The Top Ten Best Talking Tom & Friends Characters

This list is for the top ten best talking friends characters! ^_^

The Top Ten

1 Tom
2 Ben

Better than Angela he is a cool scientist when Angela is an unsuccessful singer!

Best character in the whole thing he is a cool scientist that invents cool stuff and tom sucks >:(

3 Angela

Angela is stupid, whiny, fussy and just a poop! I hate Angela so much! I really to kill this cat!

I know that some people say that she's a hacker, but I do like her in the cartoon! - ScourgetheHedgehog

I liked her in Disney! She was better with no make up and no dress.

I think she is cute and I love her new style with her dress, it looks funny and cute on her she sings geart! the hacking is not true, but I love the talking angela app the chat bar is the best part, I she was so fluffy and cute in talking friends she talked in a funny vocie, and the way she acted was so fancy and she sang geart also, I love the my talking angela app she is so cute as a baby, I think talking angela is a cool character beacasue her old style she had no clothing and her new style did! _ ROSE

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4 Pierre
5 Ginger
6 Lila
7 John
8 Baby Hippo
9 Hank

He's cute! - zaplen

10 Gina

The Contenders

11 Larry

I forgot to add him! ^-^ - ScourgetheHedgehog

12 Rex
13 Lily
14 Roby
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