Top 10 Things About Half-Life 1 that are More Interesting Than Half-Life 2

The Top Ten

1 Half-Life was the game that literally invented Valve as well as almost perfecting its genre; without it, there would be no Half-Life 2, and probably nowhere near as good of a Metroid Prime trilogy either
2 Much less generic shooter
3 Game is actually scarier, as well as a lot more graphically violent
4 How much it was able to accomplish on how astonishingly weak and primitive (by today's standards) of a game engine, much like Doom and Quake before it
5 More in-depth gameplay with a vastly more challenging difficulty level (albeit for the wrong reasons) and an actually even balance between combat, puzzles and platforming
6 The environmental settings, especially when you get to actually visit Xen for the first time
7 Way more types of enemies (thanks to the Xen aliens), as well as more weapons to kill them with
8 Has Metroid written all over it in both its brilliantly minimalist-yet-immersive storyline and its incredibly ominous atmosphere, to a much greater degree than 2 in fact
9 The introduction sequence (not that 2's wasn't amazingly iconic as well, but this easily takes the cake)
10 Getting to play the game from entirely new character perspectives in the Blue Shift and Opposing Force expansion packs
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