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1 Batman Forever

You have Two-Face. BUT JESUS LOOK AT HIM. WHY DID THEY FIRE BURTON? He such a good director but they got a crap one, who had never seen Two-Face! Jim Carrey is the Riddler, and it's Jim Carrey, in the new 'The Batman', Eisenberg should be the Riddler, he has it in him! DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON CHRISSIE. Such a bad actor, and Krilmer does okay, probably one of the better actors but I wanted Two Face to be more tragic, in all honesty for the first bit, Riddler is much more interesting but is played down because Carrey is not a good Riddler. His worst role down to the stupidity of the casting crew because Jim Carrey was a big comedic star at the time. - iliekpiez

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I kind of love this film. - girlcool

2 Green Lantern

THE ORIGIN STORY OF GREEN LANTERN. Reynolds was an awful Green Lantern and the villains were messed up. The writing is horrible and they set up a cliffhanger. I do not think so you atrocity against humanity. Or is that too kind? - iliekpiez

3 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The one which should be easy. This would have been a franchise but this killed it. The action scenes were not good, they were awful! The original X-Men and X2 had much better action! They ruined Deadpool and Gambit. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN TO TWO AWESOME CHARACTERS? Sabretooth is ok, but better than the one in the 2000 X-Men but that is no accomplishment to be proud of. - iliekpiez

4 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I don't mind this film... - Gangem

This movie had some great villains like the Rhino, Electro and the new GG. WE NEVER SEE NORMAN EXPLORED. Even then, Rhino is just forgetten about and Electro is awful! Jamie Foxx does not care! This could have been dark, but plays it up on a cliffhanger, as Spidey does not win, but I am happy they sold it to Marvel because they know what to do! They have a good Spidey, and for me I wanted GG (Harry) to be the sole villain as it could have been tragic and the second part if this succeeded, could have been great. - iliekpiez

5 Suicide Squad

So much fun, but Harley needs to wear a better outfit next time. - girlcool

This may be harsh, but people ARE TOO NICE TO THIS MESS. The Joker is atrocious, Harley Quinn is oversexualised and I can barely remember any of the other characters because of how atrocious they are! The villain is bad, like almost everything in this! - iliekpiez

A slight improvement over Dawn of Justice. But, it was still aweful.

6 Fan4stic

Fan4stic is a movie which does not deserve the word "fantastic" in the title. It was dark, but then it messed it up. For example, Human Torch is played down to a cliché like he always is in these movies. It is not good, when I hope for the moment where HT dies like in the comics (eventually). It after the middle bit, Dr Doom is ruined as always and then the writing goes to a style what is seeming trying to beat movies like Catwoman and Batman & Robin in its writing. It is so bad. DO NOT SEE THIS, LET THE MCU HAVE THIS FOX PLEASE. - iliekpiez

The Fantastic 4 has to have a good movie. The HT is a cliché character and he is sincerely more than that. The heroes have little connection and that unfortunately almost destroys a big part of what should be about the movie. Also, that do that thing where Dr. Doom gets his powers the way The 4 does, AND DON'T REUSE IT FROM A BAD MOVIE, ALREADY! If you do it dark, do it dark properly. - iliekpiez

7 Elektra

Do not buy this blu ray. I will burn it for you, as a complient. This led Wonder Woman to be the superhero movie that showed it could have a acclaimed superhero flick with a female main. This did have potential, and Elektra is a good character! I wanted this movie to be good but it just sucked like hell. The action is good but not as good as its other film in its cinematic universe, Daredevil and the acting is awful! - iliekpiez

8 Daredevil

A movie for Daredevil. A movie for DAREDEVIL. A great underrated superhero, a movie which should have been great. ELEKTRA WAS AWFUL. Do not get me started on Kingpin! He is such a good villain. It also annoys that Bullseye was in this! Kingpin is Daredevil's arch nemesis, he should be the sole villain. If this was good, Bullseye should have killed Elektra in the sequel. - iliekpiez

9 Catwoman
10 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Trash... - Ananya

The Contenders

11 Thor: The Dark World
12 Batman and Robin

This film is cool. Too bad it gave critics the cold shoulder. - girlcool

Though for xcxcviuvG. Th e h Vikki I had i! Manc f

13 Justice League
14 Ghost Rider

First of all. NICOLAS CAGE. FOXX! SERIOUSLY!. Nicolas Cage is an awful actor!. He showed no interest in the character and is part of the reason this movie turned out awful!. The writing, is atrocious!. Ghost Rider is a bad character, and that really annoys me because he could easily get a good movie if done right. - iliekpiez

15 Watchmen
16 Spawn

This is an underrated character, with an interesting backstory. Just a shame that sucked really hard. Really hard. First of all, the last 10 minutes it looked like they had a penny left! The effects were on scale with Son of the Mask, I want to know how is that even possible! The writing is awful and the action is not impressive. - iliekpiez

Sounds like an interesting character. What's his backstory?

17 Iron Man 2
18 The Punisher (2004)
19 The Phantom

Just by looking at the cover you can tell it's trash - BlueTopazIceVanilla

20 Fantastic Four (2005)

Not as bad as the 2015 remake. Still a horrible movie. - MrCoolC

21 The Amazing Spider-Man
22 Marvel's The Avengers

What? This movie is good. It doesn't belong on the list! - DinoLover4242

I thought it was good. - TheFourthWorld

23 Avengers: Infinity War
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