Top Ten Things to Do to a One Direction CD

Do you hate 1D and got one of their CDs from a unknowing family member or friend? Well here are some suggestions on how you can put it out of its misery!

The Top Ten Things to Do to a One Direction CD

Throw it in a fire

One Direction down to hell!

Then watch it burn

I'd like to do that

Use it as target practice

Aim for the face!

Flush it down the toilet

And your mom will ground you for doing that to your little sister's One Direction CD.

Will it fit in the hole?

I agree so effing much

Send it in a rocket so you would never have to see it again

I hope I'd never see this piece of junk again if I have the chance to go to space.

It will hopefully go into a black hole to never be used again.

Step on it

I hope your heel is strong enough to smash it...

Regift it to a 1D fan who doesn't already have it

Are you going to give yourself torture?! If you regift it, they will annoy you with it! And you don't wanna generate noise pollution!

That's so nice! :D - MontyPython

This was supposed to be number 10 because regifting isn't exactly a torture method. - RiverClanRocks


Put it in some fireworks

One Direction is a really talented band! there first song hit number 1 in America, they have saved girls lives and they will be more talented then you will ever be. And that's a FACTS! just saying

I think putting this in a grenade is more powerful

Great idea but isn't that short. This is 1D they deserve to have their CD's put through some pain - francesco

Beat it with a hammer

But If I Do This With My Little Sisters CD My Mom Will Beat "Me" With A Hammer. - 12cc

Make 1DCDabuse (throwing it in the air on camera)

And post it on the One Direction Facebook page!

Listen to it

Hahaa you're funny. NOPE.

I only really like tell me a lie. I prefer the beatles

Their music is good. Before you argue, what songs have you listened to by them? What makes you beautiful? That's not enough to form an opinion. It's been five years. Five. They're mature, they make mature music. So I say listen to it.

I'd rather not...

The Contenders

Drop it from a tall building

If it directly falls on a directioner's head, he/she would have to go to the hospital!

At 9.8m/s^2, I doubt that anyone can pick it up in a playable condition.

Shoot it out of a cannon

But remember to point the cannon at at least one of the members of One Direction

I hope it's not on solid state afterwards.

Put it in a blender
Heat it in a microwave

Your microwave will smell bad, though.

This would be fun to do. - Minecraftcrazy530

Unfourtanetly you'd burn down your house since it is made out of metal - ToptenPizza

This is double damage...but at least the "songs" get erased and unplayable.

Soak it in acetone

The CD player won't be able to play the "music"! This is the most practical way to stop your cousins who are directioners from playing their "songs"!

Beat it with a sledge hammer with One Direction fans watching
Put it in a room full of mirrors

I don't wanna see their faces!

Yeah. Definitely. They're beautiful. Not bring sarcastic.

Put a strong magnet on it

Unfortunately, you can't erase the data with it since it does not contain any magnetic data storage.

Sell it to a pawn shop
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