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The Neighbourhood is an American rock band formed in August 2011. The band is composed of vocalist Jesse Rutherford, guitarists Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels, bassist Mikey Margott, and drummer Bryan Sammis.

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1 Sweater Weather

WHAT THE HECK! WHY IS THIS SONG NUMBER THREE!? This deserves to be number one! LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! Great song by them!

1st song I've heard from them from 2013 and still the best till now!

This song is amazing and I was obsessed with it for months.

Still in love with the song despite hearing it for like a million times. This song is beyond awesome!

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2 Wires

Could be the best song by the neighbourhood, I'm really in love with this.

STRAIGHT TO HELL STRAIGHT TO HELL... Download this song, you morbid listener

Straight to hell... Straight to hell.

The sound of the song is amazing and catchy. The meaning of the song is nice, and the acoustic version of this is BEAUTIFUL.

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This one is so violent, but also emotional enough to be about love

Why is Sweater Weather #1? Come on...

I absolutely love this song. It's amazing. "You say that you love me but you act like you don't." It's my fave song.

This song has an amazing catchy beat and meaningful lyrics, definitely one of my favorites

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4 Afraid

Number one for me, this song is just amazing

Afraid > Sweater Weather, please take it to number 1.

I never get tired of listening to this song.

WHO MADE this list?!?! This should be on the top with Sweater Weather!?!?

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5 Warm

"I'm never's never good enough." This song kills me! The Neighbourhood is known for their original beats and rhythms and this song does not disappoint. The church bell in the end gets me every time. I truly love every single song of The Neighbourhood's.

I love warm! I also love how the first few times I was listening to it I was thinking about where I use to live in Cali. Memories

I love love love warm! It makes me feel so emotional

6 Lurk

This song is sex on a stick

Also a new song by them and it gives me chills.

The beat is super catchy and dark. I love it

Really good

7 Let It Go

Remember what the people said, remember what the people said, what it's said and done, let it go

Perfect song, perfect video.

Tells a really depressing story and the song is just amazing

I know the others here are good but this song right here is class! It should be no. 1!

8 Daddy Issues

This is a great song. Needs to be higher.

Best song

Why is this 16?!? It should be in the top 10! It's slow, it's sweet, and one of the best songs on "Wiped Out! " Listen to it if you haven't already heard it.

This song is a masterpiece

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9 R.I.P. 2 My Youth

This song needs to be number one! It's one of the greatest song I've ever heard in my entire life.. lyrics, melody, the whole atmosphere that brings every single time... this is a masterpiece!

Number one song right here, what are y'all smoking why is this so far back


The lyrics and the vibe to this song make it so exquisite and heartfelt, this and Sweater Weather are probably two of my most favourite songs ever

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10 Female Robbery

The beginning always kills me. I think I found hell... I think I found something.

This should be higher up

Should definitely be at the top.

Love this song.

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11 Honest

Doesn't get the credit it deserves because it's a soundtrack song, but it's easily in my top 3

This song is so good I actually can't stop listening to it

Good song for a bad movie like I wish this song was for a hobbit movie or Harry Potter movie

Best song on this list hands down. Favorite song by them.

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12 A Little Death

This is my FAVORITE one

Love this song, why is it not higher?

This song is everything. Listen to it!

My favourite song from the boys! It needs to be higher

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13 West Coast

This song is absolutely groovy & deserves a top ten spot.

This song is my second favorite it's so good and I think it's a little different from what they usually do

Come on, this should be way higher! West Coast is one of my favorites

This is just a hell yeah type of song

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14 Flawless

It's one of their best songs.

Flawless inspired me so much to write my own music and stories, I can't believe it's not higher!

11th? What? It's like so much better than everything else (except for sweater weather and wires)

This deserves to be on top ten!

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15 Single


Definitely up there with sweater weather and wires, why so low?

Really? So low? His plea to Dave is so heartfelt

This needs to be higher on the list

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16 W.D.Y.W.F.M.?

