Trilogy - Blade: Trinity
15 Actively Glorified the Act of Batman Purposefully Killing People as If It Meant Nothing - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
16 Had a Terrible Incarnation of Ultron While the Earth's Mightiest Heroes Cartoon Had a Fantastic One - The Avengers: Age of Ultron
17 Had a Twist Villain that Actually Worked - The Incredibles
18 Gave Batman a Bat-Credit Card - Batman & Robin
19 Had a Main Villain that Was Almost Every Bit as Good as that of Its Predecessor as Well as Even More Intimidating - The Dark Knight Rises
20 Managed to Be Worse Than Superman IV: The Quest for Peace - Supergirl
21 Degraded Steel Himself Into Nothing More Than Just a Pathetic Product Placement for the Fact that His Actor in the Film Happened to Be a Famous Basketball Player - Steel
22 Gave Batman's and Robin's Suits Bat Nipples and Bat Buttocks - Batman & Robin
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