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1 Huntsman

MVP with huntsman makes any noob rage case... HE can't USE IT and thinks you hack

You wouldn't think a bow and arrow would be good against guns, but this weapon proves the contrary. - psychiclion

It has a good taunt, since it's a fast killing taunt. Also, it's funny when you pin somebody to the wall.

Its very good. but u need a good aim to use it

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2 Jarate

Throw a jar of piss at a scout, you can now instantly kill a scout from a shot in the foot, LOGIC.

People using this weapon against me makes me pissed... Get it?

Who knew a jar of your own piss could be so helpful. - DapperPickle

Jarate = RIP Spy

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3 Hitman's Heatmaker

If you can bag head shots like crap, this thing is the best. More head shots, more charge, more damage. - Storm

I use this weapon and if you are good at getting head shots then your focus will fill up and then it charges quicker for more head shots, plus the focus doesn't go down if you don't headshot.

Best weapon hands down got some of the sickest headshot cabins that would only be possible with this weapon. And requires actual skill. Unlike huntsman

The best sniper you can possibly use. Simply for the fact that head shots increase the charge speed

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4 Sniper Rifle

It does what a sniper needs and it does it without gimmicks, it's reliable and it kills.

Its is good compared to classic where you basically just no scope

With no effect and charge very fast

Nothing can beat it

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5 Machina

I mean, come on. What is the Huntsman doing up at the the top while this awesome rifle can double headshot and shoot though people. Even though it fires tracer rounds, no taunt kill and you have to scope in order to shoot, I still think this is one of the best sniper items in the game.

I'M NOT GOING TO START. First of all, it does high damage to players and you can pretty much not miss a shot. Killing everyone, people will think you are a hacker. But the weapon can't no scope, so you better have an SMG equipped, because you can't always rely on your kukri.

I really enjoy playing with this gun. That satisfying moment when you get a double head shot. I like to have the razorback equipped so I might be scoped in, a spy comes along, I here him breaking my shield so I whack him with the tribal mans shiv. Easy!

Cool design, fully charged gives 15% attack, headshot penetrates enemies. Plus it is so suited to my playstyle that focuses on getting kills rather than completing objectives in game. The only primary to beat this for me is the shooting star, basically a reskin with the same effects but cooler in design. I prefer the Machina tough. (Tip: Darwin danger shield or cozy camper if range to the enemies is medium, and razorback to prevent enemy spies (but of Course! ))

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6 Darwin’s Danger Shield

More health? Perfect! Bullet resistance? Even better! Who cares about more damage taken from explosives? They are slow and easy to dodge. - Storm

Really awesome how it can block 1 headshot.

R.I.P every spy ever who was unfortunate enough to go up against whoever using this

annoying to play against. Pain in the ass when you headshot someone, they don't die, and then they full charge bodyshot you.

7 Awper Hand

Looks awesome with the same amazing stats as stock

Looks good, does its job, and no drawbacks

Its just awesome... and its really OP

Awesome reskin awesome sound awesome stats 3x the awesome 3x the kills

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8 Cozy Camper

20% damage vulnerability. So what? Snipers are usually out away from combat, and if he is in combat, most likely he would die anyway. Lets you regenerate 1 health every second, and no flinching on aiming. A wonderful secondary weapon. - Storm

9 Tribalman's Shiv

Its cool jagged and you bleed after someone hits you

Basically the southern hospitality for sniper

Best melee weapon in the game

OP Against Spy's

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10 Submachine Gun

A mini gun with a lot less spin-up with normal movement speed. How good is that? - Storm

Hey I just killed spy with this, its alright. AS LONG AS I DON'T RUN AT HEAVIES WITH IT

Great for taking out scouts.

Ok no you are a sniper you should be sniping not running in to battle and cleaners carbine is no apologie.

The Newcomers

? The Tomislav

Much better than stock minigun, because of the decreased spin up time, and it's better accuracy means you can snipe across 2fort battlements.

? Mutated Jarate

It's better, because reskins are always better.

The Contenders

11 Razorback

A lot of people don't like this weapon, but if you find yourself on a server with its fair share of spies going around camping on your team's snipers, it helps a lot

Oops, wrong one...

Of course, when you jarate them and you hit them, it does CRITICAL HIT!

