Best Wildlife and Nature Documentaries

Which is the best documentary about nature and wildlife?
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1 Planet Earth

Yes you are right. This documentary covers it all. It's the most amazing and spectacular documentary I have ever watched. The way they have filmed is breathtaking and awesome. In this documentary, you can see the full majesty of nature and God's glorious and magnificent creatures.

The Planet earth is one of the best animal documentaries that can't be filmed again!

Always loved nature and wildlife. I was looking for something that was complete with both. This is it. Along with great photography and HD

First of its kind... With revolutionary camera and advanced filming techniques...

2 The Crocodile Hunter

So thankful that Steve Irwin is up there with David Attenborough. He deserves to be!

Its awesome, just watch out you will fill with passion & love for animals.

No one will ever show you wildlife like Steve Irwin with The Crocodile Hunter Documentary

3 Planet Earth II

Just as good as the first planet earth but with better video technology

4 Walking with Dinosaurs

The way they brought the dinosaurs back to life is breathtaking!

Very interesting to watch as we can see roughly what the dinosaurs would have looked like

5 Ocean's Deadliest

Irwin died on this.

6 Prehistoric Park

Welcome to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary.
Welcome to Prehistoric Park!

7 Blue Planet II
8 The Blue Planet

Stunning photography, breath-taking scenes and the best narrator there has ever been for programmes of this nature, Sir David Attenbrough

9 Our Planet
10 Life
The Contenders
11 Chased by Sea Monsters
12 African Cats
13 Life in the Undergrowth

Scary and fascinating doco about bugs and creepy crawlys that predate on each other in the most weird and violent and sometimes hilarious ways in the undergrowth.

This was fantastic! Great shot of all types of insects and arachnids, just what I like to see. I would recommend this to any invert lover.


14 The Last Lions

A stunning movie about a sole lioness which has to fend for herself and her three cubs. The movie includes breath-taking scenes and had me reaching for my tissues during several scenes.

SHould easily be top 5

15 Human Planet
16 Bears
17 March of the Penguins
18 Corwin's Quest
19 Frozen Planet
20 Natural Disasters
21 Countryfile Countryfile is a British television programme which airs weekly on BBC One and reports on rural, agriculture and environmental issues in the United Kingdom.

Countryfile covers enviromental issiues, the British farm industry and of course the British countryside.

22 Great Migrations
23 Last Feast of The Crocodiles
24 Tiger: Spy In the Jungle
25 Birds Do It, Bees Do It
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