This is the only song I like from The Neighborhood lol

I love this song! Disappointed it's so low, though.

What do you want from me?

Why is this so far down... Probably the best song... Better than Afraid and Sweater Weather!

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17 The Beach

Emotional song. Good chords - LydiaS001

This song is so meaningful

This song is so deep and emotional and you can hear his raw emotion and the slow pace and just everything about this song is amazing it's probably my #1 favorite

This song is literally the best The Neighbourhood song! So emotional and catchy!

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18 Cry Baby

What up cry baby? What are u doing down here? Shouldn't u be at the top?

The song that got me addicted to this band

Such an awesome beat

My favorite song by them and my favorite song in general, why is this at 23? "i know I'll fall in love with you baby, yea that's just what I'll do" uggghhh great song & so catchy

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19 Baby Came Home

In terms of quality, this is the best

Jessie's vocals are amazing in this song and the lyrics are on point, like always

Such a raw, sad slow beat. This song catches all Jesse's feelings and tells a very meaningful story in the lyrics.

I feel as this should AT LEAST be in top 7. Amazing hit with gucci vocals.

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20 Prey

Should be #1

Prey should be on top 10

This song is so underrated

I love this song so much

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21 Alleyways

Oh, I love this song but shoot I was about to make this list. - happyhappyjoyjoy

This is such an amazing song, it should be at least in the top 10!

This songs is AMAZING.

A very catchy relaxed beat, a beautiful song

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22 Staying Up

This song and How are the best.

This is such a raw and beautiful sad song. It's dark and meaningful and should definitely be higher on the list!

This song is a masterpiece.

I love this song so much

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23 #icanteven

One of their newest songs and it's absolutely amazing and raw. And you said I wasn't just like anyone... But you treated me just like everyone. The Neighbourhood just kills it.

I can't even, can't even believe that this isn't higher on the list

Love this song so much

This song is so lit?

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24 Scary Love

Y'all be sleeping.

One of the best songs by them, it deserves to be way up there within the top 5

I love love this song.


25 Greetings from Califournia

It’s sad; nostalgic yet makes you feel uneasy. Has the general vibe of The NBHD yet something about it distinguishes it.

26 Void

Um sis its supposed to be number

27 How

Deserves to be in top 10

This is my favourite song by them
"How can gods existence when you question God himself? Why would you ask for gods assistance when you would take advice? "
I'm not sure if the lyrics are right in that last part but that's "how" (I'm sorry I had to) I heard it

28 Ferrari

Ferrari is arguably my favorite song on their new album. Beautiful lyrics with amazing vocals. Really speaks to you.


29 Reflections
30 Wiped Out!

Good great song

31 Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines

This song is hands down the most beautiful song they've ever created, next to "Warm."

It's so beautiful, this is my favourite song ever

32 Leaving Tonight

So iconic one of their best!

33 Sadderdaze


Just beautiful

I've cried for hours listening to this song full blast.

34 No Grey

Everything's sunny, but the sunshine fades away...

35 Everybody's Watching Me (Uh Oh)

This is the best song ever. Ya’ll sleeping on this.

36 Jealou$y

I absolutely love this song. The saxophone though.

How is this at 23?

37 Noise

Its just so... p r e t t y

38 Float

What if I don't float? What if I don't float? I think I'll float. I'll float, I'll float. I'll float away...
Seriously a great ending. So peaceful and beautiful.

Should be in the top ten


39 Silver

Master piece

40 1 of Those Weaks

I love this even though it's not traditional The NDHD. Wish it was on the album though. - Kamrande


41 Roll Call
42 Say My Name / Cry Me A River

Totally shows of jesses vocals

43 Dangerous
44 Hate Machine
45 Pitiful
46 Dust
47 Unfair

Even though it's a beat it's a good song

48 A Moment of Silence

How could this no be no1. It's not just their best song but the best song by any artist ever.

49 Me & My Bitch
50 '93 Til
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