Top Ten Best Things About the Game Poptropica

No, I'm not conceited. I'm talking about the game on the internet. I love Poptropica, so why not make a list about it?

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1 The islands

Of course the islands because the more you explore it and try your best to complete the island you will fell epic!

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2 Exploring islands

I love jumping around random buildings and falling, only to be in perfect condition. - Poptropica

3 The creativity

All of the islands are original. None of them copy the other. Supervillain island did not rip off Superpower island. - Poptropica

4 It's slightly educational

I feel so smart after beating an island, ill be real here! But really, it takes a lot of cleverness to beat the puzzles. Sometimes it feels like its impossible, but the accomplishment is worth it. - keycha1n

A particularly good example would probably be Time Tangled Island. - Poptropica

Especially Time Tangled Island. - Skullkid755

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5 It's safe

All you have to do is make up a username and password. If someone gets into your account, they can pretty much only restart and island or make you look like a dork. - Poptropica

6 It's fun

I always have fun on Poptropica. - Poptropica

7 The villains aren't lame
8 The islands aren't all easy

I'm STILL not done with Shrink Ray island. It has been a year. It's mostly the last part. I hate that science teacher. - Poptropica

I Completed Super Villain Island In 3 Days

9 Falling down a huge building and surviving

Cartoon physics? Never accurate. Like in Looney Toons, when Daffy falls off a ladder only after he notices the ladder's gone, you know it obeys only the long disproved mechanics of Aristotle. - PositronWildhawk

Falling Down A Cliff In Minecraft? 5 Seconds Later: You Died. POPTROPICA: Falls Down Perfectly With Out No Damage.

Lol Poptropicans are secretly cats they always land on their feet

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10 You can do other things besides exploring islands

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11 You can't get bullied
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