Best Terran Characters of Starcraft


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1 Jim Raynor

Former colonial marshal on the backwater planet of Mar Sara, Raynor joins Arcturus Mengsk's revolutionaries in their fight against the tyrannical and corrupt Confederacy, where he develops a relationship with Sarah Kerrigan, Mengsk's second in command. However, he quickly comes to realise that Mengsk is far from the force for good when he abandons Kerrigan and the entire population of a planet to die by the hand of the Zerg to satisfy his own thirst for power. Disillusioned and embittered, Raynor forms his own rebel movement to oppose Mengsk's new imperial Terran Dominion. - MatrixGuy

2 Sarah Kerrigan Sarah Kerrigan

She began her career as a Confederate ghost and later became the second-in-command of the Sons of Korhal. Following Arcturus Mengsk's betrayal, she was captured and infested by the Zerg Swarm, ultimately becoming the self-proclaimed Queen of Blades and leader of the Swarm. - MatrixGuy

3 Horace Warfield
4 Tychus Findlay

A marine and old associate of Raynor's who becomes affiliated with the Raiders. - MatrixGuy

Raynor's closest friend and his right hand man. Hell,it's about time he got his badass intro.

5 November Annabella "Nova" Terra
6 Matt Horner

Having come to admire Raynor's bravery and loyalty, Horner follows Raynor when he abandons Mengsk's cause, and is keen to strike at the morally bankrupt Terran Dominion - MatrixGuy

7 Arcturus Mengsk

A core character of the series, is the primary subject of the novel I, Mengsk. Mengsk is extremely intelligent and is capable as both a strategist and tactician. While Mengsk does not empathize with people well, he is highly skilled at oratory and propaganda and possesses a remarkable ability for manipulating other people. - MatrixGuy

8 Valerian Mengsk
9 Rory Swann
10 Edmund Duke

Ranking officer in first the Confederacy and later the Dominion - MatrixGuy

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11 Gabriel Tosh
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