Top 10 Best Chicago Cubs Teams of All Time

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1 1907 - Won World Series

One year after their shocking loss in the famed Chicago World Series to their Chicago Southsiders' The Chicago White Sox. The Cubs regroup and with the same team that won 116 games the previous season, the Cubs we're back in the World Series and standing in their way we're the Ty Cobb Detroit Tigers. When the 2 teams tied at 3-3 in Game 1, Cubs fans feared they would choke again. But it didn't this time as the Cubs pitching hold the Tigers to just 3 runs the rest of the series and the City of Chicago embraced their first world championship.
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2 2016 - Won World Series

List was made before they won in 2016

3 1906 - Lost World Series

The greatest Cubs team never to win the World Series. That year they won 116 in a 154 game schedule. The team had 4 Hall of Fame Players Frank Chance, Johnny Evers, Joe Tinker, and Mordecai Brown. The team had the best era in ALL of baseball 1.76 earned run average. Harry Steinfeldt led the National League in hits and runs batted in. By the way, Mordecai had 26 wins most by a Cubs pitcher that year and a 1.04 earned run average. The best was yet to come.
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4 1910 - Lost World Series

Just 2 years remove from their triumph in the World Series, the Cubs we're back again in the show. But the team was finally showing its wear. The team though got help from Solly Hoffman who hit .325. While the pitching got some hope with 2 great pitchers.3 Fingers Brown who finished the year with 25 wins and 143 strikeouts and a gem in King Cole with a 20-4 record and an era of 1.80. But Johnny Evers was hurt during the Cubs Pennant drive, and it proved to be a difference as the Philadelphia Athletics capture the world title in 5 games.
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5 1908 - Won World Series

The Tinker to Evers to Chance era brought the team a world championship and it took a big blunder by the New York Giants Fred Merkle to help save the season for the Cubs. The Cubs then faced Ty Cobb and the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. In only 5 games, thanks to outstanding pitching effort by Three Fingers Brown, Orval Overall and the timely hitting of Frank Chance, Solly Hoffman and yes Joe Tinker. The Cubs became the first team to repeat as World Champions.
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6 1935 - Lost World Series

It was starting to be a pattern when the Cubs win the National League pennant once every three years, 1935 was the continuing story of once again their rise to the pennant. This time it was spectacular. On September 4, the team was trailing 2.5 games out of a first when they began a historic streak for the ages. Win after win followed and soon, they we're in first place. By September 28, the Cubs had a 21-game winning streak and tied their own record that they set in 1880 when they we're known as the Chicago White Stockings. But the World Series was a different story but let's not go there.
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7 1929 - Lost World Series

In the offseason, the Cubs acquired one of baseball's great hitters Rogers Hornsby, and all he did was hit .380, hit 39 home runs and an amazing 149 RBIS and an impressive .679 slugging percentage to go along with 156 runs and himself his 2nd NL MVP as the Cubs under manager Joe McCarthy led the team to its first National League pennant since 1918.
Hack Wilson was also on this team, and 1 year later had 190 RBIs.
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8 1945 - Lost World Series
9 1932 - Lost World Series

This 1932 team proves they can win a pennant without Joe McCarthy as manager. Later on, they can prove they can win a pennant without Rogers Hornsby late in the season. This cub's team had 4 batters who had a .300 average and leading the way was Riggs Stephenson who had a .324 batting average. While in the home run department it was Gabby Hartnett who had 12 home runs. Just like 1929, the Cubs won the pennant and just like 1929 they fell short of the world title, this time at the hands of the New York Yankees.
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10 1938 - Lost World Series

The Cubs needed a shot in the arm to get back into the World Series. They got Dizzy Dean and though he was past his pride, his leadership along with player-manager Gabby Hartnett took the Cubs on an amazing pennant chase against another surprising team the Pirates. It came down to September 28 at Wrigley with the game tied 5-5 and with darkness coming Hartnett blasted a Mace Brown pitch into the dark thrusted the Cubs to a pennant and created that homer into what its called The Homer in the Gloamin.
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11 1984 - Lost in Championship Series

In 1977, a new weekly TV Series called This Week in Baseball chronicles a brief history of the Cubs leading up to that year. 7 years later, This Week In Baseball we're covering the Cubs on a weekly basis and with good reason. The Cubs we're winning again just like the good old days. 2 important people helped the Cubs win the NL East. Rick Sutcliffe who led the Cubs in important wins and Ryne Sandberg who was having a career year, something that he would in time become a Baseball hall of Famer.
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12 1918 - Lost World Series

The Cubs captured their first National League Pennant since 1910. At Wrigley Field, this team excelled at everything as Charlie Hollocher batted .316, while the pitching staff wasn't that bad led by Hippo Vaughn's 22 wins , a 1.74 ERA, and 148 strikeouts and Claude Hendrix's 20 wins led the way, but World War I cut the season short, it would be 11 years 'til the Cubs return to the World Series.
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13 1969 - Missed the Postseason

Easily the most celebrated and best team NOT to make the postseason. A team loaded with moments like Ken Holtzman's no-hitter at Wrigley Field on August 19, the Bleacher Creatures and the most star sudded team in the Leo Durocher era Cubs. This team had Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ferguson Jenkins, Ron Santo, Randy Hundley, Glenn Beckert, Don Kessinger, and so many more.
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14 1989 - Lost in Championship Series
15 1998 - Lost in Division Series
16 2015 - Lost in Championship Series
17 1970 - Missed the Postseason
18 2017 - Lost in Championship Series
19 2018 - Lost in Wild Card Game
20 1880 - Won League Championship
21 1977 - Missed the Postseason
22 1876 - Won League Championship
23 2003 - Lost in Championship Series
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