Top 10 Texting Pet Peeves

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1 Being spammed

Just because someone doesn't respond within 1 minute doesn't mean you should start spamming them. They could be busy. Some people need to understand that they're really not the most important things in the world. - 3DG20

2 People who feel the need to send every message word for word

I saw this on BAND, so many times. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

This is me lol - Luckys

It's basically spamming, which is the first item on this list. - 3DG20

3 When people go offline while leaving you waiting for a response from them

I've literally lost count of how many times my so called “friends” have done this to me. It's not that hard to take the 2 seconds out of your life to tell the person you're texting that you have to go so that they don't have to sit there for 10 minutes waiting for a response. - 3DG20

Yes, this can get quite annoying. People may as well just say, 'okay don't wait up because I'm gonna be a while.' - ParasN2000

4 Constant spelling and grammar mistakes

I obviously don't mind the occasional typo here and there, especially if English isn't your first language, but if it takes me 10 minutes just to understand what you're saying, then you really need to get yourself a dictionary. - 3DG20

5 When you get added to some random group chat

Once, a while back, I was very randomly added into this group chat with people from my city who shared my first name (which is quite an uncommon name). I didn't even know one person in it or who made it. - ParasN2000

I was in another group chat and I said some stuff as a joke, then next thing I knew, I was in a group chat for people who ship. *Facepalm* - 3DG20

6 People arguing on a group chat

Yes! Especially teenage group chats with their pettiness and immaturity. - ParasN2000

If you're going to pick fights with people over some hot guy that doesn't know any of you exist, please do it in DM. Not everybody wants their phone blowing up to that. - 3DG20

7 When people see your text, but don't bother responding

It's not that hard to just tell the person trying to get ahold of you that you don't wanna talk, or if they did something wrong, letting them know what it is they did wrong so that they could fix it instead of acting like a child about it. - 3DG20

This is my biggest texting pet peeves. - Luckys

They could respond at least, - Userguy44

8 When people say they're busy and can't talk, then spend their next 3 hours liking posts

You may as well be honest about it. - 3DG20

This is plain dishonest. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

9 “Gtg”, “brb”, “ily”, “ttyl” etc.

Cry baby.
Don't you know what text talk is?

Sometimes, it'd be nice to have a real conversation and not just one worded answers. This just shows me that I'm not even worth the 2 seconds it would take for you to write these words out. - 3DG20

10 When people overuse GIFs

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11 When people overuse emojis

If your message has more emojis than words, then I'm not even going to bother reading it. - 3DG20

12 When people send a text and feel the need to tell you what device they text you on or the location they text from
13 When people respond to your paragraph with 'K'
14 Waiting for a response
15 When they say something sarcastic in a group chat and someone gets offended
16 When people dry text
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