Greatest Roger Federer Accomplishments

The Top Ten
1 Winner of 16 Grand Slam titles

Previous record was hold by Sampras with 14 Grand Slams

Now it's 17 grand slam titles

2 Held the ATP no. 1 position for a record 237 consecutive weeks and 285 weeks overall
3 In 2011, he was voted the second most trusted and respected human in the world, second only to Nelson Mandela

Federer's comment on his foundation site: "In sports we learn how to fight: for victory, for the entire team, in order to reach a goal. In many countries of the world a majority of people, despite their efforts, do not have access to education or sports. I am very glad to be able to make a difference by means of my Foundation. "

4 Is the only player to defend successfully all three Grand Slams next year one time in his career (2007 AO, Wim and USO)
5 Is the sixth of seven men to win all four Grand Slam titles during his career
6 In 2009 won his long expected French Open title

It was great to see Federer finally winning the one grand slam trophy which he did not have before and with this making the career grand slam

7 Only male player to defend the same Grand Slam 4 consecutive times at two different Grand Slams (2003-07 Wimbledon and 2005-08 US Open)
8 Won his first 12 Grand Slam finals outside of the French Open, an all-time men's record
9 Is the only player to win 40 consecutive matches at two different Grand Slams (2003-08 Wimbledon and 2004-09 US Open)
10 Federer's 16 Grand Slams in 8 years (2003-10) is an all time men's record

That meant an average 2 Grand Slam per Year!

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11 Made 23 consecutive Grand Slam semi finals
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