Best World of Tanks Tank Destroyer

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The Top Ten Best World of Tanks Tank Destroyer

1 Waffentrager auf E 100

You can take it off the list. And put Grille 15 since the arrival of 9.15 update

Its not very fast

Can kill any tank in the game in one clip, some times even two

This thing is OP; it has a turret, very fast, 0.29 accuracy, and a 4-round autoloader; each shot dealing 750 damage.

2 Jagdpanzer E 100


Just a beast

The original deathstar, it packs 1,000 damage if it penetrates. The downside is it lacks the powerful HESH the FV can load, but the JgPz E 100 has WAY better armor values.

3 FV215b (183)

This tank pack's a serious punch. It's a first priority in a death match. It doesn't have super good armor, but it can bounce SOME things, and is not to be taken lightly. You have one chance when he/she fires. Just don't be caught in the open. I don't have this, but I've played against it for fun in training rooms. Alone, its easy to pick off. Just be careful about where you shoot.

There’s a reason it’s called the Death Star. And that turret armor is trollish and can get some surprising bounces

The most powerful non-artillery tank in the game. It's AP deals 900-1500 damage flat and best of all it loads HESH, a powerful HE round. It really deserves the name 'Deathstar'.

4 Hetzer

With great damage and good frontal armor, coupled with the ability to one-shot any tank one tier lower than it, the Hetzer is one of the best low-tier tank destroyers there are.

People say the Hetzer is a bad tank. Then, they get hit in the am o rack and destroyed. The hetzer is the best tank destroyer under tier 5


5 ISU-152

Great tank

6 T95

It's armour is useless thanks to japanese deeps, arty, and gold spammers.

It's a monster!

Dubbed as the 'doom turtle', the T95 has the best armor values in the game, but is countered by a very slow speed (13kph).

I penned it with UE 57

7 Grille 15

The replacement of waffentrager and tier 10 borsig

Durp: fast,good Damage

8 Foch 155

The 'WT E100' of the old days, the Foch 155 was faster and was greatly feared because of it's autoloader. With the arrival of the waffentragers, the Foch is encountered less these days.

9 M18 Hellcat

The Hellcat is possibly the most famous low-tier tank destroyer. Famed for it's insane speed of 72kph, the Hellcat earns it's reputation. But it is countered by rather weak armor.

10 T110E3

Good armour front deal with heavies less reload 13 sec

Op gun and gun manlet indeed

Movement and speed very good for teir 10 T.D. If you find haul down position u r set. I have had 10 + hits to the turret with losing only 200 hp. Great at sniping and can stand toe to toe with some teir ten heavys, but only as a last resort.

The Newcomers

? Udes 03

The Contenders

11 Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager [Rhm.Borsig WT]

I always get rekt by those.

12 T30

That massive 155mm will make your enemies cower after they get a good 750 damage armor piercing shell

Front armour is bit week

13 Fv217 badger

Reload and speed amazing traverse great😻

14 E-25

Tier for tier best tank.

15 T67

Crazy mobility... speed like an LT, fast loading...if you know how to use this tank, you will get a high number of kills. Best technique is, snipe and shoot, once get spotted, run as far as you can, hide and shoot again then run... (Hit & Run) Always remember, don't go on the front line, stay behind, this tank has no armor. My T67 is one of my best tank in the garage. It has the most number of kills...

This tank is OP. I often counter people whi gets so much kills in this

16 M8A1
17 T-34
18 T110E4

Hits hard...has a turret...and can hang with the heavies. Just watch out for engine fire.

Hard hitter... accuracy is fair...

19 T28 Prototype

Why is this here? Its even worse than T28

20 Mardar II

I really enjoy using this tank destroyer it’s extremely good on damage to enemy vehicles one to remember!

The Master 2 is my absolute LEAST favorite TD/tank in the game!
A TD with s-it accuracy, is pointless! I sold mine (FOREVER) within 3 matches of using, it!

Ps. I'm very glad that someone likes it, though & have fun out there! 😁

21 KV-2

Best TD hands down. Why? Just play it and you'll understand. The hand of Stalin guides your every shell!

22 Obj 268

Armour and damage great accuracy

23 FV4005

It s o heavie and cool to play and I love the damage

24 T18 HMC

Ahh the good old days. The T18 was fearsome tier 2 TD. With OP guns that you can choose and front armoer for which you need APCR to pen T18 is op. Today, after 9.12 update, T18 became tier 3 arty ☹️

25 UE 57

This has to be one of best low tier TDs. Its smallest tank in game! And top gun can pen almost any tank in game by shooting weakspots

26 StuG III Ausf. G

Fast,good reload and angled or even not sometimes u can still bounce it it's armour is not bad also it's traverse is insanely fast

27 We 113g ft

Damage and armour are great but fat but hey so are the jg tanks

28 Obj 263

Armour not the best but accuracy is great speed is not so bad and reload is good

29 Dicker Max

Love this tank destroyer only problem whith it is its reload speed and ammo cost

30 Centurion 7/1

Godly weapon, crappy module research cost, fast top engine, 20$ to max out

31 FV4004 Conway

I feel the, Centurian hull really suits this TD, well... I personally find the, B.L. 5.5 in. Gun "Simply perfect! " The armor & mobility are good, but FOUL camo numbers can be harsh for sniping; which you can improve with patients and tweaking... The, HESH rounds also help seal the deal, too... 😎

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