12 Bushwacka

There are still random critical hits, and mini-crits will turn into crits! Great with Jarate. You would most likely be dead anyway if a Pyro ambushes you, and if you still lived, you can use Jarate to extinguish the fire. So no worries about the 20% fire damage vulnerability. - Storm

Actually dudes, its meant to be with syndey sleeper and crocodile sheild blabla (Darwin danger)..

Honestly, I think the reason this isn't higher on the list is becuase it is really only good with Jarate. Of course, if you have Jarate, IT IS INSANE WITH JARATE. Otherwise, the normal Kukri is better.

Hm this weapon turns mini-crits into crits eh? And jarate applier mini-crits to the target interesting. It is so obvious this weapon was made to be used with jarate when used with jarate it will hit a target for a round 150 damage, who cares about the 20% damage vulnerability! I can't mention the countless times a scout,spy etc have come and I just throw this jar of piss and then swing this awesome jagged blade. Even pyros sometimes fall to this kukris wrath, its music to my ears when the sniper says bombs away! Or jaaarate

And I just swing this kukri, honestly my favorite sniper melee

13 Sydney Sleeper

Good for when using a good smg, but not given enough credit for, sorry piss rifle

Who doesn't like a gun that shoots out piss bullets?

Good for support. You set up mini crits for teammates across the map. Fully charge it does 400 damage.

Anything that can apply 35% more damage to anyone on the enemy team at any range is ok with me
Also at the date of postal for this comment (6th April 2018) it can one shot anything with less than 204 health

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14 Bazaar Bargain

This weapon is good if you are a good sniper if not then this weapon might not be the best choice

Brilliant gun

The weapon for a pro sniper.


15 The Classic

I am not saying it is the best. But you gotta admit its fun.

It's the best, other than Fortified Compound. First, it is the coolest gun in sniper other than the machina. It as a laser sight thing too

Fun, but it's simply not a good weapon to depend on. The no-scope thing is useless for good snipers since they aren't going to be scoped 100% of the time, and not being to headshot until fully charged just kills this weapon as a large part of sniper shots aren't going to be 100% charged, but rather just scoping and headshotting (uncharged) for a quick kill on squishy units. The 10% less damage on bodyshot just adds insult to injury.

WIth only n headshot when not fully charged and -10% body shot damage, who cares. Like the guy below me, you can use it to see what's around you and an charge it while slowly moving.

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16 Fortified Compound

A nice reskin of the hunts man, with new metal details, plus the time you can hold and arrow while still being on point seems to be extended

I swear it goes in less of an ark if not then nice reskin.


Huntsman is FIRST
I mean I ain't wailing but isn't Fortified a BETTER reskin?

17 Flamethrower

Better than the Classic.

Not a sniper weapon,but when you have the huntsman, the arrow burns and if you shoot your target will burn in hell.

So good that you can...
Give it to a pyro

What people don't think about is that you can actually get headshots with a flamethrower. Its as easy as reflecting a huntsman arrow back into that wankers head.

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18 Cleaner's Carbine

Same as the normal Smg, but gives you crits.. Still there are better choices

It has a silencer so you can sneak up on people and fill up your damage meter to get dem minicrits

100 damage for 8 secs of Mini-Crits? That's not demanding at ALL - Daemonbomb


19 The Shooting Star

Hang on. Why is this one getting no attention.

It looks awesome

20 AWP


21 B.A.S.E Jumper

Because this item totally isn't for the demoman and soldier


22 Holy Mackerel

IT is AWESOME to embarrass people with a fish kill


23 Force-A-Nature

It may not be a sniper weapon, but still, you can get more kills with this than any sniper weapon, trust me, sniper sucks.

Nah, 1 fully charged body shot to the Scout and he's dunzo, trust me, bodyshots are easy.


24 Shahanshah

More damage if you have low health! You would be taking a ton of damage if you are using primary, so this weapon is quite good in combat. - Storm

It doesn't help that the damage bonus will apply only when below 50% health,that's 62 for normal Snipers and 75 with Danger Shield Snipers and you can get shot down easily when you try to use this thing which is really terrible.

Ok if you are taking a lot of damage as a SNIPER you are doing something wrong.

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