Top Ten Things that Hold Us Back from Being What We Want to Be

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1 Fear

Many people think they will fail. That's why they don't even try to win.

2 Laziness
3 Self Doubt

Many people think they can't do this, they can't fly, they don't believe they have wings.

I have this a lot. It's also a kind of fear.

4 Family

At home, I'm stuck between my insanely annoying, pesty younger sibling and my strict, high expectation parents who have a huge argument with each other every once in a while. The only life I have other than that is school. I can't bear it, and I can't wait till I'm older so I can have my own life.

I honestly don't feel comfortable with my family. My mom is salty and upset most of the time, and my parents arguing is very annoying.

They can either stop you from being what you want to be or encourage it.

5 Reality
6 School

I want to program.

School: Nope. We will barricade your way with homework and facts which have nothing to do with programming.

I agree! My school tends to have everyone conform to one way of living.

Homework is just too much, because I have to pray and I have homework every day except Wednesday.

7 Distractions

Playing flash games at school!

8 Waiting for the Right Time

For some things, there's never a "right time," so just go for it.

9 Overthinking

I overthink in general. Imagine this: Every killer, serial killer, mass murderer, pedophile, racist, Nazi, terrorist, etc., that has ever been known has lived on the same rock/planet as you. That's weird. Also, humans are made up of very dense and close tiny things called atoms, meaning we are just very hard liquid forms. And we're living in a complex world yet we live without even realizing it.

Bungee jumping helped to cure my overthinking habit. If you think too much about doing something, you'll talk yourself out of it. Seriously, just do it!

10 Ourselves
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11 Addictions
12 Pressure
13 Comfort Zone

Falls into the Fear Zone. It's scary to step outside your personal comfort zone.

My theory is when a person can put the rubber chicken on their head and lead the dance, they have officially stepped out of their comfort zone.

14 Blame
15 Ego
16 Religion
17 Depression
18 Perfectionism

It takes away what you already have.

19 Discouragement

It can be from others, or even from yourself for that matter.

20 Rude People
21 Politics
22 Rich People
23 Procrastination
24 Quarantine
25 Society

Unfortunately, most people become a casualty of it and end up being conformists.

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