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21 She Was On American Idol

She was never on American Idol, she was on America's Got Talent.

I suppose it is easy to mix up American Idol with America's Got Talent.

They're all sappy, what's the difference?

Not American Idol.

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22 She Is Different from the Other Singers
23 Her Voice is Amazing
24 She Is Nice to Everyone
25 Her Songs Are Amazing
26 She's Very Beautiful
27 Her Fellow Musicians Love Her

Among her numerous admirers include David Foster, Barbra Streisand, Sumi Jo, Katherine Jenkins, and now the "Songwriters Hall of Fame" for her amazing rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" that she performed at their special request at the song's HOF induction.

She has now added Placido Domingo to the list, as she has 2 fine duets included in his latest album.

She has now added the all-time greats Andrea Bocelli and Jose Carreras to the list of people she has sung onstage with. Pretty unprecedented for somebody who just turned 15 years old.

28 Sane People Listen to Her
29 She Loves to Spend Her Money on Charities

At her recent performance at the David Foster Foundation charity concert in Canada, Jackie Evancho personally donated $10,000 to help support a family who had a critically ill child in need of an organ transplant.

30 She sang at the White House

She received backlash on Social Media for agreeing to perform for 2017 Presidential Inauguration, when she said that her performance was apolitical and she don't do politics. - Larry24Volo

One of the appearances was at an outdoor Christmas tree lighting event, and the temperature was around 10 degrees.

The National Prayer Breakfast also had a lot of senators and other leaders besides the president.

She has performed for Obama personally twice, plus three more times for Obama Administration events, then at the 2017 Inaugural, which included Trump, Obama [again], plus former presidents JImmy Carter, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

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31 She recorded a song with "Acapella King" Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens also appeared at her concert in Portland, and they performed 2 songs together.

32 She recorded a duet with Placido Domingo for his album
33 She's Very Sweet
34 She Is Humble
35 She Is Kind to Animals
36 She's a Natural Storyteller

This struck me one day while driving and listening to her first album "Prelude To A Dream". Each song she sings is also a story that she tells with a unique timing and nuance that only the best of storytellers is capable of. She draws me into every song she sings -- where she has already been, and made herself comfortable.

Couple that with a voice that is free and unstrained, wide of range, spot on-key, pleasant, with a full and rich in timbre without any discoloration that I can discern, and a vibrato that changes speed and depth depending on the song, she is the whole singing package. - Trancas

I noticed this from the beginning.. She loves "stories".. because she does them so well.. If there is a story she can relate to I think she will always do well with it.. Like "Summer Knows".. making -the summer- a metaphorical entity.. Some like baudy tavern beer songs.. others like tamer stories.. I believe Jackie is one of those.. (in preference)

37 She Has a Photographic Memory for Music and Lyrics
38 She Sings In Multiple Languages

English, French, Italian, Latin, Japanese, and no doubt more to come.

On her latest album "Two Hearts", she covers "May It Be" from Lord of the Rings, which adds Tolkien's created language "Elvish" to her list.

During her duets with Fernando Varela, she sang in Spanish.

39 She Has Had Her Own TV Special

Jackie has had her own PBS "Great Performances" T.V. concert special TWICE already, and will be taping her third special sometime I the fall of 2014.

She is now up to having had her own "solo" PBS-T.V. special THREE times.

Her THIRD T.V. special aired in December of 2014.

40 She's a Go-To Singer for Special Events

Jackie delivered wonderful renditions of "My Heart Will Go On" and "Somewhere" for the National Memorial Day Concert in D.C. She also sang the Towering Song Award winner "Over the Rainbow" at the Songwriters' Hall of Fame Awards. - BobG

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