Things to Do If Donald Trump or Justin Beiber Become President

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1 Move to another country

Move to New York if it is a country but I'm not sure.

Yes, I heard at least 25 people did this!

Lets move to Tokyo, Japan.

Let's Move To Iran Or Mexico Just To Piss Them Off - 12cc

2 Protest

If it were in the Philippines, imagine backlash from two-thirds of the capital's population (10 million) and the Catholic Church.

Protest what exactly? - DCfnaf

Trump would be bombastic and pretty much of a jerk, but the economy would get going, and things would get done, with improvement overall. Plus the terrorists would continue picking on Europe, and leave the US alone.
The alternative is Hillary Clinton, under whose reign [yes, her imperial reign], only those on welfare would be better off.


3 Throw stones at them

I would go right for the head.

I will get my boulders...>

4 Make them cry

Trump wouldn't get offended, he'd just savagely roast you. - Therandom

Please, Trump would roast you back really hard. - StephanTheIdiot

5 Draw eyeglasses and mustaches on their posters
6 Complain

Bieber can't be president, since he was born in Canada. Just another excuse to hate on him, I guess. - SwagFlicks

7 Make a hate club of them

We've Already Got One. It's Called : - 12cc

8 Make memes of them

I bet we'll be seeing Donald trump memes, very soon.

9 Send them both to Syria

They would think over there that American people are really crazy if we send these two items over there.
That's why we have to tell them first that these two are the worst enemies of America.

10 Make welsh cakes

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11 Make Justin listen to his own music and trump to his own speeches and quotes

This would be awesome. Thank you whoever put this here.

12 Make fun of them in public
13 Throw bricks on their fans

That's absolutely terrible. They haven't done anything horrifying. - SwagFlicks

Apparently you have never listened to what he actually said, only to what somebody else said that he said.

14 Grab torches and pitchforks
15 Exile them
16 Assassinate them
17 Send them to Mars
18 Watch My Little Pony

Who again? - Neonco31

19 Suicide

Why would you suicide? That's what they want to see. - TheYoshiOverlord

Don't worry, once Donald starts WW lll %50 will die from starvation %30 will die of radiation, and %20 will die at war.

Just No - Neonco31

20 Kill them
21 Kidnap them and send them to the arctic.
22 Put them in an Ebola contaminated zone.
23 Break the wall and be nice to Asians
24 Tell them to go on Survivor
25 Don't follow their laws.
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