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April April Cover Art
Hexes Hexes Cover Art

I think there's some glitch here. All of the new songs have 0.5% and nothing has happened to their positions since I put them on.

Still great live without Martin Grech.

Dystopia Dystopia Cover Art
Phoenix Phoenix Cover Art

Quite a beautiful song. - IronSabbathPriest

Nocturne Nocturne Cover Art
Luminary Luminary Cover Art
Survival Survival Cover Art
Perfection Perfection Cover Art
Eden Eden Cover Art
King King Cover Art

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Of Matter - Retrospect Of Matter - Retrospect Cover Art

The best

Sunrise Sunrise Cover Art
Tourniquet Tourniquet Cover Art

It's such a beautiful song and I love the ambient atmosphere but I love TesseracT's other songs : Deception,Sunrise,Hexes,Perfection & Survival too.


They cut this from the set at Manchester Academy 2 2016 and I was so disappointed. Stupid venue having late doors times.

Messenger Messenger Cover Art
Smile Smile Cover Art
Of Mind - Nocturne Of Mind - Nocturne Cover Art
Nascent Nascent Cover Art
Of Matter - Proxy Of Matter - Proxy Cover Art
Lament Lament Cover Art
Cages Cages Cover Art

It's got great ambient parts. Surprised it's this low. - AdamDestructorJr.

Proxy Proxy Cover Art
Eden 2.0 Eden 2.0 Cover Art
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