Top 10 Telltale Games Cliches

While Telltale has made some good games they still have a few common cliches. Some of them are ok, but some are annoying.

The Top Ten

1 Learning to forgive people for the horrible stuff they've done to you
2 Cartoon looking graphics and character designs
3 Making a difficult decision that could cost lives or nearly kill you
4 Red herrings to distract you and to move the plot forward
5 QTE's that if not done quickly kill you
6 A smart ass main protagonist
7 A main character must be sacrificed for the story to continue
8 Dodging obstacles and enemies by using an analog stick or the D-pad
9 Tapping a button really fast to hit someone, get up from either being injured, or to use a item
10 Clicking on Objects with Grey or White Circles Around Them
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