Top 10 Things About Run for Cheese

Run For Cheese is a mobile game based on the MMO game Transformice. Even if you don't have TFM, I recommend you buy it, especially if you're looking for a good new mobile game to download. It's quite fun, & will be worth your payment.

The Top Ten

1 It Gives You a Good Challenge

Modes, enemies, platforms, you name it. Lots of aspects of the game are added to provide challenged & types of ways to play that make the game worth playing. You can look at the other list items for more reasons. - Luxam

2 The Modes

The many modes provided in the game give you extra ways to play. Each mode has it's own particularity that makes it different from one another. - Luxam

3 Different Types of Mice

Different mice are inlocked as you progress in the game. Each one has its own ability. You can play as a type of shaman, regular mouse, or even a type of enemy. - Luxam

4 Achievements

These help you unlock content in the game as well as provide more fun & reasons in playing the game. - Luxam

5 Power-Ups

These give your mice abilities that helps them in the game. It includes invincibility, infinite jumping, getting extra cheese, etc. - Luxam

6 Various Collectibles

There are many objects in the game that provide you with more to do in a level. For example, fruits give you more points, & crates trigger random effects. Of course, there's more where that came from. - Luxam

7 Variety In Levels

Each level generates random platforms & items each time, so the same situation is never repeated, & you won't get bored while playing on one, no matter how long you last. - Luxam

8 Platforms

The many platforms generated in the game, each having its own effect. Chocolate can give you points, clouds give you a jup boost, lava boots you into the air, etc. - Luxam

9 Unlockable Backgrounds

You can unlick several backgrounds, adding an interesting view to admire in the game. - Luxam

10 New Titles

You can earn titles that you can't regularly unlock in regular TFM. - Luxam

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