Top Ten Best Things About the Game Poptropica

No, I'm not conceited. I'm talking about the game on the internet. I love Poptropica, so why not make a list about it?

The Top Ten

The islands

My favorite islands would have to be Astro-Knights, Shrink Ray, Mystery Train, and Escape From Pelican Rock, but they're all great.

Yeah their awesome

Of course the islands because the more you explore it and try your best to complete the island you will fell epic!

My favorite would have to be Superpower island. - Poptropica

Exploring islands

I love jumping around random buildings and falling, only to be in perfect condition. - Poptropica

The creativity

Yes! The stories are amazing!

All of the islands are original. None of them copy the other. Supervillain island did not rip off Superpower island. - Poptropica

It's safe

All you have to do is make up a username and password. If someone gets into your account, they can pretty much only restart and island or make you look like a dork. - Poptropica

It's slightly educational

I feel so smart after beating an island, ill be real here! But really, it takes a lot of cleverness to beat the puzzles. Sometimes it feels like its impossible, but the accomplishment is worth it. - keycha1n

A particularly good example would probably be Time Tangled Island. - Poptropica

Especially Time Tangled Island. - Skullkid755

The puzzles on Steamworks make you feel smart.

It's fun

I can do fun stuff

I always have fun on Poptropica. - Poptropica

The villains aren't lame

Awesome villains.

The islands aren't all easy

They are kinda hard

I'm STILL not done with Shrink Ray island. It has been a year. It's mostly the last part. I hate that science teacher. - Poptropica

I Completed Super Villain Island In 3 Days

Falling down a huge building and surviving

Cartoon physics? Never accurate. Like in Looney Toons, when Daffy falls off a ladder only after he notices the ladder's gone, you know it obeys only the long disproved mechanics of Aristotle. - PositronWildhawk

Falling Down A Cliff In Minecraft? 5 Seconds Later: You Died. POPTROPICA: Falls Down Perfectly With Out No Damage.

Cartoon physics at work. - Poptropica

Lol Poptropicans are secretly cats they always land on their feet

You can do other things besides exploring islands

The Contenders

You can't get bullied

I like that u can't be bullied in this game cus I'm bullied every day of school

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