Best Symphonic Death Metal Bands


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1 Septicflesh Septicflesh

SepticFlesh surpasses every other band in any genre and it is an understatement to label them as just Symphonic Death Metal even though that is what in essence they are. It's just the most Artistic, Philosophical, Magnifiscent, Dark, Morbid and Brutally Crushing music you will ever hear with 'Anubis' being their biggest masterpiece in Metal or Music history in general. No band can compare to these Greek Titans.

They are really awesome! I don't need to describe them because words aren't enough - nooreldeen

Septicflesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse got me into this genre

Just listen to Oceans of Grey

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2 Fleshgod Apocalypse Fleshgod Apocalypse Fleshgod Apocalypse is an Italian Death metal band. Formed in 2007, the group resides in Perugia and are currently signed to Willowtip Records and Nuclear Blast. The band is known for their fusion of metal with technical death metal.

The best symphonic death metal band no doubt! Check their album the agony and you will that they really deserve the 1st spot :).. - nooreldeen

This band is just incredible, with two vocalists, they really got me into this genre, Make Them Suffer's NEVERBLOOM album is kind of similar but only like 30%, not as priceless. I love this band, but I am yet to try the others on this list!

11/10 - IGN

3 Wintersun Wintersun Wintersun is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland and was originally created by guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, songwriter and vocalist Jari Mäenpää as a side project to folk metal band Ensiferum for whom he was lead singer and guitarist.

They are symphonic melodic death metal band :)..they mix symphonic and melodic elements with some power metal elements by their progressive style.. - nooreldeen

4 Eternal Tears of Sorrow
5 Ex Deo
6 Vesania

A symphonic band that features the bassist of behemoth (orion) as lead vocalist it is symphonic blackened death actually..but they are really awesome :).. - nooreldeen

7 Meadows End

Not your average death metal band. Great musicians and awesome song writing!

8 Make Them Suffer

Insanely good band with massive breakdowns and awesome screams!

9 Hollenthon Hollenthon
10 Dark Lunacy Dark Lunacy Dark Lunacy is an Italian melodic death metal band, often using a string quartet and Red Army choirs.

Listen to Aurora...thank me later - Ananya

Italian band with a 20year carear

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11 Mechina

I've never encountered a band quite like them, so epic and futuristic.

12 Dominia Dominia

Excel enemy russian band. Just List endless to the first. two albums.

Excellent. My nr 3

13 Amon Amarth Amon Amarth Amon Amarth is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Tumba, formed in 1992. The band takes its name from the Sindarin name of Mount Doom.
14 Sonus Mortis

Irish band with three srtudio albums, the first one with doom elements

15 Xerath Xerath
16 Ödious

Their Album Skin Age is just amazing!

17 Tvangeste

Best Symphonic Death Metal from mother russia!

Tranvestite garbage would sound more appropriate I believe.

18 Dysrider

I like their style of both male and female vocals.

19 Aeternam
20 Ionic Bond
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